Chapter 427 - A Secret Signal

Chapter 427: A Secret Signal

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No matter reason Cedrick had for staying by Madam Grace’s side, it did not matter to Anthony at all.

He was just having fun poking at their relationship; he would just do whatever he was asked to do. Not only was he not working hard, he was treating this imprisonment as a vacation.

Food, drink, and a computer were provided. Although he could not surf the internet, it did not matter. All that hardware was sufficient for Anthony to entertain himself.

Let alone the many foolish technicians around him.

“He seems to be having fun.” Madam Grace was watching the surveillance camera. Anthony not working aside, he was leaning before the technicians who were working in all seriousness and joking around with them. He would pick up the pieces on the table and comment, looking at them.

The technicians were conflicted. They knew that nothing good would come out from being distracted at work. However, Anthony was scratching their itch. Although he was deviating from what he was initially saying, he was sharing his classic experiences when he commented on the pieces. Everything came so naturally; it was enlightening for the technicians and left them wanting more.

That was it. The few technicians were Madam Grace’s staff. They had proved their achievement and passion for electronics since she hired them.

Anthony’s bait was so sweet. The few of them took the bait even though they had their guard up. After pretending to work seriously, they were sucked into Anthony’s stories. They were falling deeper and deeper… and that was it.

Cedrick was not sure whether to laugh or cry. He glanced at his mother’s enraged face and looked at the few people who had put down their work and indulged in the stories. He finally showed his hands, feeling helpless. “Anthony is a rare master in electronics after all. One can imagine how precious it is for him to be teaching people of the same industry.”

Madam Grace crossed her arms unhappily and scoffed with her chin up, “I didn’t get Anthony to stay to disturb my staff.”

“I understand, but we clearly have no way to force him to work.” Cedrick sat onto the chair before the table. He said after a sigh of defeat, “I’m the one who stole the chip. I’m angrier than you since someone destroyed the chip.”

“I don’t see any rage in you.” Madam Grace finally shifted her attention away from the screen to Cedrick’s face. She frowned and only spoke rather stiffly after a moment of hesitation. “Cedrick, are you against what I’m doing?”

Cedrick glanced at Madam Grace as he lifted his head in doubt. He seemed to be somewhat dazed. “Do you think I’m worried about somebody else?”

Before Madam Grace could react, he shook his head. “I don’t have friends. I don’t even have family. How would I have friends‽”

“… Cedrick.”

Madam Grace pursed her lips hard.

“Alright.” Cedrick clapped. “Let’s end this boring subject and talk about something else.”

He pressed his arms on the table to create some distance between himself and the table. He turned around on the chair and said, “You know the current situation. Mr. Han’s power in China is much bigger than we can imagine. He might even be more powerful than you… To be honest, I don’t think we should stir things up with him over a chip. Although the data inside is pretty important, and indeed, I’m pretty mad…”

Cedrick paused for a moment while frowning. He seemed to have found a better way to describe the situation. “After all, the importance of that thing isn’t irreplaceable, is it? Our priority is Jennifer, while what Mr. Han acquired will bring him great benefits. In reality, he has helped us in a way. It’s just that we can’t obtain extra benefits from it.”

Although they had no solid proof, Madam Grace and Cedrick were seventy to eighty percent sure that it was Han Chu who had done such immoral thing in cutting them off.

Naturally, the both of them were very mad about it. However, they had no proof at the end of the day, and it was true that the chip had been completely destroyed. Even with Anthony’s skill, the success rate of recovering it was almost zero since it was so burnt that even the structure was distorted.

Under the premise that they could not recover it, ask the culprit to pay for the damage, or even carry out physical revenge on the perpetrator, what was the use of forcing Anthony to stay?

Honestly, it was only to protect Madam Grace’s pride.

It was a total waste of time.

Madam Grace scoffed. “We have to warn them; we must not let anyone think that they can do whatever they want to my things.”

“If that’s the case, why are you still mad?” Cedrick was even more puzzled now. He pointed at the screen. “Look, you’ve already imprisoned Anthony. Mr. Han will definitely come to discuss the conditions with you. So, why are we still monitoring his recovery of the chip?”

Madam Grace clenched her teeth, fire almost spurting out of her eyes as she stared at the screen. “Is this how a person being warned should be reacting?”

Cedrick turned his head to look at the screen. He had to admit that Anthony’s carefree behavior was irritating. “… We’ll get used to it. He can’t stay relaxed forever.”

“Brother Han, I thought you said we’re going to see Madam Grace.”

Ye Shuang had dinner while watching TV and even talked to Han Chu at the same time. It was a miracle that she did not shove rice into her nostrils as she was doing three things at once.

Han Chu ate the meat porridge with a custard bun before him, feeling discontent. Although the food in his mouth was great, compared to the few plates of oily and heavy dishes on the table, it felt as if he was being tormented. “Tony sent me a signal earlier, asking me not to go to him for now.”

“He sent you a signal?” Ye Shuang was shocked. “When was that?”

“When you were unaware.” Han Chu stared at the stir-fried sweet pork before Ye Shuang when he turned his head. He scoffed before turning his head back while he continued eating the little bun.

Ye Shuang did not notice the dissatisfaction in him at all. “So, do we do nothing?”

“What nothing?” Han Chu pouted and pushed the food aside. “We’ll bringing Ol’ K over to take over. Prepare to receive Tony’s data.”