Chapter 431 - No Time to Explain

Chapter 431: No Time to Explain

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Han Chu glared at Ye Shuang in resentment all the way back to the apartment while sitting in the passenger’s seat.

Along the way, Ye Shuang attempted to speak a few times, but she was ignored by Han Chu. After parking her car and getting into the elevator, she could no longer hold it back and pressed Han Chu against the elevator wall firmly.

“Brother Han, the more I think about it, the more I think it’s strange.” Ye Shuang had mustered her courage before this, so it was natural that she said everything once and for all. “Your dad’s character seems to be pretty similar to yours. Although you sounded determined earlier, was it reverse psychology that you were doing?”

People who were older were usually calmer. However, that did not mean that there would not be an exception.

Especially those who had been in charge for a long time. Now that his own son was going against him, he might be triggered from Han Chu’s repetitive resistance. Just like the saying ‘the older a person is, the pettier they become.’ An older person might be even more threatening than a young brat when they decided to be unreasonable.

Han Chu looked at Ye Shuang calmly. “It’ll definitely work.”

“Hahaha, I knew Brother Han would definitely put this into consideration. It was me who was overthinking it…” She fell into silence before she was done speaking. She only spoke carefully a few seconds later. “When you say it’ll definitely work, do you mean your dad will definitely fight you to poach me?”

“It’s me who is poaching.” Han Chu corrected her in all seriousness while frowning. “I thought about it after speaking to him. You’d be wasted with him; he was just testing if he could poach you. In reality, there’s no mission that requires you at the moment. So, as long as you don’t show any interest, I don’t think my dad will force you into it. However, when I arrived there, the conflict changed from ‘is that a yes’ to ‘who do you side with’… I’m thinking he’s treating this as a competition between us. It’s highly possible that he will investigate you secretly to find a breaking point.”

“Please don’t do that, Brother Han.” Ye Shuang was almost crying. “Don’t involve me in your little game. I’m innocent”

Ye Shuang scratched five dents in the elevator directly from the trigger.

“…” Han Chu looked away from her arm that was next to his ear and blinked before deciding to calm her down. He then lifted his hand to pat her head. “I know. There, there. Remove your hand first…”


The elevator bell went, and the door opened when it arrived on a certain floor. A couple was standing outside with a piping hot steamboat filled with ingredients while giggling. It seemed like they had friends or family living upstairs who they were meeting.

“The elevator is…” The couple looked at Ye Shuang and then Han Chu. They asked while blushing, “Er, should we wait for the next one?”

The boyfriend entered with the steamboat first. He tilted his head and pouted as he spoke to his girlfriend who followed behind in hesitation. “Come on, this is an elevator. It’s not like they’ll finish any time soon.”

He moved closer to his girlfriend and kissed her cheek. He then lifted his head and greeted to the both of them with a smile. “Hi.”

Han Chu, who was being doubted, nodded quickly. “Hi.”

Ye Shuang pouted and retreated her arm.

They would talk about it later when they had the opportunity.

Unfortunately, Ye Shuang realized that the opportunity was gone when they returned to the apartment. The reason being that Ol’ K had received news from Anthony when Ye Shuang and Han Chu were out.

That was nothing major since it was the data expert Ol’ K who was handling it. In reality, Ye Shuang and Han Chu were not required for the mission. The problem was that somebody had found out about Anthony sending the document over.

“I received this document from Mr. Anthony, and then I got the virus sent from Madam Grace’s underlings. It’s been ten minutes since that happened.”

Ol’ K was packing his bags quickly when Ye Shuang and Han Chu returned. He did not stop explaining the current situation while packing at the same time. “Looking at the distance and the traffic at this time, if they’re departing from where they are, they should arrive here in approximately half an hour to forty minutes.”

“Is it a bad omen to be out today?” Ye Shuang looked at Han Chu. “I was just out buying food ingredients. How did so many bad things happen all of a sudden?”

Han Chu remained calm. “Don’t worry, this is San Lin City. Madam Grace won’t dare do as she pleases here. Even if they catch us, she’ll just have a drink with us.”

In other words, they would not be killed.

Ye Shuang wanted to slap him. “Dude, my entire family is in San Lin City!”

Even if she retreated, leaving nothing behind, the problem was that she still had her old lair in San Lin City. As long as they had an intel expert, they would be able to find Sister Shuang’s family and their current address any minute.

Ol’ K was shocked. “Sister Shuang, you dare do this in your hometown? We usually do whatever we want when we’re in a foreign land.”

“Am I being unreasonable?” Ye Shuang was going crazy. “It was you guys who brought every Tom, Dick, and Harry into San Lin City. I guess it’s fortunate that I’ve already moved out.”

Ol’ K thought about it. “That makes sense. There might be another possibility. If they think Sister Shuang is a pushover, instead of coming here, they might go straight to your home.”

Holy sh*t!

Ye Shuang cursed and grabbed her car key to leave.

Han Chu reminded Ol’ K of a few things and immediately caught up to Ye Shuang.

At the same time of waiting for the elevator anxiously, Han Chu opened San Lin City’s map on his laptop. “The distance between Madam Grace to your home isn’t too close. Moreover, your parents are living in the old city area, where there’s more traffic… If they’re really going after your family, have you got a plan for them?”

“You forgot about my brother.” Ye Shuang was on her computer with her head low. Her hands a blur, she composed and sent a message within three seconds.

Han Chu peeped at the message from beside her. The message was roughly about getting Little Brother Ye to get out of school and get somewhere to wait for Ye Shuang’s news.

“… I suggest bringing your family to my dad.” Han Chu did not dare say too much at such a time. Strictly speaking, he was considered at fault since he was the one who had brought Ye Shuang the trouble. It was just that nobody expected the conflict to be elevated all of a sudden.

“That’ll only work if there’s enough time.” Ye Shuang thought quickly with her eyes closed. “Firstly, we’ll have to pick them up. Madam Grace might catch us in the middle of the transfer. Even if everything goes well, the problem is, how long will my family have to hide? One day? One week? One month?”

Madam Grace’s background was that money laundering organization. It was not a one- or two-day job to be dealing with such a giant.

It might be fine for Mother Ye, but how about the two men at home, one of whom was working while the other was still in school?