Chapter 312 - Free Information

Chapter 312: Free Information

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

There was a new boulevard five kilometers away from the abandoned street. Even though it could not be said to be flourishing, there were more and more merchants moving into the area to start their business. According to the rumors, the developers wanted to transform this place into the largest pedestrian promenade in the whole district.

“Why aim so low? The target should at least be the largest within the nation or within the whole world!” Sister Shuang grumbled while she pushed open the door to one of the buildings on the promenade. “What is so good about being the largest at the district? Who doesn’t know San Lin City is only a small… Urgh!”

“Come on, let’s get HIGH!” The moment that the sound-insulating door was open, a wave of ear-splitting rock music flooded out. It ambushed Sister Shuang, who staggered three steps back while holding her ears!

The f*ck! I hate this kind of place the most. Don’t they know this is very harmful to people with sensitive hearing‽

She adjusted her breathing as she got used to the environment. When she felt better, Ye Shuang turned her dark face toward the member of the racing team who led her there. “A high-end club, you say?”

The man sweated. “Yes, yes, it is, big sister! This place is only open to people with member cards, and since it has not officially started its business yet, there are only a few who own the membership. Technically, today, we have booked the entire building…”

“Which private club have you been to that operates like a night club?” Due to the noise, Ye Shuang practically had to shout to be heard.

“It wasn’t like this when I left!” The man cried in indignation. “Before this, Brother Yao only played some country music here. I also have no idea why it has suddenly become like this…”

Ye Shuang took another deep breath, and the smile on her face froze. “At least the sound insulation is not bad… Go to the control room and stop this music!”

The man quickly moved to oblige. Ye Shuang stood at the door and only moved into the room after the rock music suddenly stopped.

“What the f*ck! Who is it? Don’t you know that the young lady has personally ordered that… Er… Hello, Big Sister!” A young man was close to exploding when he suddenly saw Ye Shuang walking over with a drawn face from the corner of his eyes. He quickly put his feet down from the sofa and came over to serve Ye Shuang like a loyal servant. “Sister Shuang, why did you come so late? We’ve been waiting for you for so long already.”

“I’ve been here for several minutes already, but that music earlier held me at the door.” Ye Shuang sighed and adjusted her expression. “No wonder the manager looked like he was about to cry. So, it was you people who were wrecking this place… You expect to negotiate in that kind of environment? I didn’t sleep last night due to work, and hearing the music, it felt like my brain was about to explode. Will you feel much higher after chasing me away?”

“Of course not, Sister Shuang!” The young man asked for a glass of iced coffee from the bar, and as the man had said earlier, they had practically booked the entire building, so ordering was like a private service, and the orders were soon served. Ye Shuang thanked the person as she accepted the glass of iced coffee. She finished half of the glass before she looked around. “Where’s your Brother Yao?”

Before the young man answered, there was a slow voice from behind Ye Shuang that said, “Sister-in-law.”

Ye Shuang was given the fright of her life. The person who called her was none other than Han Su, who suffered from the slowpoke disease. The girl’s dark eyes moved to look at her, and her tone was as emotionless as her eyes. “My brother is talking with Brother Yao… in one of the private rooms. Are you looking for Brother Yao?”

Ye Shuang choked, wondering whether she should correct the term of reference first or answer the question about Brother Yao first.

Ye Shuang laughed drily twice and stood up. “Which room is it? It has been quite some time since I last saw Brother Yao.”

Since she could not figure out an answer, Ye Shuang just skipped the question.

Han Su pointed at the right corridor silently, and after Ye Shuang walked away, Han Su turned to the guys and said, “If sister-in-law doesn’t like rock music then go and play some children’s lullaby.”

Ye Shuang turned on her feet and walked back. She looked at Han Su helplessly. “Couldn’t you play some normal music? This is a high-end club… I just want to hear some music that doesn’t have such a violent tempo.”

The man was a bit confused. He scratched his head. “Before changing the music, can I ask something… Sister Shuang, have you reached the stage of discussing marriage with our Brother Yao already?”

Who is discussing marriage with whom? Ye Shuang glared at the man.

“If the tempo is too slow, I’ll fall asleep.” Han Su explained seriously and used the same tone to address the man. “There is no telling who will appear victorious in this war of love. Currently, the result is still in the air.”

“…” Ye Shuang.

“…” Lackey.

“Go play some lullaby for her then!” Ye Shuang rubbed her temple and could not wait to escape from this room. “By the way, the private room has sound insulation, right?”

She entered the private room and realized that the insulation was as good as the walls outside. Ye Shuang closed the door, and the childish music was completely blocked outside. Han Chu and Yao Zhixing were sitting across from each other, chatting. They raised their heads to look once they realized that the door was open. Before they could say anything, they were stunned by the few seconds of lullaby music that floated into the room.

“Sister Han Su’s taste…” Yao Zhixing petrified for three seconds to find the correct word. “… sure is interesting.”

Han Chu recovered faster than Yao Zhixing. He nodded calmly. “She prefers music that has a fast tempo, but I thought she would have them play rock music.”

“It was originally playing rock music.” Ye Shuang took her seat naturally. “But I have not had a good night sleep, so I told them to turn off the music, so this is the compromise.”

Then Ye Shuang turned to ask Yao Zhixing, “Why have you invited us out today?”

“It’s because we’ve not seen each other for a long time already.” Yao Zhixing placed his leg over his knee and leaned back on the couch. Just like that, he occupied the entire three-seat sofa alone. “Furthermore, a few days ago, you guys brought that troublemaker back to San Lin City who started by stealing my car and even had me clear up his record… Just on that alone, it’s not too much for me to ask Xiao Han to treat me to a meal, right?”

“Well, that has nothing to do with me.” Ye Shuang confidently stayed away from the problem and started to move the blame. “I’ve also heard about that. Brother Han and Brother Ye acted a bit too recklessly. Cedrick is important, yes, but not important enough to make Brother Yao suffer this grievance.”

Han Chu lifted his eyes to look at Ye Shuang.

Yao Zhixing did not know about the twists and turns. He raised his thumb to say, “I knew our Xiao Shuang would stand on the side of justice, unlike Xiao Ye and Xiao Han… Tsk!”

Han Chu was made speechless by Ye Shuang’s shamelessness. He was silent for a while before saying, “Don’t forget, it was me who asked Xiao Su to send you the illegal parts for your race cars.”

Yao Zhixing swallowed the rest of his comments before uttering unwillingly, “…Then you go and get me a few more good items, and we can put this behind us.”

“Even without this incident, haven’t I been helping you with that?” Han Chu looked down on the man.

The two formed an agreement. After a few exchanges, they found someone to summon Han Su.

Han Su, having been under the influence of the lullaby, looked like a zombie. She looked like she would fall asleep at any moment. “What is it?”

Yao Zhixing could be considered Han Su’s old customer. She accepted the new order easily, and with the prospect of business, she appeared several degrees livelier. She took out the iPad from her purse and swiped on it. She pulled up the list of items and then passed her iPad to the man. “There haven’t been any new updates to race car parts, and these parts are actually not much different from the ones that you’re using… But there is still the issue of exhaustion. If you want to upgrade your car, it’s still okay. Do you want to make an order?”

“Huh, you sell an entire car as well?” Yao Zhixing’s eyes glowed as he scanned through the iPad. “What kind of product is this?”

Han Su leaned over to take a look and then pulled out the details of the product before making the introduction lazily. “The car is not bad, but the price is not that suitable… Half of its price is on anti-bullet windows and other safety features. In other words, if you are using it for racing, then you’re only using half of its value—the other half will be wasted… If I’m suggesting it, then I think you should upgrade your current car. That way, you’ll be able to save several million.”

Ye Shuang moved over to nudge Han Chu. “Are all your family members so extravagant with money?”

They talked in terms of millions, and a normal citizen like Ye Shuang really had a hard time understanding their value of money.

“In any case, we’re not spending your money,” Han Chu replied.

True, the man had a point.

Han Su also heard that, and she turned lazily to Ye Shuang. “That’s right, it’s not easy for a woman to start a business. If I don’t scam a few whales, how am I going to survive?”

The whale frowned. “How come I’ve been hearing so many personal attacks lately? Plus, shouldn’t you business people have a better attitude? Even if I do not ask for you to solicitous, at least you shouldn’t attack the client before his face.”

Ye Shuang, who had accidentally caused this conflict, sighed. “Never mind, just pretend I didn’t say anything. You continue.”

“By the way….” Han Chu also did not want to dwell on this small matter. After Yao Zhixing was almost done, he asked naturally, “I hear three years ago, you sold a bunch of military arms to America. Who was your client then?”

“…” Han Su slowly confirmed Yao Zhixing’s order, slowly clicked on the button, slowly put her iPad away… slowly picked up her glass of juice, and slowly smiled. “I was wondering why you suddenly asked me out to play. So, you’ve been waiting for this… Want to get information without paying money?”

“…” Han Chu.

Ye Shuang looked at Han Chu and then at Han Su. Then her mind finally caught up to the situation—three years ago, Kansas!