Chapter 508 - Fastest Woman Alive

Chapter 508: Fastest Woman Alive

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Jennifer’s people probably had the same fear as her. After she roared that order, those people really did not care about their boss and started to resist madly. What could Ye Shuang do but despair? She could not kill the hostage whom she was holding, and it was less possible to let her go and influence the battle. So, in that situation, it was almost meaningless that she had caught Jennifer. It felt like Jennifer had limited her actions…

Therefore, the important task of dealing with the rest was left to Han Chu’s group. After a while, Ye Shuang realized that she had no ability to join the battle either because her condition had started to worsen. There was no free lunch in the world. After all that she had enjoyed with her genetic improvement, she had to repay just as much. Even though it was sad to think so, the genetic breakdown was like a blade above her head. This time, even Ye Shuang could not tell how long she was for this world. There was probably no other female main character in a web novel that suffered as much as she did…

The pain around her muscles and joints was like pricks of needles. They were consistent and lasting. Compared to the previous cramps, they were akin to rocks sliding down the cliff, and now that the cliff face had suffered more than enough exhaustion, the mountain itself had started to crumble. The only thankful thing was that this kind of pain could be hidden by personal determination—one would merely appear stiff. If she was shaking uncontrollably, it would have been noticed by Jennifer already.

“I say, wouldn’t it be easier if you just surrender so that we can all go home?” Ye Shuang arced her body and leaned on Jennifer’s back. She used the woman’s body silently to support herself. The sharp chin was placed in the bow of her neck, and with the light chuckle that echoed in the ears, the flirtatious atmosphere instantly started to expand. “Listen to us, and we will protect you.”

“Hypnosis won’t work on me.” Jennifer was as angry as possible, but on the surface, she started to calm down. It was as if the person who screamed madly earlier was not her, but everyone present knew that this was a manifestation of her deeper madness. Jennifer swept the people who were caught in the fight coldly and ignored the man who was as beautiful as art next to her. “I admit that you are very handsome, but it is not enough for me to give up my life.”

Ye Shuang rubbed against her and narrowed her eyes at the fight. The three pairs had chosen their fighting partners. Xiao San’s people had been playing the role of hidden assassins, and even Han Chu had lost his usual elite and polite image. He was surprisingly fast and quick with his fists. He was like a strung bow, fast and dangerous.

Looks like I don’t need to help. Taking down these three is just a matter of time…

Wait three?

Ye Shuang shivered. Her loosened mind started to focus to calculate a simple math problem.

There were eight people in two cars, minus the Jennifer she was holding, and then minus the three that Han Chu and Xiao San’s people had taken down with gun and crossbows.

Eight minus three minus one equaled…

When she realized the problem, Ye Shuang was overwhelmed by negative emotions. Her eyes swept the battlefield and finally found the man who had been hiding so far. This man had retreated the furthest during the negotiation, which proved that he had a bright mind. When Jennifer screamed to destroy Ye Shuang’s plan, it was not only Xiao San’s people who made use of the commotion. When other people rushed into a fistfight, this guy decided to go into hiding. When the fight occurred, no one would have time to look around, so this person had managed to keep hiding until now.

He took out a gun from under the car…

In that instant, Ye Shuang felt like the world had gone silent. The hidden weapon that aimed at Han Chu was expanding before her eyes. Even though there was twenty meters between them, she could see the grooves on the barrel clearly. She could even see the finger pull on the trigger. Every small motion and every detail was printed into her pupil. Ye Shuang’s mind was blank, and her body took over. She rushed forward at the fastest speed she had ever attempted.

In her death sprint, her body appeared to bump into something. After this blockage that did not stop her at all, Ye Shuang continued to sprint forward, and then came the sound of a knuckle cracking from behind her. Ye Shuang did not have to time to investigate the source of that sound.

In that moment, the question that Ye Feng had asked in a joking manner after he was saved started to echo in her mind. “This is too bad, Sis. We never have chance to test this out—perhaps you can outrun a bullet.”

“Do you want another beating?”

“Sigh, I’m just thinking about it. Perhaps we’ll have the chance to test it out in the future?”

The many voices weaved together to form an echo.

“Sis, can you outrun a bullet?”


A sharp pain near her heart snapped Ye Shuang back to reality. When she heard the gunshot, she realized that she had managed to run over in zero point something seconds after the bullet left the barrel. After the gunshot, two arrows brushed past Ye Shuang. The two finally noticed this fish that they did not notice earlier.

But now it was too late to disguise the fact that blood had drenched the front of Ye Shuang’s chest.

The pain plus the loss of blood veiled Ye Shuang’s mind. She tried to lift her head to look at Han Chu but saw for the first time a stunned expression on his face. She could not help but laugh, and a coppery taste soon rushed up her throat. Han Chu quickly ran over to catch her. He placed her on the ground and then did not know where to stop the bleeding.

Ye Shuang though could not read his emotion. Her mind started to wander illogically.

That was dumb. It’s rare that I’m so dumb. It was such a loss to not capture that moment in picture.

At least now, I don’t need to think about whether I can live or not.

They say there will be a panorama before you die—where’s mine?

Is this what people think about?


Who will be able to tell Ye Feng that I made it, that I can run faster than a bullet?

Her energy flowed out of her body with the blood. Ye Shuang could not hold on anymore. She carried her messy thoughts and drifted into the darkness. The last thing she heard was Han Chu’s shaking voice…