Chapter 484 - Missing Ruffian

Chapter 484: Missing Ruffian

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The Auntie Liu the girl mentioned had been widowed for years. In this kind of village, there was a lot of back breaking work, and her life could be considered difficult. She had to do jobs that were traditionally done by males, or else she would have nothing to eat. She would have to do jobs traditionally done by women, or the house would be a pig sty. She took up everything about the family herself, and her work began the moment she opened her eyes in the morning. She only got to rest when she lay down to rest at night. In that kind of situation, she did not have time to think about anything else. Thankfully, she had a son to anchor her life. Furthermore, her uncle was the village head. Even though that did not mean much in this kind of village, at least it was something. The village head could look after her son, even though it did not actually amount to much.

“When I was coming back, Auntie Liu was crying on the street, saying that her son has gone missing.” The girl had no affection for the ruffian, but her heart went out to the hardworking Auntie Liu. She continued to sigh. “I feel bad for Auntie Liu. Her son has grown up to disappoint her often. He’s probably up to some no good as we speak.”

Ye Shuang’s group looked at each other. Even Han Chu, who had not been there earlier, was filled in on the events. None of them spoke to explain that the ruffian had sneaked back last night and was rewarded with a beating from Ye Shuang and was finally taken away. It was too hard to explain.

Furthermore, the trouble that the ruffian had gotten himself in was not small this time; he probably would not be released in a short period of time. The girl did not seem like she needed a reply anyway. Even though she still looked quite nervous, she continued to ramble about the things happening in the village, allowing the group to understand the situation in the village. “There’s also the thing with Auntie Liu’s future daughter-in-law. She is about to get married soon, but now, there is no news about it. Everyone is saying that she was never serious about that marriage from the beginning…”

She was probably not used to talking behind people’s backs—the girl’s face was red, and her finger curled around her ponytail out of embarrassment. “Actually, earlier, the village head tried his best to look after Du Zi 1, and the latter was growing to be quite a stand up young man, but after he got out of his uncle’s control and came back with the woman, he became worse than before.”

Ye Shuang was confused. “Wait a minute, the ruffian’s name is Du Zi?”

“Yes.” The girl nodded. Ye Shuang was speechless. Just how much did the parents hate the child to have given him a name like that? Initially, she thought that the girl was mocking the guy.

However, Han Chu was paying attention to another thing. “Just now, you mentioned a woman. What exactly does she do for a living? When did she come to your village, and where is she now? Tell us everything you know about her in detail this time.”

The girl turned to Ye Shuang. With the latter nodding to smooth out the nervousness, she slowly revealed everything that she could remember. The woman had been brought in from the outside by the ruffian. She was fashionable and wore exquisite make-up. When she stood next to the ruffian, no one could say that they were a good pair. If anything, people were saying that he did not deserve someone as beautiful as her. She was the pushy type. The girl with ponytail had only had a few short interactions with her. It was when they met each other on the street or when she was sending over some items to the family from the village head. In any case, from the few times they had met, the ruffian had no backbone at all when he was with the woman. He did everything he was ordered—he was never this obedient to his own mother or uncle.

Then, Auntie Liu said that her son was going to marry the woman. The woman had opened a company outside the village and would come to the village once every few months. Basically, she was not there to make friends, and her only connection to the village was through the ruffian…

“Is the woman very beautiful?” Han Chu frowned.

The girl thought about it and nodded in confirmation. “Yes.”

“How beautiful is she?” Han Chu thought about it and took out his phone. He pulled out a photo from his album and showed it to the girl. “How is her beauty compared to her?”

Ye Shuang leaned over to look and then she was speechless. When did this man take a picture of me in my female form with his phone?

“She dresses up more than this. She doesn’t look as pretty, but their make-up is almost identical,” the girl commented honestly.

Han Chu pulled the phone back to think, he then turned to the other two, “Looks like we have a problem.”

People could be rich but ugly, but this woman had both wealth and beauty. She would have plenty of pursuers to pick from. So, why would she end up with a local ruffian who did not look like much? Of course, this conclusion might not be final. After all, the information was too vague. Based on what they had heard, it was too early to tell there was something wrong with this wrong. After all, people had done stranger things for love. Perhaps the woman liked local ruffians and that was her taste? Women in love would do strange things; they might be touched by one thing their male partner did and throw everything they had into the relationship.

In today’s age, these women’s standards were truly hard to understand. Had there not been stories where the woman overlooked every deficit in a man to be with him because she was simply in love with him? In any case, there had been love stories that normal human standards could not understand.

From the girl’s lips, they knew that the woman had left the village about a week ago. They would not be able to find out any more since she was not there. Therefore, they abandoned this trail for now and put their focus back on the few areas where the signal was blocked. However, a few hours later, before even dinner time, the phone call from Su Zheng made things a lot more complicated.

“Brother Shuang, do you still remember the young man that we caught last night?” Su Zheng’s tone was serious. “He’s dead. His body was found hanging at the village entrance.”

Ye Shuang shivered and subconsciously turned to the kitchen’s direction. The girl was still working inside. She had no idea that there was a murder in her village. Han Chu lifted his head to toss over an inquisitive gaze.

Ye Shuang leaned over to whisper the latest update. Han Chu’s expression became serious as well. He asked for the phone and got Su Zheng to give more details. Anthony’s attention was pulled over. He hugged his laptop and squeezed to the two. “What’s up?”

“The kid that was caught yesterday is found dead, hanging at the village entrance.” Ye Shuang frowned. She looked at Han Chu and turned back. “With a murder here, this will only grow bigger. If we’re discovered, things will get troublesome. And there’s another problem, wasn’t the kid in Uncle Han’s custody? There should be people watching him, so how did someone kill him?”

“Perhaps it was because he knew too much?” Anthony was not as worried as she was, but it did not mean that he did not treat this seriously. “Now there are two questions. First, how did they do it, and second, why would the kid’s body be strung some place so conspicuous?”