Chapter 507 - Basic Math

Chapter 507: Basic Math

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Only an idiot would hand over the hostage!

After being tipped off by Ye Shuang, Han Chu looked closer and realized that Jennifer was indeed emotionally unstable. Feeling the danger of the situation, as Han Chu figured out a solution, he tried to use an endearing tone to continue negotiating with Jennifer.

Ye Shuang shivered, struggled, and yelped out with tears, playing the part of a hostage whose life was in another person’s hands. Others who did not know the truth would be led away by the ‘hostage’, but Han Chu had a complicated emotion.

He realized that this person… seemed to be enjoying herself.

With Brother Shuang’s professional acting, Jennifer had to resist her urge to go berserk. On the one hand, she was afraid that the hostage might mentally collapse, and on the other, she was afraid that Han Chu might kill the hostage. She did not dare do anything too harsh and entered the negotiation with Han Chu. Even though people said that acting was not a good occupation, that depended on the timing. At least, at the moment, it was quite useful. Han Chu took the opportunity to appreciate Ye Shuang’s talent.

Even the longest negotiation had to end. Jennifer was swift to compromise. She would accept anything that would not push her too far, and Han Chu would not ask for too much, lest it pushed her over the edge. So, both parties reached a ‘consensus’ rather quickly.

“So, we will follow what we’ve discussed. You and your people will come over to this car.” Jennifer tilted her chin at her people. “And they will leave this place, leaving me behind…”

She licked her lips again, and the madness started to show in her gaze. “But I must warn you all again—if you think you can pull back from the negotiated terms because I am alone, you would be wrong. I will kill you if you refuse to give up the hostage. I will kill you if you ruin the terms. Even if you think about firing first, I will first kill you!”

Han Chu was silent for a second and felt like the woman had lost her mind. “There are three of us…” and one of you. Therefore, who should be threatening who? Can’t you tell what’s going on?

Honestly, he could barely believe that the woman would agree to staying alone in exchange for the hostage.

Jennifer laughed shrilly. “Of course, I know that, but in your mind, your life should be more valuable than all of us here combined, right?”

Han Chu gave it some thought. This woman failed at her math, but she was good at psychology. If it was a life traded for a life, he would feel like he was on the losing end.

“You are not wrong.” He nodded, and Han Chu turned to others. “Now, can you call for them to leave?”

“Of course.”

The ‘hostage’ exchange finally began. As Jennifer’s people slowly retreated and put down their weapons ten meters away and left, Han Chu also led Ye Shuang slowly toward Jennifer, who stood next to the car. Time seemed to move so slowly. For some reason, everyone held their breath from nervousness. The smallest thing could shock everyone there.

One step, two steps…

Just as Han Chu and Ye Shuang were three meters from Jennifer, Jennifer suddenly screamed to shatter this suffocating silence, “Stop right there!”

Han Chu stopped immediately. Jennifer glanced tightly at the hands held within Han Chu’s arms, the hands of the ‘hostage’ that were struggling… Those hands were smooth and silky, and the fingers were tapered and sculpted, like a piece of art. That was definitely not the foreigner’s hands.

Jennifer grimaced from anger. Her eyes whipped toward Han Chu. “Those are not his hands! He’s not the one I’m looking for! Liar!”

As if purposely trying to add oil to the fire, at that moment, the communicator behind Jennifer issued an emergency call. “Miss Jennifer, we are unable to stop the car. They have escaped!”

Han Chu glared at Ye Shuang, whose face was covered up. What is the point of having beautiful hands? Useless and foiled the plan!

Ye Shuang silently pulled her hands back. We’ve failed?

All hope dashed, the rationality that Jennifer had been holding back finally snapped. She screamed while she raised the weapon to vent her despair. When Ye Shuang knew that she was exposed, she had made the worst preparation. The scream was like a horn for battle. Her body tensed, and as Han Chu let go of her, she shot toward Jennifer like an arrow. Many people might have needed two seconds to close three meters, but for Ye Shuang, she only needed the blink of an eye.

The earlier second, she was being held by Han Chu, but the next second, she had materialized before the woman. Jennifer did not even see her but felt a force on her shoulder. When she heard the gunfire that came from her arm that aimed at the sky, the next second, she finally saw the face that was revealed before her after she pulled the mask off.

Xiao San’s people had been forgotten. Everyone only paid attention to Han Chu, who was negotiation. Ye Shuang won some eyeballs with her unique ‘identity’ and brilliant acting, but these other two, no one paid them much attention. After all, they did not look that memorable. However, this was not a bad thing. They were useful at the crucial moment. While Jennifer lost her cool and her attention was pulled over by the other two, these two silently chose their targets, and with a wave of their hands, two arrows shot out and took down two of Jennifer’s people in a moment’s notice.

Then came a chaotic battle. Han Chu only had the chance to fire a bullet. Seeing Jennifer’s people reaching for their weapons, the two crossbowmen rushed forward. Han Chu, who had no confidence in his shooting ability, followed them for a close quarter fight.

After Ye Shuang detained Jennifer in three moves and turned to see that the others had gotten into a brawl, they did not realize that their commander had already been captured.

“You don’t seem to be worth much,” Ye Shuang said softly. After being glared at by Jennifer, she coughed twice to get the other’s attention. “Stop now! Your Mistress, Jennifer, is now my hostage!”

This appeared to have some effect. Some of the enemies had stopped moving, but Jennifer destroyed the plan.

“Kill them! Kill them all!” she yelled. She was mad.

If she failed to claim the hostage, she would receive a punishment one hundred times worse than death.