Chapter 429 - Fresh Blood

Chapter 429: Fresh Blood

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Although the hunk who had run into Ye Shuang was not a giant, he was still an average-sized adult.

On the other hand, Ye Shuang was a standard girly girl, whereby she looked so weak that the wind would take her away… at least that was what she was on the surface.

Thus, it was unbelievable for such a thing to happen when the man ran into her. People would definitely call it a staged crash if anyone was to witness that.

However, including Yao Zhixing, everyone who was familiar with Ye Shuang knew very well of the iron man’s diamond core she had under her girly girl skin… though Yao Zhixing usually forgot that fact looking at Ye Shuang’s appearance.

Yao Zhixing changed the topic rather awkwardly as he swallowed the yell that was coming out of his mouth. “Are you alright, Xiao Shuang?”

Ye Shuang stared at the passerby whom she had knocked over while rubbing her chin. “Oh, I’m alright… Why does that purse feel quite familiar?”

Yao Zhixing followed Ye Shuang’s gaze in puzzlement. He saw the expensive leather purse that the passerby had dropped on the ground and responded as if he was deep in thought. “It feels familiar to me too now that you mention it.”

The passerby was shocked and blabbered nonsense in panic. He picked up what he had dropped, which included the purse, and yelled as he was getting up, “Are you blind‽ What are you looking at!”

He was getting away hastily.

Yao Zhixing was just saying that for fun—he was not planning to talk more into it. Never had he thought the passerby would turn on his vengeance mode.

Who was Yao Zhixing? Everybody knew that he was a troublemaker who was not to be offended. Naturally, he was triggered when he heard that. He stretched his arm and pulled the man over. “Hey, don’t go just yet. Tell me, who were you calling blind?”

The passerby was just letting off some steam; he did not plan to get into anything with Yao Zhixing. He attempted to shake Yao Zhixing’s hand off by twisting his shoulder while grumbling.

Most people would rather be at peace than being in trouble. You could scare a person off by yelling at them when the person stuck their nose in something that had nothing to do with them. Or at the very least, the person would lose the upper hand… Seizing the opportunity, the passerby would not dwell on that and escape as soon as he could.

However, he clearly had no idea of Yao Zhixing’s shameless and unreasonable behavior. The passerby could have just ended everything by apologizing, but now, he had triggered Yao Zhixing with his unapologetic attitude. Naturally, Yao Zhixing would not let him go just like that.

“Keep your hands off me. Are you seeking death‽” the passerby yelled.

“Seeking death?” Yao Zhixing squinted and smirked. “It’s been a while since I last did that, my hands are itching. What do you have in mind?”

Before the passerby managed to say anything, two to three young men from Yao Zhixing’s team surrounded them as soon as Yao Zhixing said that. “Brother Yao, is someone looking for trouble?”

When did those people get here? Ye Shuang thought to herself.

The passerby swallowed the words that he was about to yell out. He was terrified, realizing that he was surrounded. Yao Zhixing should have told him that he had a gang so that he could have run for his life since the very beginning!

At that very moment, Ye Shuang saw Mother Han coming out of the convenience store in a panic. What she said petrified the passerby further. “Oh, no. Xiao Yao, someone took my purse!”


Han Chu looked at the time and finally called, noticing that Ye Shuang had yet to return home to cook. After chatting for a little bit, he learned about his mother being pick-pocketed in San Lin City.

Naturally, that was not the key. It was common for one to lose their wallet while being out. Whether it was a wealthy man or powerful official, pick-pocketers would do what they were trained to do. If one was unfortunate, it was nothing out of the ordinary to get pick-pocketed once or twice.

The key of the incident was that the pick-pocketer was caught red-handed by Yao Zhixing and Ye Shuang as soon as he stepped out of the door. He targeted the old, weak, and sickly before he was struggling from being beaten up. Naturally, the victim was the old lady, Mother Han.

Mother Han tripped from the push, and Ye Shuang became her heroine by saving Mother Han before she fell onto the ground. She was given a show of a heroine fighting the evil… and that was the end of it.

Mother Han, who was impressed by Ye Shuang’s capability, did not let her go just like that. Although Mother Han could not fight, she had good eyes. She had been influenced by her husband and son for so many years, as they had hired several bodyguards throughout the years. Naturally, Mother Han was impressed by Ye Shuang’s skill. The young girls that she knew were either weak or crude like men. How could she have seen anyone so strange like Ye Shuang who could cook and fight before?

Mother Han took Ye Shuang back to show off to Father Han. She was mentioning cooking for the son, but to Mother Han, that was nothing at all.

Han Chu was speechless for half a minute as he held his phone after hearing what happened. “… Alright then, but don’t talk nonsense when my dad speaks to you. I’ll be doomed if our story isn’t in line.”

“What would your dad ask me?” Ye Shuang called from the suite’s bathroom where Mother Han and Father Han were staying. She did not find anything off after she was asked a bunch of questions about her family. She had only realized that their visit this time might be intentional after hearing Han Chu’s warning.

Han Chu chuckled and calmly said, “Nothing much. They might be testing to see if you have the intention to serve the country and see if your background is suitable for that. They might also be checking your resume and your stand in politics.”

Father Han had founded a new department lately. It was not a secret department, but it was related. Nobody of low intelligence could handle that, but it would be a devolution if the top talents were involved. Due to that, Father Han had been struggling to bring in new blood. He had already targeted talents under Han Chu a few times.

Ye Shuang happened to send herself to their doorstep. She was beautiful, tall, and great in combat; how was she not the best candidate‽

“My dad is starting a new project, and he’s recruiting people. Although the assessment is looser than national security and the like, it’s a few grades higher than the army.” Han Chu was worried that Ye Shuang had yet to realize the importance of the questions that she would be asked, so he pointed it out to her directly. “For instance, some dark histories and little secrets of yours… If you’re working for the state, everything about you might be out in the open.”

The term ‘little secrets’ was emphasized. It was a piece of cake for Ye Shuang to learn the hidden meaning, whereby she inhaled sharply at the moment.

Although she thought that she was disguising it well, she could not escape from being investigated.

To think about it carefully, there were many loopholes when she switched her identity at the hotel in the beginning. Could it be that someone had found out about it‽