Chapter 482 - Garrison

Chapter 482: Garrison

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“Let’s go, let’s go.” Anthony crawled out from under the bed with dust on his face with one hand holding the suitcase that was packed with the bomb. After he got out, he pushed the suitcase aside, crossed his legs, and sat down next to the bed. “Did you forget I was removing the bomb under the bed? If not for me, it’s pointless even if there’s more analysis… I say, can you guys give me a more passionate reaction? No matter what, I’m the hero who just saved your lives.”

“Oh, right, Brother Shuang did say you were dealing with a bomb…” Su Zheng heard it on the other side as well, and then she snapped out of it and screamed, “What! A bomb‽”

“It’s been neutralized.” Ye Shuang was speechless. Seeing that Anthony had done his job with the bomb, she stood up and grabbed the scissors to cut away the ropes around Han Chu.

The latter shook off the cut ropes, got up from the bed, and moved about for a while before stretching his hands out to ask Ye Shuang for the communicator. He ordered matter-of-factly to the other side, “Hand the phone to my father.”

Su Zheng was choked. After grumbling for a while, she unwillingly handed the communicator over.

“Hey, it’s me.” Father Han’s voice soon replaced Su Zheng’s. “You should understand the current situation now.”

Han Chu and Father Han had the same personality; they were both the calm type, the type that would not flinch when the sky was falling. Even though others were made helpless occasionally by these two’s personality, they had to admit, when something serious happened, the completion rate of the plan that these two came up with would be very high, and it would give their people a sense of security…

“They did all this to lead Cedrick away.” Han Chu did not waste time and cut right to his chase. “Madam Grace’s forces are mostly in Cedrick’s hands. Once he leads the people away, most of our actions will be made a lot complicated.”

Kidnapping Han Chu was to cover their tracks when kidnapping Grace, and kidnapping Grace was to distract Cedrick, who blocked the way, and to turn the allies against each other. The conflict between the government represented by Father Han and the gray area represented by Cedrick would grow.

“Hmm, this is a conspiracy,” Father Han replied. “They will make a big move soon, and the target will be around here.”

When they saw Anthony run openly into the house, Father Han knew that Han Chu was the only one left. Even though he did not know that there was a bomb inside, wishing to run over to help when he was a mountain away was unrealistic. So, Father Han had ordered his man to investigate the exit of the tunnel that he had mentioned earlier and to check if there was another place to hide in the mountains. After the worry of his son being kidnapped passed, without the need to worry about being exposed, more clues and traces were found. Receiving the information from his people, and concluding the result, Father Han had started to get worried. “Xiao Chu, you guys have to stay here.”

“I know.” Han Chu was not surprised by this result. “At this moment, it is unwise to split your forces. Having people stay here will only weaken the forces somewhere else. The few of us will stay here. That is more than enough.”

After some simple communication, a consensus had been made between the father and son. Since the kidnapper had taken Han Chu there, even though his initial purpose was to distract the attention so that they could make their move on Madam Grace, there was probably something special about this place. Of course, this was not a concluded statement. Therefore, Father Han could not just leave his men behind without hesitation. Yet, just giving up this place was too reckless a decision, so leaving Han Chu’s group behind became the best solution.

The local lack of security aside, the closest military power would need two hours to get there, and that was if they rushed all the way and did not have to submit any applications or need time to prepare. Thankfully, Father Han had planned ahead of time. Father Han gave Han Chu a contact number. If there was a need, he could call the number and get the local police mobilized instantly. Father Han and his people disappeared just like that. Ye Shuang’s group led Han Chu back to the girl’s home where they had been staying earlier.

A night of activities passed like that. They were prepared to rest and ready to face the problems that would be coming. The girl with the ponytail was given quite a shock. She had no idea that the ruffian had paid her a visit the previous night. He had been beaten up by Brother Shuang and taken away by Father Han’s people. She only knew there was an extra person in her home, and it was a man.

“Hi.” Han Chu took his seat in the living room openly. The morning sun cast a warm glow on his white shirt, giving him a pure and gentle aura. This was a completely different style from the men that the girl normally saw around the village.

“You, you, you…” The girl was scared to death, and the trauma from the day before returned.

Thankfully, before she had the chance to shout, Brother Shuang finished making breakfast in the kitchen and came out with stacks of plates in her hands like she was in a circus. “Oh, you’ve woken up?”

The girl forced her tears to stop and slid to hide behind Brother Shuang. She pulled on the hem of his shirt and only dared to reveal half of her face from behind Brother Shuang as she stared at Han Chu with alert.

Ye Shuang was stunned before shaking her head as she realized what had happened. She led the girl who had lost her courage to the table. After putting everything down, she pulled the girl out and made the introduction gently and kindly. “Don’t be scared. This is our boss, the one that we told you we were going to rescue.”

The girl was panicked for some time before the words had the time to settle in her mind. She looked at Han Chu with fearful eyes and then slowly calmed down. “Is… is he your friend, Brother Shuang?”

“Brother Shuang?” Han Chu rose his brows and tutted at Ye Shuang.

Looking at those trusting eyes, this reliant attitude… he knew that Ye Shuang was a girl, and Han Chu knew that there could not be a misunderstanding, but only he knew that. This was another innocent young girl whose heart had accidentally been captured.

Now was not the time to make jokes. Han Chu soon shook this out of his mind. The girl with the ponytail did not eat much and was about to bound out of the room. She greeted him shyly and grabbed two biscuits as she tried to leave the room. As she was about to reach the door, she was called back. “Please wait a moment.”

The girl jolted from the shock. She turned back with frozen fear on her face to look at Han Chu.

Han Chu was speechless. He felt like he did not have the appearance that could easily scare others, but he failed to consider that his cold personality might be seen as unapproachable to others. Furthermore, the girl was flighty around members of the opposite sex at the moment.

After arranging his emotions, with a smile, Han Chu politely asked, “Can you do us a favor?”