Chapter 378 - You Lose

Chapter 378: You Lose

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

“Boss, the two have run into the fruit farm. There are too many trees around for us to aim, and they move too fast…” The man who reported rambled while he and his colleagues raced to keep up. As he gripped the phone to finish the update, his eyes bulged out of his face with disbelief. “Oh, my God, the weak princess is saving the brave prince! I think I need to set up an appointment with my optician.”

There was a momentary silence from the other line before Jennifer’s sweet yet dangerous voice came through. “You might need an appointment with the undertaker instead if you don’t stop with your nonsense. Please speak in a way that I can understand and only give me info that is valuable, okay?”

Well, it appeared like a weak-looking woman was carrying a man at least twenty kilograms heavier than her in her arms, and she was moving so quickly and nimbly while carrying the heavy load. The girl was almost leaving them in the dust.

After parsing all that information in his mind, the man summarized all of that into a sentence. “…We are unable to catch up to the target.”

Jennifer’s reply was equally short. “Use your guns, idiots!”

“They’re going to fire their guns soon!” Even when she was holding a man in her arms, it did nothing to slow Ye Shuang down. She weaved and leaped through the trees like there was a route in her mind before this happened. She was not slowed down by the terrain. In fact, Han Chu did not even brush against a leaf.

Han Chu looked at her expressionlessly and did not feel like discussing the pose that they were in anymore. “How did you know that?”

Ye Shuang stepped on the trunk next to them, applying unreasonable strength, and they rose into the air. Using this motion that was straight out of a martial arts movie, she leaped through the foliage and weaved her way through the high branches. “I heard them say so.”

After a pause, Ye Shuang smiled while she jumped to another tree. “The voices on the phone and the safety of the guns being taken off.”

Han Chu also heard something, but it was not what Ye Shuang had mentioned. He heard gunshots and the screaming of the people chasing after them.

“This is too unscientific!” Even he thought that this was unbelievable. Ignoring the implausible things that were happening around them, Han Chu tried to calm down. “This fruit farm is not that big. I took a guess as we passed it on the way here; it is at most only twenty or so mu 1 . With the way we’re travelling and the speed you’re moving at, it will take us several minutes. After that, we’ll reach an open expanse. Even if we manage to shake them off now, we’ll soon be captured.”

In other words, being captured was an inevitability. Han Chu frowned and wanted to remind the girl the futility of their action, but he hesitated and, in the end, chose to phrase his words in a different manner. “So, what do you plan to do?”

“I also think that we’re not going to be able escape so easily.” After Ye Shuang introduced some distance between them and the men, she placed Han Chu next to a tree with heavy foliage. She studied the environment. “But this should be good enough for us to hide. If we set up an ambush, we might have a chance to survive.”

Han Chu was silent and then said darkly, “If I understand you correctly, you mean to launch a counter-attack?”

There were other methods to escape from this conundrum that they were in. For example, the simplest way would to be light a fire and have the smoke attract the attention of the nearby farmers, or they could call the police and led the men around in circles until the law enforcement arrived.

Of course, retaliation was the most efficient method that would present them with the most value, but the thing was, they were unarmed citizens fighting against two criminals with guns!

Furthermore, Ye Shuang was a girl. Despite the fact that she had shown herself to be more capable of taking care of herself, Han Chu still did not think that they should take such a huge risk.

“I am a very good fighter!” Ye Shuang stated matter-of-factly.

Han Chu looked at her with a blank expression.

“I can predict the bullet trajectory and evade them easily,” Ye Shuang added.

The expression on Han Chu’s face was still blank.

Ye Shuang rubbed her throbbing temple. “Do you want me to tie you up first?”

If he was not going to agree, he would need to suffer.

Therefore, Han Chu could only grit his teeth as he witnessed Ye Shuang jump down to the ground. Through the foliage, he saw how she came into contact with the first opponent.

The gun fired, and as Ye Shuang said, she easily avoided the bullet. Then, with lightning speed, she closed the distance and bent down to knock the man out with a single blow to his stomach.

The gunfire attracted the attention of the other pursuers who were in the fruit farm. With Han Chu’s vantage point, he very easily noticed the other men who were rushing over to Ye Shuang’s spot.

Ye Shuang managed to accrue the same information from the sound of the footsteps. As one was rushing by, she reached out to grab the man by his neck. She then tossed him over her shoulder and slammed him into the ground. As the man’s head hit the ground, he fainted on the spot.

She stuck her feet into the ground and flicked a pebble accurately at the third man’s wrist. Then she rewarded him with a kick to the face, and he fainted. Now, there were only two more enemies remaining.

Han Chu held his breath in worry, and at that moment, he finally sighed in relief. However, before the sigh was fully released, the last two appeared at the scene from different directions.

The three lying on the ground explained everything. As the two shared a look, they raised their guns in unison and aimed at Ye Shuang. Ye Shuang naturally saw that. Even though the situation was dangerous, she could still manage. There were so many trees, so she could have easily hidden behind one of them. Furthermore, she had confiscated the guns from the other three… and there was no telling who was the faster shot.

However, just as Ye Shuang was about to make her move, the sound of a heavy object landing disrupted her focus. Then she heard a gunshot and saw how Han Chu managed to knock the gunner unconscious before the shot was fired.

“Hmm… Not bad, but actually, you didn’t need to expose yourself like this.” Ye Shuang was impressed, and she was going to say something else, but the words caught in her throat. Han Chu turned around calmly and looked behind Ye Shuang. “There’s another one.”

Then, he collapsed, and the white shirt that he was wearing started to bloom with red. The area around his collarbone was bleeding profusely.

Time seemed to have stopped. Before Ye Shuang could react, she felt the barrel of a gun pointing at her temple.

“Even though there’s only one left, it looks like we’ve won.” The last survivor chucked darkly.