Chapter 179 - Cooperation

Chapter 179: Cooperation

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Anthony had good impression of Sister Shuang, but he had nothing to say of Brother Shuang. It was complete opposite for An Zixuan; Sister Shuang gave him a bad impression due to the event that happened at the nightclub while his first meeting with Brother Shuang already left him with a good impression.

The meeting of these two men that had a different taste from certain perspective naturally would have conflict. For example, when Anthony mocked Ye Shuang’s male form, An Zixuan saw it as disrespect to his idol. Thankfully, Ye Shuang did not mind this type of problem, and she had gotten used to Anthony’s personality. The affection level that she gained on her two forms were separated, so she did not mind it.

“Let me make the introductions. This is Anthony and An Zixuan… I’m sure you already know each other.” Ye Shuang ignored Anthony’s snide comments and proceeded to the real topic. “Mr. An keeps getting harassment by people from Xi Hwa Organization. I believe Tony might be interested in these people.”

Anthony was removing his hat and scarf to hang on the hat rack when he turned around with a brow raised. “Oh, so those little cuties have been partying with you? No wonder it has been so quiet over here.”

An Zixuan branded Anthony with a cold gaze. “What do you plan to do‽”

Since Ye Shuang had mentioned cooperation and it was for the sake of the family business, he would consider working together with this man, but even so, An Zixuan still did not have much affection for this smiling baby face.

Other than the time he was led astray by the illusion of love, An Zixuan was a person who was good at capturing other people’s thoughts. He could tell a person’s intention based on his instinct and came up with the option that would be more beneficial to himself.

For example, this Anthony. An Zixuan knew that he was not as harmless and cute as he appeared. However, since Anthony was not standing in the opposing camp, An Zixuan ignored that and raised his guard unconsciously.

Anthony took out a laptop from his bag with a smile. He sat on the sofa and started working on the laptop. An Zixuan felt this action looked weirdly familiar, and then he understood it when he moved his gaze to the left. Just as Anthony made his move, Ye Shuang also took out her laptop to record something.

Suddenly, he felt left out.

“Hey! How did you know my wireless password?” Anthony grumbled as he typed on his computer. “And the password to my room door.”

Ye Shuang was too lazy to reply. She raised his eyes and said, “My partner and I share working computers and information. Is there a problem?”

Now that made sense. Giving face to Sister Shuang, Anthony pouted but did not say anything. Not long after that, Anthony turned his screen toward An Zixuan. It had a map of San Lin City that was fully marked with small red dots. When the cursor moved toward them, they would reveal some lines of data. “The organization’s network has started to grow; your family’s company is just one of them. Of course, the size is also the largest, but now I’ve removed that threat… take a look at this.”

Anthony clicked on one of the red dots and pointed at the information that expanded on screen with a gloating smile. He asked An Zixuan, “Does this look familiar?”

An Zixuan gritted his teeth. Yes, it did look familiar. Was that not the company he started with Xu Jian when they had the plan of moving away from the An family? Of course, the company had later been consumed by Anthony. Now the company name had changed, but the main employees and the channels were still the same.

“Even though I’ve recovered the assets, I couldn’t do anything to the channels that had been made.” Anthony placed his hand under his chin and said, “They enter the money very quickly. Since it looks good on the account, so this company’s running is very stable…

“Basically, their movement is still restricted within this network like A giving business to B and then B to C… To put it simply, it’s like you moving the money from your left pocket to your right pocket. It’s still among yourself, so there’s no need to worry about loss. All they wanted is a channel.”

“But doing business is allowing the asset to grow. What is the purpose of just moving stuff around?” An Zixuan was confused.

“This is money-laundering.” Ye Shuang managed to make it look like she was enjoying a Blue Mountain coffee at some high-end restaurant even though she was just sipping on coke. “Your companies are just a transit spot for these people. Of course, they wouldn’t mind if they can suck you dry in the process, but one wrong step and it might be too attention grabbing. For example, Xu Jian created too big a commotion.”

An Zixuan was shocked. “Money-laundering‽”

After the shock, he thought about it with a frown, and he soon understood the key points. A paper company generally only had two uses: one, to con capital, and two, to create a cover. Money-laundering was not that uncommon among the high society, but most would launder the money through investing in movies or creating shell companies. This kind of system that required a transit system obviously was not something that was doable by one company or a person. Furthermore, the network was beyond San Lin City; the number was probably higher outside of San Lin City.

“Xu Jian is just a pawn; taking him down is merely removing the An family from the network. This won’t influence them that much.” Ye Shuang brought up Xu Jian’s background. “The person ordering him most likely is also just the lowest level inside the organization. Xi Hwa Organization is their communication point in San Lin City.”

Ye Shuang did not want the situation to get complicated, but certain things would not go away even if one pretended that they were not there. Anthony was the type that liked adventure and excitement. If Ye Shuang set up surveillance at least she would know things were within her control. If she just allowed Anthony to do whatever he wanted, he might end up making some giant tragedy.

The constant harassment An Zixuan was facing meant that the enemy still had interest in An Corp. If they knew how to retreat after facing the loss, it would be a good thing, but what if they changed a combat tactic? Ye Shuang might not be lucky enough to know the person Xi Hwa Organization sent. Since An Zixuan now had a way to lure them into the open, naturally, the sooner they got this issue settled, the better. The safest solution was to chop off the claw that was reaching toward San Lin City through An Zixuan. After all, for this case, Anthony and An Zixuan were standing on the same side.

If it failed, it would not affect Ye Shuang that much; she just needed to ensure Anthony was safe and did not do anything extra when he was within her employment. It’s so tired having an employee that has the tendency to go off rails… Next time, if Han Chu’s friend tries to sneak in again, I gotta be careful… Best if there’s an added bonus from Han Chu…

She thought about it, and the perfect smile still appeared on her face when she recovered. Ye Shuang raised her head and said, “Since Mr. An already knows the details, I shall leave you two to hash out the details. And Tony…”

She turned to Anthony and turned the computer to him as well. “This is the person that is managing Xi Hwa Organization. As you know, my partner knew Xu Jian once…”

Basically, Ye Shuang had been collecting private information on Xu Jian’s uncle through other channels. Anthony’s eyes widened. “Wow, this is some cool inside information. There’s even a private address. Xiao Shuang is amazing.”

Ye Shuang accepted the compliment internally while giving thanks to Little Brother Ye, who contributed a lot by befriending Auntie and Uncle Xu.

What An Zixuan and Anthony discussed next had nothing to do with Ye Shuang. After all, she was only responsible to make the introduction. With her changing genders every few days, it was hard for her to get involved in anything. Furthermore, it was about time for Lunar New Year. There was no business to be had. At most, An Zixuan softened his attitude to make the enemy think they had a chance to make use of him.

“Actually, a homosexual’s thoughts are a more cautious than normal person’s.”

Finally turning back into her female form, Ye Shuang returned home for dinner. Anthony filled her in on the cooperation with An Zixuan excitedly. Sister Shuang gave him face and listened to the all the details that she already knew. After Anthony rambled for quite some time, he concluded, “Due to their paralogical thinking, they can pay attention to details that other males would normally miss and thus are more sensitive and patient.”

“Wait, are you praising An Zixuan?” Ye Shuang also concluded as she bit on the end of the chopsticks.

“Yes, he’s not bad.” Anthony smiled as he placed his hands on his cheeks, then he added, “Unfortunately, he’s way over the tempering age, so he’s not suitable for cultivation anymore. However, since he’s in the business, there’s still some advantage if he’s interested in becoming a finance sniper.”

What are you planning to do to the man‽

Ye Shuang was silent. She had a feeling it would be a hard time for An Zixuan in the future. Anthony saw the suspicion on Ye Shuang’s face and argued, “Hey! I’m just thinking about our future. If the company has a good inheritor, we’ll get a higher bonus, right?”

Speaking of bonus… Ye Shuang took out her phone to share this observation. “Now that you mention it, I received the notice from the bank today saying I just received a transaction for 2,000,000. Why is there so much money‽”

“I changed the ratio of shares!” Anthony said proudly. “The most important thing now is to stabilize the market. There’s no need to put in such a great amount of money to stimulate expansion!”

Well done!