Chapter 284 - Go Play Outside If You’re Bored

Chapter 284: Go Play Outside If You’re Bored

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“I’ve registered a debit card in your name, and each month, someone will bank 100,000 into it. Tomorrow, my assistant will hand you the card.” Yan Zhu spoke very fast, and there was the sound of a conversation between her assistant and workers in the background. It sounded like she had made this call in the middle of a busy day. It was why she had to go through this quickly.

When Yan Si heard all that, he was first stunned, and then the anger gathered slowly. “What do you mean by that?”

The youth and Su Zheng could not hear the sound from the other end, so they were confused by Yan Si’s reaction. However, they could see that Yan Si had been angered by the call, so they stopped moving simultaneously to look at Yan Si, who glared back at the two of them.

Of the two, Su Zheng reacted best. Even though she was curious, she could not do anything. The youth, though, was different. He grinned wickedly and very naturally leaned his ear toward the back of the phone. He shouldered Yan Si’s fiery glare as he eavesdropped on the conversation.

“I don’t mean anything by that.” Yan Zhu sounded like she had chased everyone else out of the room. She spoke only when there was nothing but silence in the background. “Even though you have done those things, you are still my big brother. I heard that Father has frozen your bank account and banned your mother from giving you money…”

Wow, does she need to be so forward? Ye Shuang and the youth were speechless.

As expected, Yan Si’s face darkened. “So, you came to give me charity, huh? Yan Zhu, don’t push it too far! There is no telling who stole the stuff, but you’re in such a hurry to blame it on me?”

“Yan Si, stop fooling around!” Yan Zhu’s patience-filled voice had the opposite effect on Yan Si. “Do you know how much trouble you brought the company after you stole those documents? Furthermore, you might not know this, but Father’s health is not good. He plans to retire within the next few years, but now something like this has happened… Whether you sold the stuff or lost it, in any case, this is where the incident ends. I beg you, please, stop angering Father. In a few years, when everything is settles, I will transfer you some shares.”

Just like that, Ye Shuang and the youth had confirmed the situation within the Yan family. Yan Si had been confirmed to be the thief and chased out of the house. The father was so angry that Yan Si had been stripped of everything. On top of that, since he was not feeling so well and could not handle much work, Father Yan had to complete the transference of power faster. Technically, Yan Zhu was now the real inheritor and had already entered the company to deal with the business.

Yan Zhu also seemed to have accepted the theory that Yan Si was the thief, but since they were siblings, after she got some benefits, she did not mind sharing some with Yan Si. Due to the bad attitude that Yan Si had shown, the benefits were not given in one go but little by little.

The issue of tact aside, Yan Zhu was really a good little sister. When the rumors had hit Yan Si until he had no chance of a comeback and even when she herself believed the rumors, she was willing to lend a hand due to the fact that Yan Si was her brother. However, the problem was, the girl’s kindness was hard for other people to accept.

Yan Zhu thought that she was being kind, but Yan Si thought that she was being arrogant. Yan Si thought that he had been framed and humiliated while Yan Zhu saw him as being stubborn and refusing to admit his mistake.

Seeing how Yan Si was about to explode, Ye Shuang did not want to stay there to listen anymore. There was nothing interesting about siblings arguing, and if she stayed, she might end up as cannon fodder.

“Xiao Su, let’s go see what food they’re serving inside the kitchen.” Ye Shuang grabbed Su Zheng, who was silently leaning toward the phone.

“Huh? But this is a restaurant. What is there to be seen? I…” Su Zheng’s rejection was vetoed, and she was dragged away.

They had just gone a few steps when Yan Si’s insuppressible scolding and mocking fury exploded from behind them. Su Zheng looked at Yan Si with confusion and then looked at Ye Shuang, who pulled her away. “Sister Shuang, what is happening?”

“A lack of communication.” Ye Shuang sighed. “Their personalities do not match, and the key problem is that both get angry too easily…” If one of them was more rational and mature, this kind of situation would not have happened. The sad thing was that neither of them were bad people, but the relationship had devolved into such a state.

When Su Zheng heard that, she stopped being interested in the phone content. She surrounded Ye Shuang and begged for gossip. “Sister Shuang, do you know something? Tell me, I swear that I will not tell a second person!”

They took a tour around the kitchen before being chased out by the angered chef, and Ye Shuang decided her menu.

Ye Shuang picked either the dishes cooked with the freshest ingredient or the dishes that were the chef’s specialty. When the waitress served the dishes, she thought that Ye Shuang was some food connoisseur.

When Yan Si finished the call, he was still fuming. The youth, being kind to the invalid, helped him with the food and chopsticks. Then he smiled at Ye Shuang and Su Zheng. “I’m surprised at the quality of food at a small restaurant like this. These are quite fresh, and the cooking is not bad. Just the seasoning is a bit much, and the cleanliness is not so good.”

“The dishes only cost several RMB each, so stop complaining.” Ye Shuang pouted. She did not particularly like eating at high class restaurants either because most of the things on the plate would not be edible. They were carving or decoration… there to be seen, not eaten.

Su Zheng did not waste time and started eating. In the blink of an eye, two rows of ribs disappeared, and this stunned the youth. While she was chewing happily on the ribs, she even had time to look back at the youth. “Why are you staring at me and not eating?”

The youth scratched his nose and was too embarrassed to say that he had not seen someone who ate so boldly and unrestrained before. “By the way, do you know who called Xiao Si earlier?”

“Is it related to us?” Ye Shuang asked. The youth choked, and Ye Shuang continued with a smile. “If it’s not related to us, then there’s no need to talk about it. We’re not interested.”

The youth thought about it. “It’s not really a mistake to say that it’s related… The call was from Yan Zhu. She is now the shot-caller at the Yan company.”

“I don’t think so. At most, she has been made the CEO.” Ye Shuang picked at the dishes slowly and said casually, “Even if Elder Yan decides to release his power, he won’t transfer the whole company to Miss Yan within a short period of time because the location of the share document is still unclear, and they will need quite some time to draft a new one.

“Furthermore, Elder Yan probably won’t feel that comfortable. It’s better for him to hold onto the shares than giving everything to his daughter.”

Unless he was really going to die soon, the old man did not need to clean out everything so soon. Letting the child hold the power was one thing, but holding the power did not mean direct inheritance!

At most, one could say that Yan Zhu had entered the center of the company faster than Yan Si, but this could not confirm that she would be the final victor. Based on Ye Shuang’s speculation, if Yan Si and Yan Zhu were not the culprit, then the thief should be one of the three wives. What if there was some natural disaster, or Elder Yan choked on the food during dinner—the situation might change at the drop of a pin. The inheritor that everyone was confirmed became a ‘sub’ inheritor. Before it was officialized, even though she was just one step away from the seat, that one step was enough to change everything.

Yan Si looked better and was in the mood to hear about people denying Yan Zhu.

The youth frowned. “Yan Zhu definitely has not gotten her hands on the shares, but she still has the power. It’s easy for her to do stuff when she is in power… For example, if it’s really Xiao Si who inherits the company in the end, what if Yan Zhu has already emptied the company when she was in power and only left Xiao Si with a shell? What’s the point of inheritance then?”

Ye Shuang tutted. “Miss Yan is a bit… straightforward, but personally, I don’t think she’s a bad person—just, at times, you might think she’s a bit arrogant.”

Su Zheng’s cheeks were filled with meat. Surprisingly, she was able to speak with a mouthful. “That someone, you still haven’t told us how this is related to us.”

“What I mean was, the longer Yan Zhu stays at the company, the worse it will be for Xiao Si when he takes over, so it’s better for us to move faster,” the youth explained.

“But we have already been moving so fast,” Su Zheng complained, “Look, even when we are having lunch, it’s because we’re waiting for a clue. What else do you want?”

“Is this because you’re bored?” Ye Shuang also thought that the youth was being a bit agitated. Then again, she could understand why. After all, they were investigating the people in the circuit, so how could that interest a young master? Thus, being the backdrop for the whole afternoon could be quite boring.

After a moment’s silence, Ye Shuang said, “How about this? Since you cannot help around here, how about you go and find out about other things? Xiao Su and I think that this safe route is just one of the clues. Think about this, the stuff inside the safe is very important, but the person still targeted it. This means that the culprit knows that Elder Yan has no time to conduct more checks, to make follow ups… And now we know that it’s because Elder Yan’s physical health is not so good. However, is it possible that someone already knew about that beforehand?”

“You want me to check up on Uncle Yan’s physician?” The young man thought about it and nodded. “Okay, leave this to me.”