Chapter 483 - Hiding

Chapter 483: Hiding

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The girl with ponytail could not fight nor did she have any special abilities, so technically speaking, there was no favor that she could do for them. But there was something that she had that the others did not, the local advantage. If they were comparing their familiarity with the surroundings, even Ye Shuang’s keen senses or Anthony’s satellites would not be comparable to the girl who had lived there for more than a decade. Han Chu understood the alert level that he represented in the girl’s eyes. He did not have the free time to improve the relationship with the girl, so he cut to the case. He pulled out a bag from his pocket. The bag was full, and from the outside, it was hard to tell what was inside it.

“I need your help to spread these around when you go about your business for the day.” Han Chu gave the order, skipping the preamble. “Do not place them too far from each other. Drop each one about fifty meters from the last. There’s no need to be considerate of the route you take. As long as it is around the village, it will be fine.”

The girl turned to look at Ye Shuang. The latter smiled gently and nodded at the girl.

“Okay then.” The girl did not ask any more questions. She took the bag carefully and opened to look inside it. The bag was filled with the small signal balls that Anthony had used earlier, but they were painted gray, white, and black, and their shapes had been knocked irregular. Each of them was about the size of a peanut, and from a far, they would look like pebbles that littered the street. If the function was to intercept and search signals, the signal balls would be fine if they were spread fifty meters from each other. If it was to set up a web like the previous night, they needed to be much closer.

“Do you guys really think there is something about this place?” Anthony typed on his computer with a bored expression. There was a bunch of red dots that slowly moved on the map. Occasionally, a smaller red dot would be spat out from the collection, and it dropped at the particular part of the village. Slowly, the red dots started to cover the entire map. They had started their work to search the signal within and around Nature Village.

Han Chu also glanced at the screen with satisfaction. “Looks like the girl is purposely doing the round for us, or else the spread wouldn’t be so even, and the coverage wouldn’t be so large.”

Unless the girl’s job was to patrol the mountain, she would not have gone around each of the corner of the village. Furthermore, she had managed to spread half of the devices evenly in the early morning.

Su Zheng carried a bag and walked around the place. With her eyesight, it was perfect to see if there was anything worth noticing or anywhere unnatural. There was nothing eye-catching about a little girl like her. Even if she ran into someone, she could act like she was there to visit a friend. The friend was naturally the name of the girl with the ponytail. Two men and a Ye Shuang stayed home. The three had completely different styles from the rest of the village. If they left the house, they would attract attention, so they had to stay at home.

Anthony smiled and did not think that there was anything wrong with this. “We have saved her, and reality proves that the girl knows how to repay her debt. Even though she did not ask what we are doing, she is willing to help us…”

Suddenly, a glow came to his eyes. “Hey, come and look at this!”

Han Chu leaned over to look. A few red dots disappeared from the screen once they were dropped.

“Signal disrupter?” Han Chu raised his brow with interest. “Looks like we have found the place.”

Anthony scratched his chin. “Let’s wait longer. This might be a trap; we should take a look at some other places, right?”

The red dots on the screen continued to spread uniformly. As they expected, other than the spot where the signal disappeared earlier, there were signs of disturbances in other places as well. All these spots had been marked down by Anthony. When the red spots stopped glowing, just from the place that they had investigated that day, there were spots where the red dots had disappeared.

“Would you like to guess which of these three is the real deal?” Anthony passed the circled map to the other two and excitedly asked for them to vote. The three areas were in three different directions from the center of Nature Village. Unless someone wished to blow up the entire village with bombs, no matter the movement, this kind of distribution did not make sense.

Therefore, the answer was simple. One of the areas had to be trap, and if they were really unlucky, maybe all three were traps. It could be that none of the areas hid the secret that they were looking for.

Ye Shuang was silent for a while. She thought for a long time and had nothing. “Without knowing the other party’s aim, we have nothing to go on.”

Han Chu did not waste time with them and had already used his phone to contact his father. He used both soft and hard methods to find out their secret, and the key question was to find out the progress of their activity and see if they could relate it back to what they had discovered. After a while, even though Father Han knew what Han Chu was up to, considering that his son had stayed on the mountain to help, he unwillingly revealed some information.

“It can’t be military arms; those people are not military arms salesman, and they wouldn’t have gathered so many firearms to deal with a small task force like us.”

After hanging up, Han Chu started his series of analysis. “It can’t be secret information. With today’s technology, they wouldn’t need such a large space to hide information. If I am making a guess, with the locations and situation that I have observed, the most likely situation is they are hiding some kind of important character.”

“Are you sure?” Anthony was half suspicious.

“Of course not.” Han Chu looked at him like he was looking at an idiot. “I was only saying that it’s the most likely. Do you think there is anything that is one hundred percent certain in this world? Not even the sun will rise every day.”

“But it will rise for the next fifty billion years… Never mind, we’ve wandered off topic.” Anthony shrugged shamelessly. “Let’s discuss another problem. For example, if your speculation is correct, of the three places, which one is the most likely hiding place?”

“What hiding place?” The girl with the ponytail had returned. Hearing the conversation going on in her house, she could not help but blink and ask, “Hiding someone?”

Han Chu’s group looked at each other. Then, Ye Shuang represented the group to ask with a smile, “Why are you suddenly interested in that?”

The girl looked at Han Chu fearfully and then quickly moved her gaze away like a spooked rabbit. She grumbled while pulling on the edge of her shirt. “When I was spreading the… working earlier, Auntie Liu was crying to the villagers for help. She said that her son has been kidnapped.”

The son was none other than the ruffian who was taken away by Father Han.