Chapter 505 - Dense

Chapter 505: Dense

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Things had finally calmed down. After the earlier series of action, all the suspicious characters around the area had been cleaned up. The boss from either side did not have the time to recover their HP. Since they were leaving, they had to be quick. They had already wasted a lot of time. Ye Shuang felt so tired that her body felt like it had been hollowed out, but at least her brain was still there. She took a deep breath to force himself to stand up and take up her role as a powerful man.

Ye Feng’s heart went to his sister, and he hurried over to help her. Ever since they returned to the home, the young man who had been watching Ye Shuang knew that something was wrong.

“Brother in law, are you alright‽” While Ye Feng was worried, he did not forget about the character role, and the role of a kind brother-in-law appeared. “Do you need me to carry you?”

The touched Ye Shuang rejected him. “It’s alright, I can still walk on my own. If you carry me, we’ll both end up on the floor. I’ve weighed myself before. The muscle density of this body is very high, and I am at least twice as heavy as you. If I lean on you and you can still stand, you’re a wonderful man already. If you’re really for that challenge, we can do that at home when we’re not in such a hurry.”

Who is playing with you! Ye Feng was stunned and then said drily, “Oh, then take care of yourself.”

Han Chu also wanted to help, but once he heard that, he pulled his hand back. He walked to stand between the two of them. “Keep up and don’t waste time.”

With such a cold boss, the employee had no choice but to follow his orders. After taking another breath, Ye Shuang followed the others and took a large step forward. She almost pulled Ye Feng, who was next to her, to the ground. Ye Feng struggled to steady himself, and when he recovered, he felt cheated. He swung his sister’s hand away in anger—something must have possessed him earlier to think that she was weak and needed help.

With such strength and speed, she could throw him up into the sky like a kite.

Considering the issue of transport, Xiao San only took two people with him. The hostages were also reduced to the man who had the code. Combined with Han Chu’s people, the group had eight people in total, and most had been left behind. Xiao San’s people took the unimportant hostages and hid inside the forest. After all, they only needed to live. Han Chu would go home and send people to get them that night. Eight people and two cars, they could turn back at any time, and the pressure was lowered.

“Tony, you take the laptop and use the first car. Be careful of the surroundings and lead the way.” The cars soon arrived. The original drivers were pulled away. After inspecting the oil and the gears, Han Chu started to make arrangements. “Xiao Feng and the hostage will also take the first car, Ye Shuang…”

Three seats had been assigned. He thought about putting the professional driver at the driving seat, but he turned around to see the pale face of Ye Shuang.

Oh well, he had better think of something else. Even though, in his normal condition, this man could kill a tiger with his bare hands, if they were unlucky and he went offline during the journey, there would be hell to pay.

Swallowing back the original arrangement, Han Chu moved his gaze to Xiao San. “We’ll need to trouble you to drive the car. The rest of us will take the other car.”

Ye Feng, who left his sister, did not feel so safe. He was quite nervous when they were preparing to separate. This action caught Ye Shuang’s attention. “You’re afraid? You’ll be fine. The leading pack being killed only happens when they do not want anyone to live. You have the hostage with you. Who would dare do anything to the car? At most, they will force the car to stop. In that situation, the one in first is safer than the one at the back. If someone really does that, we will run into them from the back!”

Han Chu was about to crawl into the driver’s seat. When he heard that, he chuckled. “You wish to drive like that?”

Ye Shuang was choked. The memory of her driving the car and then losing control came into her mind. It was Yao Zhixing’s team who came to save them that time. If not for them, they would have died already.

Therefore, Ye Shuang quickly closed her mouth. Ye Feng, who was just comforted, became worried again. “Is this really safe? If not, how about I call mom and dad to tell them my last words first?”

As he said that, he was smacked by his sister.

Han Chu tutted. “She won’t be driving, but her analysis is not wrong. Get into the car. We’re behind you, so what are you afraid of?”

Finally, people shuffled into the cars. Anthony typed on the laptop to pull out the map. After he recognized the road, he said, “Let’s go. Turn right at the first junction.”

With one at the front and the other at the back, the two cars moved with thirty meters between them. With Han Chu driving, this was the safest driving gap between cars. It did not feel like they were driving for their lives. Along the way, there was nothing dangerous. Anthony had scanned the route about twenty minutes earlier with the satellite. He pulled up the map and placed it at the dashboard, and then he entered a state of rest. Even so, he was not bored. He soon found something to do like using the internal communicator inside the car to chat with the people behind them.

“It has been so long since I spent so much time outdoors. Thankfully, this will be over soon. After this, I will go and rest for a long time.” Anthony pulled on the clothes that he had not changed with annoyance and turned toward the beautiful future. “Also, I will go and get Xiao Shuang to make me something delicious.”

‘Xiao Shuang’ in Han Chu’s car had almost fallen asleep, but when she heard her name mentioned, she struggled to stay awake. “Is there no need to keep watch? You’re so free.”

Even though Ye Shuang was Ye Shuang’s boyfriend… that sounded weird… In any case, after a few days of observation, Anthony felt like he had seen the truth. The handsome man was a true pair with Han Chu, and he still had a chance with Xiao Shuang. Even if he heard the answer from the ‘actual boyfriend’, he did not hide his shamelessness and fear. He even boasted about himself. “Everything’s fine. I’ve scanned the whole route. There is no ambush, no broken road, and no audience!”

Anthony had full confidence in himself. “Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon. If there’s any problem, I will twist my head down for you!”

People could not be too confident—that had always been the iron rules.

Just as Anthony said that, he heard a loud boom coming from behind him. He whipped his head around to look and saw a big hole blasted in the road that he had just passed. Han Chu’s car slipped off the side of the road to avoid the explosion…