Chapter 380 - Cross-Dressing Princesses Everywhere

Chapter 380: Cross-Dressing Princesses Everywhere

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

After the anesthetic wore off, Han Chu woke up around 5 or 6 pm. The reason that they could not confirm the exact time was because even though the room was furnished with everyday needs, there were no electronic or mechanical devices.

When Han Chu was still unconscious, Ye Shuang had looked around. Even the air hatch in the toilet to circulate the air was sealed up. On the other end of the hatch, the opening was bolted shut with thick, metallic rods. Even though Ye Shuang could have easily snapped these things off, with the size of the air hatch, it would be hard for her to escape, much less when they had an injured member.

Therefore, Ye Shuang had decided to stay as a hostage.

After all, she had already eaten the candy that day, and she had five more candies in her pocket. As cautious as Jennifer was, she was not going to confiscate such snacks. So, they had plenty of time left. Ye Shuang touched the lollipops in her pocket, thinking about the silver lining in this horrible situation.

“Hmm…” A throaty moan came from the bed. When Ye Shuang turned to look, Han Chu’s lashes fluttered slightly, and then his eyes opened blurrily. Han Chu was confused when he laid his eyes upon the strange environment. For a brief moment, he could not place his surroundings. Several seconds later, the pain running through his body fired up his brain, and he finally remembered what had happened before he fainted.

He adjusted his gaze and scanned the room that he was in. He eventually sought out the familiar figure in the room. Han Chu frowned as he tried to sit up, but he realized that he was unable to do so. After giving it some thought, he asked, “Have we been captured?”

Ye Shuang stood up with a bitter smile and walked to the bed. “Brother Han, do you think we’re going to get rescued?”

“That is a pointless question.” Han Chu once again looked around. “Even though this room looks harmless, there is no sign of any electrical devices, so this means that we are cut off from the outside world. More importantly, why would you sit there so obediently and not work on your phone? That is more than enough proof of our less than favorable position.”

Who would not play on their phone when they were sitting around waiting? Even when people were taking care of the sick or lining up in a queue, they would take out their phone to pass the time. That was especially so for someone like Ye Shuang who did not have much patience. To have her sit there for hours without going on the phone? What a joke.

“I occasionally do have human emotions,” Ye Shuang groused. “Plus, it is already pretty good for me to be watching over a sick person, even if I am playing on my phone. Do you expect me to cry at your bedside?”

“I’m not yet dead,” Han Chu said darkly.

“Indeed, we’re just waiting for death to arrive.” Ye Shuang sighed, and without wasting time, she pointed at the door. “There are people outside waiting to get information from you.”

Suddenly, Han Chu did not know what to say. “Even though I predicted that, I’m surprised that you are able to share such a peaceful relationship with our kidnapper.”

“Perhaps it’s because we’re both women,” Ye Shuang suggested.

Han Chu studied Ye Shuang with a complicated emotion in his eyes. When the latter began to look uncomfortable from being stared at for so long, Han Chu slowly said, “Actually, Tony has gone through some investigation of Jennifer’s resume…”

At this point, he paused. Perhaps it was Ye Shuang’s imagination, but she saw some hesitant awkwardness on the man’s face.

“Never mind, hopefully, we’re overthinking. But if we’re not mistaken, you’ll eventually find out.”

After a while, Han Chu decided to change the topic and levelled a pitiable gaze at Ye Shuang that said, ‘Better not increase the pressure on your shoulders.’

Don’t be like that. You’re only making me feel more nervous!

Half an hour after Han Chu woke up, Jennifer arrived. This room did not even have surveillance cameras or bugs. In the list of known hackers, someone managed to use the radio in prison to get onto the internet. Even though not everyone could do that, to ensure that there were no accidents, Jennifer would not take any risks.

Furthermore, spying on captured hostages was rather pointless. Nowadays, people could easily come up with codes. Even if they were recorded on camera, one would not know what was being communicated.

Jennifer knew about Han Chu’s recovery because she had posted guards outside the door. She had purposely left half an hour for Han Chu and Ye Shuang to communicate so that she would not need to spend time getting him up to speed.

The same light and rhythmic knocking as before appeared at the door. Han Chu and Ye Shuang were sharing a look when the blonde turned the doorknob and walked in without invitation. It had only been several hours since they last met, but Jennifer had already changed into a different outfit. This time, she wore a black cocktail dress, and it was similarly figure-hugging.

“Looks like our little prince has woken up,” Jennifer commented with a smile. She walked in with two large bodyguards and sat across from Han Chu, with Ye Shuang seated next to the latter.

Han Chu looked at Ye Shuang silently, and the latter was confused. Han Chu’s gaze went further behind him, and it finally dawned on Ye Shuang. She quickly grabbed two pillows and placed them behind Han Chu. How could he lie there in the middle of negotiation? It would make him look so weak.

After Han Chu was moved into a seated position, color returned to his face. He studied Jennifer for a while. The expression on his face was calm, and not a trace of panic could be seen. “Miss Jennifer, you have gone through so much to bring us here. Looks like you are very interested in us.”

“No, no, I have no interest in you at all.” Jennifer studied Han Chu’s face openly and smiled. “However, your friend told me you’ve taken something from me.”

She gave a regretful expression. “That thing is very important to me. I don’t think that you will mind giving it back to me, right?”

“Do you trust others so easily? Perhaps he has lied to you,” Han Chu replied calmly.

“I think he was telling the truth.” Jennifer shrugged. “Even if he lied, it doesn’t matter. I believe that we’ll have a big reunion tonight, and then, we can all talk it out openly.”

Han Chu shared a quick look with Ye Shuang. The latter could not help but ask, “Where does your confidence come from?”

Ray was like a princess trapped in a tower; he was not going to leave his hideout.

It was possible to kidnap herself and Han Chu, but to kidnap Ray? That was not going to be easy.