Chapter 379 - Recklessness

Chapter 379: Recklessness

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Recklessness was taking action without properly thinking it through. When one calmed down afterward, one would realize how foolish one had been, but in the moment, there was no time to calm down to think about the choices; the action was made according to one’s instinct.

Ye Shuang had always believed that Han Chu was not a reckless person, but what had happened that day renewed her understanding of the man.

Why would he jump down from the hiding place? Was it because he thought that having threats coming from different directions might fluster her or because even if he thought that she had a high success rate, he could not ignore the very minute possibility that she might fail?

If Ye Shuang failed, then the remaining Han Chu who lost the defender and having said defender apprehended might be killed on the spot, or the enemy might choose to keep him and kill Ye Shuang. However, if Han Chu managed to deal with the other person first, even if he got injured in the process, provided that Ye Shuang was operating like usual, after dealing with the last enemy, there would be enough time to send him to the hospital for treatment. Overall, it was a worthy transaction.

Of course, this was merely her analyzing the whole event from a rational perspective. If she was being given a guess, she believed that Han Chu was merely acting recklessly.

Like what she was doing now.

With a creak, the sound of the door opening interrupted Ye Shuang’s thought. Ye Shuang lifted her head following the sound, and she saw a blonde beauty wearing a shiny, figure-hugging short dress saunter into the room.

The standard of beauty for eastern and western culture was totally different, and if Ye Shuang was asked to give a clear definition of the difference, she would say that eastern beauties were like paintings while western beauties were like sculptures. The former were more concerned about a 2D effect while the latter had more emphasis on the 3D ratio.

However, the blonde before her was not that case, the woman had long, lustrous hair. The skin-tight dress perfectly accentuated her good proportion, no matter which standard of beauty was used, the beauty would get a very high mark. Other than her physical appearance, there was a certain alluring presence about the woman.

She could be a reincarnation of Aphrodite.

When she saw the woman in person, Ye Shuang understood why Luther had said that Jennifer was able to toy with many people.

“Love, there is one thing that I’m really curious about.” Jennifer walked in with a smile. The levity in her tone did not sound like the boss that gave the order to capture Ye Shuang and Han Chu but a friend who was sharing a casual secret.

After she waltzed in, she closed the door and sat down next to Han Chu, who was still unconscious and had an IV drip connected to him. The gaze that she had was like that of a lover, and then with the same posture, she turned to Ye Shuang with open curiosity. “From the report that the idiots gave me, you could have escaped easily, so why did you allow yourself to be captured? Don’t tell me that it was because there was a gun aimed at your head. Based on that idiot’s description, I believe that you should have been able to shake them loose. There are many who can be defeated by the threat of a gun, but that doesn’t include a martial artist who has extreme strength and agility.”

“Perhaps I’ve run out of stamina.” Ye Shuang gave a casual answer.

“No, no.” Jennifer shook her head and sighed regretfully. Her finger caressed Han Chu’s sleeping face. “I believe that your staying has everything to do with him.”

Ye Shuang sighed. “Since you already have your own conclusion, why are you even asking me?”

Before ensuring that Jennifer did not have other trump card, even if Ye Shuang knocked out everyone there, Ye Shuang could not guarantee that she could get Han Chu to the hospital before he perished from loss of blood. What if the enemy had gone with more than two cars? What if the enemy used some kind of method or incident to clear out the area?

Facing a cunning woman who was able to flit easily through a giant organization with her intelligence, there was no overestimation. Ye Shuang used her rationality to come up with the most plausible solution, but reality was not going to give her a chance to retry. So, even if there was a minute chance for the worst scenario to happen, she was unable to suffer the price.

Abandoning other factors, just considering Han Chu’s safety, the best solution was to cooperate and allow herself to be captured by Jennifer. This way, be it gaining medical aid from the enemy or calling the police after Han Chu regained consciousness, the chance of them escaping this way was far higher than the other possibilities.

With the current condition, Ye Shuang’s speculation did not wander too far away from the expected result. Even though Han Chu was still unconscious, at least his life was not at immediate risk.

Jennifer twirled her long hair around and glanced at the man in bed. “I am not that interest in the reason that you surrendered. After all, we are all prone to making some dumb mistakes. But at the very least, from that, I managed to confirm that you value this man quite a bit. So, in exchange for saving your partner’s life, does this mean that you will cooperate with my following request?”

Jennifer stood up. “You have to understand that there are few these days who are willing to be so kind to their captives. Normally, you two would be locked up inside some dark cell.”

“Sure, I have no choice anyway.” Ye Shuang shrugged. “As you can see, I am a combat unit. Information management is the job for those high IQ members.”

“That wouldn’t be your way of cheating me out of a free medical care, right?” Even though she believed all that, Jennifer could not resist the urge to ask her. Actually, Jennifer believed that someone with Ye Shuang’s physical ability would not have the time to focus on studying the tasks related to information analysis. After all, to achieve the height within a certain field, one would have to give up on other fields.

Ye Shuang smiled. “Haven’t you used the lie detector already?”

“Your heartrate is normal, and your nervous line hasn’t changed. So, you aren’t lying, but the device is not one hundred percent correct.” Jennifer studied Ye Shuang deeply and then laughed. “If you are not lying, then I will have to keep him around. If you are lying, then it means that you have attended professional anti-interrogation classes, and I won’t be able to get you to say things that you don’t want to. Thus, I have to rely on him to find the opening I need.

Jennifer walked over and leaned down to land a soft kiss on Ye Shuang’s cheek, and she blew into her ear seductively. “Okay, little girl, you win. I will wait patiently, so I hope you won’t disappoint.”