Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Chaos Demon

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Yao Zhixing’s name was the equivalent to the Chaos Demon in San Lin City. He had his own way of doing things. When he was six, he yanked off the pants of the boys who dared bully his little sister and kicked the girls out of the house. He did not care about their family background, their age, or their gender; as long as they made him unhappy, he would make sure the unhappiness was repaid in kind. Therefore, there was a saying among the high society at San Lin City—Even if you mess with the police or the mafia, do not mess with Yao Zhixing.

If they offended someone else, they might have been able to find a mutual friend to help liaise the situation, but if they offended Yao Zhixing, most of the time, it would end up in acts of violence.

This person made me uncomfortable, but you want me to be patient. In other words, you want me to surrender my face to lift up your face. Since you’re not giving me face, I won’t give you face. Or less politely, go to hell.

“…Since you’ve already stated your stance, what is there to worry about?” Ye Shuang stared at Yao Zhixing silently for about ten seconds before sighing. “I think the combined power of all these young masters and young ladies is still less than you alone.”

Basically, with Yao Zhixing standing in her corner, Ye Shuang was practically wearing a sign that read ‘Scary hound inside, please be careful.’ Unless they really wanted to die, no one would challenge Ye Shuang. Yao Zhixing scratched his chin to think about it before agreeing with a nod. “Yes, you have a point.”

That was not a compliment!

Anthony had already mixed joyfully with the people in the hot spring. He had always been a player and could separate his personal life from official business. The invited young people initially thought Anthony might be hard to approach, but after some time, they realized that was untrue.

Therefore, a gang of young people soon surrounded Anthony. They chatted happily, and even Little Brother Ye was pulled into their fold. If he knew what they were talking about, he would chime in with some words, but if he did not, he would focus on eating. There was no awkwardness. Everyone thought this young man was quite friendly and easy-going, so they paid some attention to him, and Little Brother Ye responded in kind.

Yao Zhixing observed coldly from the sideline and commented, “Your little brother is not bad.”

“He’s so so,” Ye Shuang replied humbly. This was something that was trained at home. If Little Brother Ye was the kind of young man that had to have the spotlight and would complain if he was not the center of attention, he would have wilted and died at home.

There were quite a number of people that did not go into the spring. There was a barbeque stand and buffet. People were playing mahjong, eating, waiting for the fireworks. Since there was no set schedule, people could do whatever they wanted.

The people who wanted to take a dip in the spring, naturally, would separate according to gender, but there were no set rules. If a pool was all women and a man wanted to join them, said man had to be shameless enough to do so. Furthermore, the people there were all people of a certain standing. If someone really acted out of line, they might cause offense to others.

Occasionally, there would be people who came over to greet Yao Zhixing. Some asked him to come join them in the pool or at the mahjong table, but he rejected all of them. He yawned and lifted his head to the sky, waiting for the fireworks to start. Due to this, Ye Shuang, who stayed beside Yao Zhixing, naturally was given a heavy focus.

“That’s Brother Yao’s girlfriend.” Facing everyone’s confusion, the few minions who hung around Yao Zhixing’s racer team the longest ‘explained’ it to everyone. Naturally, a few party-goers believed them.

“Sister Shuang might not come from a famous family, but she has the talent and has friends in both the light and the dark. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you go to Fei He Street and ask around who the heroine that beat up the group of car thieves was? Nowadays, if they see Sister Shuang coming down the street, they run the other way. Also, the elders at the Go association call Sister Shuang to go play with them several times in a week.”

The situation at the Go association could be explained quite easily—there were the qualification matches at the end of the year. She was not that worried, but other people were worried on her behalf. Since she had shown up their many times, it was normal for people to know about it, and the upper society would give face to the arts community.

Fei He Street was the location where Ye Shuang helped Yao Zhixing take down the gang of car thieves. She was indeed not the one who cleared the thieves’ hideout; any of the young masters would be able to do, and the police would give Yao Zhixing face. However, Ye Shuang was indeed the one who was made famous by that war. After all, it was not common for a weak-looking girl to take down more than ten muscular men in under ten seconds. Anyone would share a story like that.

The people who spread the rumors enjoyed the look of surprise and awe that were tossed their way by the people who heard the rumors. It was thus that the rumors were spread further and further. Even when Little Brother Ye heard it, he scratched his head and said, “When did my sister become that savage‽”

Anthony looked at Little Brother Ye’s wet head, and he reached out to tussle it. Then he nodded with a smile. “Xiao Shuang is indeed very impressive.”

He had personally tried that out before. Ten men were definitely not her match.Hmm, this soft feeling is not bad, no wonder she likes to rub it so much.

Yao Zhixing asked for another cup of coffee to keep himself awake. After he took a sip, he noticed that the group of guys in the pool kept tossing their gaze his way. He turned to ask Ye Shuang, “Are they talking behind my back?”

“No.” Ye Shuang sipped the coffee calmly. She had no intention of sharing what she had heard with Yao Zhixing. No wonder she kept hearing her name being attached to Yao Zhixing; this was the source of the problem. But the authenticity of the rumors… Ye Shuang did not even know she had become a character of such mythical proportion.

It would not take long to prepare the fireworks. As many as they were, with the cooperation of the workers at the spring, it would take at most half an hour. However, it would take longer to move the fireworks to the empty field because the fireworks could not be too close to the spring to prevent getting damp, and they could not be moved too far away so that there would be time to fix it if there was a problem. They could not be placed too far away from each other as there might not be enough space, and they could not be too close in case they burned each other.

Finally, they cleared up two spots for fireworks. One was smaller, mainly for the group of young masters and young ladies to enjoy it among themselves. The other was bigger, which would be handled by the employees.

When the employees came to inform Yao Zhixing, he gave them some tips before standing up to inform the party-goers. “It’s time for fireworks. Those who want to release the fireworks, go up the waterslide; those who just want to watch, stay where you are.”

Then he turned to ask Ye Shuang, “You want to go light some fireworks?”

“Sure, why not? Since we’re here, it’ll be fun to enjoy some child-like fun.”

As she said that, Ye Shuang turned to look at her own brother running up the waterslide in his swimming trunks, and she felt embarrassed on his behalf.That row of ribs and you still want to show them off‽ At least put on a bathrobe or something!

Anthony was also running, but he was running toward Ye Shuang. “Xiao Shuang, give me a lighter!”

Why would I have a lighter?

Yao Zhixing smiled, and with the cigarette dangling on his lips, he pulled out his own lighter and tossed it to the man. After Anthony ran away, he said, “The kid is smarter than others; he knows to bring his own tools.”

“He probably think it’s too troublesome to share the employee’s tool with others.” Ye Shuang did not say anything else. She saw the words that Anthony mouthed to her behind Yao Zhixing’s back, and she raised her hand naturally to touch the headphones around her neck. There was an inconspicuous dial by the side of the headphone. She tweaked it for a while before putting her hand down. “Shall we go down?”

When they arrived, Yao Zhixing grabbed two fireworks and used the cigarette in his mouth to light them up before handing them to Ye Shuang. Then he wandered off to find the fireworks that he liked. Ye Shuang did not have to pick. After all, the choice was plenty. She just walked around and lit up the ones that she came across. Not long after the field was lit up, some of the fireworks crawled around the floor while others flew into the sky to explode in brilliant colors. It was festive and fun.

Minutes later, the larger fireworks on the other side of the spring were released. The bright colors flew into the sky. A single firework would not have made much noise, but with so many fireworks, people even had to raise their voices when they spoke. Ye Shuang’s ears picked up the sound of car alarms through the clamor and explosion.

It was unclear whose car was the first to issue the alarm, but when it did, the rest of the cars followed. Thankfully, the distance was quite far away, and with the sound of the fireworks smothering them out, other than the sensitive Ye Shuang, the rest were not affected.

Yao Zhixing only lit two fireworks before he wandered over to join his group of racers. They had quite a fun time among themselves. Two of them waved for Ye Shuang to join them. Ye Shuang waved back at them when she heard the signal coming through the headphones around her neck.