Chapter 315 - There’s Been an Accident

Chapter 315: There’s Been an Accident

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Not using a plane was fine—they could use a car for transportation. Even though the time of exhaustion would be longer, the advantage was that there would not be any record left behind. Now, the biggest issue was how to move the target out without being seen by others and not hurting the target.

Stealing a person was not like stealing a purse. A person was a living thing, so they would struggle and call for help. Other than that, they were also very heavy, weighing up to more than fifty kilograms easily. The task was not going to be easy… Cedrick thought about it for a long time and felt like this request was so different from his usual line of work. Putting it into action was going to be very difficult.

“My uncle’s daily schedule is not that strict, but the place that he normally visits is often very crowded.” When Xu Jian provided the information, he had little faith in the plan. “I don’t think you can ambush him at home; he stays in a high-end complex. There is a camera every few steps, and the security patrol the place constantly. They do not allow entry to strangers.

“He drives from his home to the company, and naturally, there are plenty of workers at the company. After work, it is his entertainment time…”

Xu Jian thought about it and frowned. “But I also don’t think the time is right either. The places my uncle goes to unwind are crowded like a nightclub, sauna, and so on… There are people everywhere at these places. Unless you know how to teleport, not being discovered is something that is impossible.”

Cedrick was silent for a while. “Can you come up with an idea to lure him to a certain place?”

“How do I do that?” Xu Jian asked in return. “I am his nephew. If there’s any special issue, we should be able to discuss it at home—it is safer than outside. If there is no special reason, why would my uncle follow me to a deserted spot?”

“And Xu Jian needs to avoid the suspicion,” Ye Shuang hurried to add. “If possible, Xu Jian, you had better turn off your phone one day before Cedrick makes his move. It will be best if you can travel on the plane to somewhere overseas…”

Then Ye Shuang turned to look down on Cedrick. “Kidnapping is so easy on the television. On the news, in dramas… Kidnapping is happening everywhere, how come it is so troublesome with you?”

Cedrick lifted his eyes to reveal the deep helplessness. “I am just a thief, not a kidnapper. Even though the public often has a misunderstanding against us, there is a clear distinction within our career. It is not that a bad person has to know everything.”

Han Chu planned to act like a quiet, handsome man, but noticing this group of people coming to no conclusion after a long time, he finally could not resist it anymore.

He pushed the laptop aside and massaged the bridge of his nose. To everyone’s surprise, he suddenly spoke. “Kidnapping is normally divided into two types, a one-person crime and multiple-person crime… The one-person crime is normally done by familiar person like dragging a person out and then detaining them. This kind of kidnapping is more often than not for the sake of revenge, one that does not hold anything back, because the identity of the kidnapper has been exposed from the beginning. So, the goal is rarely money. This also means that the threat to the victim’s life will be higher than the blackmail-type of kidnapping.”

After a short pause, Han Chu used a type of condescending look to scan the crowd. Ignoring the look of surprise on these commoners’ faces, he continued in a very calm tone. “And a multiple-person crime is cooperative kidnapping, the participants involved are normally more than two… This kind of kidnapping requires close planning and cooperation between members. It will make use of professional tools like transportation, medicine, and traps. Depending on the situation, there might even be a professional fighter…”

Ye Shuang was shocked beyond belief. “…Brother Han, have you done this kind of part-time job before?”

Han Chu blinked, and when he realized what Ye Shuang meant by ‘part-time job’, he rolled his eyes. “I’ve once dealt with similar cases before.”

Then, he refused to dwell on this topic and turned to explain to Cedrick, “We can provide you with the professional tools, as long as you can name those that you want. But there will not be others who help you during the process because other people need to show up at other public locations for their alibi.”

Cedrick blinked twice before he recovered. “In that case, why don’t you just directly give me a complete plan? I promise to follow your arrangement to the tee.”

“Weren’t you a magician in the past?” Han Chu replied. “Have you not done a trick that made a person disappear before?”

“That requires cooperation from others.” Cedrick shrugged. “And there will be necessary mechanisms on stage. I know magic tricks, not actual magic.”

“Therefore, as I said, we can provide with all the tools that you want.” Han Chu did not care much for the excuse. “If he doesn’t want to cooperate, then make him faint. If there’s no stage, then build one for yourself… This can happen anywhere you want, as long as you promise it will work.”

Cedrick sighed. “Fine, after all, you all don’t plan to help me, aren’t you? Then, let me think about it for some time… Xu, can you tell me more about your uncle’s lifestyle? The more detailed the better. For example, what has he been doing for the past few days?”

“What? My son’s car has been hit by a car?” A middle-aged lady held the phone and answered in panic. Her tears immediately rushed out of her eyes. She was going in circle, completely flustered. “What happened? Why was he suddenly hit by a car? Which hospital is he at now?”

The voice on the other end sounded worried as well. “The city’s second hospital. Auntie Chen, please come now. Xiao Fei has been unstable for the past few minutes!”

The middle-aged lady nodded quickly. “Yes, yes, I’ll be there in a minute!”

Then, the call was quickly ended. As she called for a cab, she called the company to ask for a leave. Unfortunately, the call was not connected as the number was busy. A taxi happened to stop. The middle-aged lady glanced inside the car and decided to just ignore her work and leave. She gritted her teeth and jumped into the car. At most, she would be docked the day’s salary!

At the same time, Ye Shuang at the apartment removed the headphones and released a breath and showed a V sign to the others. “Done.”

Anthony giggled and intercepted the signal that was coming out from the middle-aged lady’s phone. He gave Ye Shuang a thumb’s up. “Xiao Shuang, your acting is awesome. When did you learn this?”

“You’ve already analyzed the vocal lines, so mimicking it is not that difficult.” Ye Shuang smiled and stood up while grabbing her bag. “Come on, it’s time for us to go create our alibi.”

“Hmm? Oh.” Xu Jian still had not recovered from the earlier shock. With swaying steps, he followed Ye Shuang out the room.