Chapter 377 - I Do Mind

Chapter 377: I Do Mind

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This idea of hurting others to benefit oneself was definitely brilliant. Madam Grace would provide the manpower and money—the hurting others part—to help Luther take back his stuff, which was the benefit oneself part.

No matter what Madam Grace got from this, from Luther’s perspective, he only stood to gain and had nothing to lose.

Madam Grace narrowed her eyes and studied Luther for ten seconds with a cold smirk on her face. After bringing the atmosphere in the room and the man under her gaze immense pressure, she nodded like giving away charity. “As you wish.”

Then, she stood up and left.

Wonderful, please… Wait, shouldn’t we talk about the conditions first? Luther, whose mind was working a bit slowly after being interrogated for so long, was confused.

Even though he might be seriously taken advantage of, he had an idea of the projected benefits that Madam Grace was looking for. In comparison, not discussing the condition was far scarier because while Madam Grace might be helping him, she would keep everything that she had reclaimed and would decide whether she would return parts of them to him after everything settled.

“Give him some dry bread and three hours of sleeping,” Madam Grace ordered her people at the door. “Before dinner, I want to see the detailed report about the situation at Luther’s bungalow. By the way, when the report is ready, wake the idiot up to hear it as well.”

Swallowing the objection that was rising in his throat, Luther used his brain that had dulled over days of not sleeping to process the information. Perhaps they would discuss the rest after he had a good night’s sleep?

A money-laundering organization was the most typical representation of a high IQ criminal field.

These criminals often specialized in areas that normal people would not access and knew things that would elude normal citizens, like the flow of world economy. They had a level of culture and professionality that was higher than normal, and they possessed enough knowledge, intelligence, a clear plan, planning ability, and set targets. From their uniqueness, one could see that this type of criminal had an inclination toward battles of the wits over all-out gunfights.

In other words, highly intelligent criminals would not normally go for overly violent behavior. Written plainly, they would not give the official party any easy reason to arrest them.

However, not leaning toward and not liking violence did not mean that they would not use violence. Actually, as long as it was criminal activity, as high-tech as they might be, they would have to touch upon some violence in the process, no matter what.

Just like smuggling military arms into China, just like Madam Grace’s aim, and just like… the sniping that was happening now, they all had a clear target.

“I don’t recall either Madam Grace or Luther being this brazen.” Ye Shuang turned the steering wheel, and the car knocked into the vehicle next to them. She forced a gap between the enclosing circle surrounding them. She squeezed through the forming gap and stepped on the pedal to speed down the road.

After introducing some distance between them, she gritted her teeth and cursed. Ye Shuang could not help but grumble again. “Why are we the target?”

Everything had changed after Han Chu and Ye Shuang successfully dropped Ray off. In other words, the target this time was not Ray but Han Chu and Ye Shuang.

The process of escorting Ray was so peaceful. Even the traffic jam had been maintained within a range that they could stomach. Therefore, within the two hours that was predicted by Han Chu, they had managed to take Ray to the security company’s training base. Then, the group changed base again. The company would decide where to house Ray after a discussion. Han Chu and Ye Shuang’s car was merely tagging along.

After confirming that their client and the people from the company had entered the latter’s base, Ray’s safety issue was taken off their hands. Those in the security business normally had relations with both the police and the mafia. Plus, they were in China. Unless Jennifer wished to make a big deal out of this—making this into an international crisis and causing her to appear on all the wanted list in the world—she would not be dumb enough to charge into the security company’s base to assault the man.

After successfully escorting the important object… client, the relieved Ye Shuang and Han Chu made their way back. However, to their surprise, on the journey home, before they even got to the town, two cars that had been waiting for them for who knew how long came down the road.

Obviously, Jennifer had been eyeing them for a long time. The reason that she had not shown up since then was because she had changed her target from Ray to Ye Shuang and Han Chu.

Ye Shuang thought that it was because they were not able to pick up the signal from the bug!

“Now is not the time to discuss that.” Han Chu gripped the car handle, and while he maintained the balance of his body, he calmly turned to look at the two cars behind them. “Their drivers have racing experience as well, or at least they have done this before. From the brazen way that they’re acting and how Tony was assaulted, they should be carrying some weapon with them and be preparing to take us down with one fell swoop. Our car hasn’t been modified, so racing down a mountainous path like this is meaningless. It is too easy to get us into a car accident. The best solution now is to abandon the car and find a path that vehicles cannot pass through to get rid of them.”

Then he paused and turned around with some hesitation. “How is your fitness?”

“What do you think?” Ye Shuang answered with a question of her own.

Han Chu nodded. “Very good. Later, you only need to focus on running.”

“Wait.” At crucial moments like this, Ye Shuang’s brain would only work faster. When she heard that, she knew that something was wrong. “Do you wish to stay back to slow them down?”

Han Chu was silent for a while. “If you have to escape, with just a single captive, they won’t dare touch me, but things will be different if they have a spare captive.”

Ye Shuang was silent before adding, “I still think we should run together. Would you say that you have a strong sense of pride?”

“Huh?” Han Chu’s brain turned very fast too, but he still did not get what Ye Shuang was trying to say.

With another turn of the steering wheel, Ye Shuang swerved the car down the path by the road. She stepped on the gas, and before the people behind them could react, she drove the car into the fruit farm. “I mean…”

In one smooth series of actions, she opened the door, jumped over the roof, opened the passenger door, and yanked out a stunned Han Chu.

For the latter, the world started to turn, and the next second, he found himself being carried in a soft embrace… with his legs dangling in the air.

“If you don’t mind, how about I give you a ride?” Ye Shuang looked down at Han Chu, her face illuminated by her gentle smile.

I do mind!