Chapter 428 - Proportionality

Chapter 428: Proportionality

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Master Eight had been training Ol’ K lately; he was living a good life. Master Eight thought he might as well as train Ol’ K since he was his disciple’s friend.

Ol’ K was usually taken advantage of by Su Zheng whenever something good happened to her. So whenever something bad happened to her, he had fun watching her being punished…

Hearing Han Chu summoning him, Ol’ K, who was getting an earful, was excited to have given the job aside, he was going to work with his idol Anthony this time. He left Su Zheng behind right after he packed his stuff, waiting for his idol’s signal obediently.

Su Zheng risked her life to make the call. She was serious when she condemned Ol’ K for breaking the code and his ugly mindset of not going through thick and thin with her.

“Xiao Su is so mad. She will definitely give you hell later.”

Ye Shuang was the one who picked up the call. She could hear the rage in Su Zheng’s voice. Therefore, she gloated to Ol’ K about the misfortune he would suffer in the future when he returned.

“Xiao Su isn’t someone to be underestimated. She’s always scolding us. I’m just her disciple’s friend. Why am I involved in the torture?” Ol’ K wiped his sweat away and clenched his teeth, thinking of Su Zheng’s scary face when she was enraged. “I’ll just spend some money on jewelry when I return. How what carat diamond do you think I should get her to melt her rage away?”

“Carat and sincerity are directly proportional. If your sincerity is there, not only will she stop being mad, she might even marry you right away,” Han Chu mocked before delegating the mission. “You’ll be responsible for waiting by the computer. We’re not sure when will Tony send the signal. Just work on it as soon as you received his signal, and don’t wait for us.”

Ol’ K picked up chips conveniently and looked wronged. “Twenty-four-hours? Nobody will take over my shift?”

Han Chu looked at Ol’ K in surprise. “All you have to do is to stay by the computer. Of course, do everything else that you need to sustain your life. Did you not think that Tony would put delays in receiving the intel into consideration?”

Ye Shuang was not good with computers, so it was only natural that she could not help Ol’ K on that. All she could do was be responsible in assisting.

To be exact, the assistance that she was responsible for was nothing but making breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A week later…

“Let’s have fish for dinner.” Han Chu typed on the keyboard rapidly and spoke without even lifting his head. “It’s been half a month since I last had sweet and sour fish. What I find outside isn’t authentic.”

“…” Ye Shuang tossed a candy into her mouth. She swallowed after crunching it two or three times. She fell into silence before speaking again. “Don’t you think you’ve gained weight lately?”

Cooking was nothing difficult to her.

However, she could not cook every day. Although she understood the two men’s pickiness, should they not care for her too?

The boredom of being responsible in three meals a day aside, to maintain her female form alone, she had been eating many candies recently. Although it did not cost much, it was quite a sum.

Therefore, Ye Shuang was upset when Han Chu and Ol’ K were indulging. She would have to transfer her pain somewhere else as soon as she found the opportunity.

Han Chu stopped working for a second and shifted his attention to his waist subconsciously. His finger was moving, and he seemed to want to lift it to touch his belly. Fortunately, he managed to stop himself in time.


Hmm, not too bad. His muscles were still there.

So, he fought back in all seriousness. “There’s something wrong with your eyes.”

Ye Shuang gave him the look of disdain. “You’ve gained at least four pounds!”

That was still acceptable to Han Chu. He still took a stroll in the morning and evening. He would buy something downstairs and call someone every now and then.

Ol’ K, on the other hand, had a more obvious weight gain. He had been sitting in front of the computer without moving for a week. He had gained at least two times more than what Han Chu had gained.

“It can’t be!” Han Chu jolted from the four fingers Ye Shuang showed. He thought to himself secretly while denying calmly by instinct.

Did he really gain weight? It should not be, but his muscles had been a little loose lately…

Impossible! His jawline was still there. He was not after a buff look anyway; it was good enough that he could maintain that body of his.

But indeed, he had not been working out lately…

No! He did not work out every day in the past anyway. It was no problem for him to keep up with working out twice a week.

But he certainly had been eating a lot more lately…

That was not it! He had always been a fan of sweet things while his calorie intake was never low.

But he had been eating more during his meals while not cutting down on his snacks at the same time…

Ye Shuang had already left as Han Chu was secretly struggling. She was changing her shoes while bending down as she walked to the door after putting her jacket on. “What else do you guys want to eat apart from sweet and sour fish?”

Ol’ K held his sharp jawline that had developed into double chin up. “Braised pork balls in brown sauce!”

Han Chu stared at Ol’ K’s chin, feeling conflicted, for a while before deciding to add on to the menu. “And fried spareribs!”

No biggie, he would just hit the gym more after he was done with this job!

Ye Shuang waved and left. She dressed casually with a bag.

Her metabolism was high anyway, whereby she would not gain weight no matter how much she ate!

She bought some snacks and sauces at the supermarket and headed to the wet market for vegetables. She tossed everything into the boot after she was done shopping. As she was on the way home, she recalled that they were running out of coffee at home. She then parked by the street and planned to buy a tin of coffee at the convenience store.

She bumped into someone whom she was familiar with along the way.

“Xiao Shuang.” Yao Zhixing raised his hand to greet her. He lifted his back from the wall that he was leaning on.

With coffee in her hand, Ye Shuang was surprised to see him. “Why are you here, Brother Yao?”

Observing Yao Zhixing’s current stance, she guessed, “Are you waiting for someone?”

“Yeah, I’m waiting for Aunt Han. She’s buying something,” Yao Zhixing said and chatted since he had nothing else to do. “I haven’t seen you lately, nor did I hear that you’re working on something. What have you been doing?”

“Nothing much.” Ye Shuang became doubtful as she said perfunctorily, “Hasn’t she returned to the city? I thought Uncle Han came back?”

It was not strange that Mother Han was in San Lin City. However, Ye Shuang had not heard Han Chu mention it for the past week. She had thought that the two gods had left.

“Uncle Han has come to San Lin City, so the both of them will stay for a while. Didn’t Han Chu tell you about it?” Yao Zhixing scratched his head showing his puzzlement. “Xiao Han asked me to take care of them while they’re here. I thought you guys are working on something.”

Where Ye Shuang was standing, she blocked the door a little bit.

Someone happened to walk out at the moment. The person seemed to be rushing, which meant that he ran into Ye Shuang hard. And… the person fell onto the ground from the strong bounce.

Ye Shuang, who seemed tiny, did not flinch a bit.

Yao Zhixing was enraged and ready to yell at the person.

“… Er.”