Chapter 430 - She’ll Never Leave Me

Chapter 430: She’ll Never Leave Me

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As expected, Ye Shuang was being secretly interrogated when Han Chu came to her rescue.

The old man did not care about Han Chu’s nonsense about her being his girlfriend. Not knowing if it was true aside, even if it was, Father Han was not sexist. His son was able to wing it out there, so why would he doubt his daughter-in-law’s ability?

If Han Chu was against the idea, he could not ask a pregnant woman to work in the field if they were married and pregnant. If that was a no-go, she could still work in the office.

Therefore, Father Han showed no mercy at all as he gathered talents who were close to him. He made Ye Shuang tell him many skills that she had hidden, whether by hinting or asking her directly.

Han Chu, who had been thinking it through along the way, was calmed when he arrived. He teased Father Han calmly as soon as he spoke. “Doing some poaching here?”

“It’s only natural that we aim high.” Father Han was highly competitive. He let go of the lady who was secretly wiping her cold sweat off and glared at his son. “At least mine is a formal establishment with full insurance and security payments, off days, holidays, and occasional bonuses. The salary is stable, and there’s a commission for each mission. It’s much better than running around in the rain and sun with you out there. A girl should get a stable job.”

“You’re changing the subject.” Han Chu scoffed as he walked over to the duo. Mother Han shoved a glass of water into his hand along the way as well as taking his jacket and laptop to the cabinet. “Anyone can do a stable and boring job. No matter how formal and stable it is, the position you’re recruiting for at the moment is much more dangerous and flexible than many other professions… At least she can just apply for leave anytime she wants with me. Can you let her off anytime she wants?”

Ye Shuang felt conflicted and happy at the same time. “Why do I feel I’m selling like hot cakes now? Oh, thanks aunty.” She thanked Mother Han after accepting the juice.

Mother Han did not find her husband and son’s fight to be awful. She pulled Ye Shuang over while watching as if she had gotten used to it. She even complimented the both, taking nobody’s side. “My Xiao Chu is an outstanding man. He’s been doing his job well. Even a few of Old Han’s men asked for his help. I heard that someone secretly worked part-time for him… but Old Han’s benefits are great indeed. It’s official, and you’ll have our support if anything goes wrong.”

“… Who exactly are you siding, aunty?” Ye Shuang felt a little speechless.

“We’re family, so we must not let opportunities slip out of the window.” Mother Han looked at the ‘opportunity’ that was Ye Shuang gently, showing that it was no concern at all.

Han Chu had figured that Father Han would definitely want to recruit Ye Shuang when Mother Han brought her home earlier. Apart from her being familiar with the family, the other reason was that she had the experience. Basically, none of the other talents who stayed by Han Chu’s side were qualified to Father Han.

Even though Anthony was closed with the Han family, apart from them being close and liking Anthony, that was it.

Han Chu would turn a blind eye if it was somebody else, but not Ye Shuang.

Considering her body’s situation and her joining a national establishment with her changing of gender every three days…

He declined Father Han’s sharing the talent’s suggestion with determination. He did not even want to hear about Father Han’s compensation and firmly said, “I won’t give Ye Shuang to you!”

“… You’re serious?” Father Han was finally sure that his son was serious. He lit a cigarette and noticed that Mother Han was glaring at him as soon as it was lit. He put it out, pretending to be calm.

He coughed twice and squinted at his son. “Your reason?”

“No reason.” Han Chu did not bother to explain. “But you, why must you dwell on Ye Shuang? Indeed, she has amazing skill, but she’s not irreplaceable. I know you have a couple of rookies who are pretty good…”

Many of them had been picked by Han Chu. They were waiting to fall into the trap… Ahem! They were the talents who would replace the new blood when the mission failed.

Father Han glanced at Ye Shuang calmly and said to his son, “Indeed. Speaking of her skill alone, many can get to her level, but her charisma is mainly why I want her.”


Han Chu was more puzzled than Ye Shuang. He did not find anything about her that was impressive after observing her for a while.

Father Han nodded. “People who have been trained professionally will always have some signs such as sharp or sexy… The former will be used in common missions while the latter are trained to blend into special events during critical moments.”

“No matter how well one disguises themself, the signs that have been there since the beginning can’t easily be erased for anyone who was trained. Those who have reached that stage are old.” Father Han frowned. “No matter what, those people can do common missions, but as soon as they encountered experienced veterans, they will easily expose themselves. The most unique thing about Xiao Ye is that she’s ordinary.”

That was right—an ordinary passerby’s charisma.

Before she got into her acting mode, nobody could see any special charisma from her. Nobody could even tell that she was a person who was professionally trained. Although, in reality, she had never been trained before… However, she was outstanding and possessed capabilities that even people who had been trained for years could not compare with. At the same time, she possessed broad knowledge.

Before Mother Han brought her back, Father Han, who had met Ye Shuang a few times, had a faint impression of her. He did not even think that Ye Shuang had managed to do such remarkable things.

Even though he knew that Han Chu had promoted Ye Shuang to an intermediate agent, to Father Han, it was just his son giving her a shortcut, like it was something fun that the two young people were doing. Never had he expected this lady to be truly capable after really getting to know her. Even Father Han, a veteran, could not tell that, so how many of them out there would have their guards up toward Ye Shuang in her mission?

Han Chu frowned when he heard that. “Where do you plan to put her?”

It was definitely somewhere bad. Otherwise, a normal candidate would be able to handle that.

“I haven’t thought it through.” Father Han was smart and calm. “But it’s definitely a waste for Xiao Ye to be working for you. It’d be better if she worked for me.”

Han Chu did not bother with such a shameless, merciless and unreasonable person. He stood up after falling into silence for ten seconds and left after grabbing Ye Shuang. “Goodbye!”

He put on his jacket and grabbed his laptop. He stopped and turned around after walking two steps out. With a frown, he warned, “Don’t try to play any tricks on me. Xiao Shuang will never work for you.”

Therefore, there was no need for an investigation now. Otherwise, everyone would have their perception of Ye Shuang crushed.