Chapter 486 - Not Even a Hug

Chapter 486: Not Even a Hug

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That night, Su Zheng was heartlessly chased out of the house. Even if she looked around with teary eyes, it failed to garner her any pity. No one was kind enough to give her an encouraging hug. In the end, the little girl could only leave in anger and despair. Her shadow as she disappeared into the night was particularly pitiable.

It was worth noting that Han Chu was not being gentlemanly. He was born with this hard to approach personality. Overall, he was still polite to a certain degree, a gentleman especially around women. If they sat down and analyzed this from the top, this was actually Ye Shuang’s fault. Ever since this person had her secret exposed before Han Chu and stopped hiding the fact from him, she became the best fighter and employee under Han Chu with her enhanced DNA. After she resolved the danger with her over the top physical ability, Han Chu had not only gotten used to treating Sister Shuang as a man, he had gotten used to treating Brother Shuang as an animal. Once that bottom line was breached, he would sometimes forget that other female members were normal people, and their fragile hearts and bodies needed protection.

He turned his head back to continue assigning the roles. The girl with the ponytail had been chased to her bed. She seemed to have noticed the worrying atmosphere during dinner, and since there had been a murder in the morning, it was impossible that she did not have some trauma of her own to nurse. Even though she did not say anything, the girl had clear concern on her face. After dinner, she went to hide in her room and tried to minimize her interaction with Han Chu’s group. Even though the girl did not think that they were bad people, she did not want to get involve in the fight of forces beyond her knowledge. After all, she was just a common village girl; it was normal for her to be scared and cautious.

“Now, we probably don’t have time to slowly gather information.” Han Chu was very straightforward when he needed him to be. He was never one to drag things slowly through the mud. “Since the enemy has already discovered us, waiting any longer will put us at a disadvantage. Tony, mark out all the areas where signal has been disturbed that you have collected. Even if they are traps, there might be some clues left.

“And Ye Shuang…”

Han Chu hesitated at this point. Ye Shuang was leaning by the door with both hands. She looked handsome and at ease, but Han Chu knew that she was not doing that because she wanted to strike a pose.

Ye Shuang, who was wrapped tightly in clothes, heard her name being called. She turned around to look at Han Chu with a raised brow. Then she nodded and pulled out a hand to signal that she was fine. Han Chu frowned. When the hand reached out, in that short period of time, he noticed what was wrong. If it was not an illusion from the moonlight, Ye Shuang looked fairer than before. The skin on the back of her hand was thinner than anywhere else, but now he could see the green veins travelling under it.

“Ye Shuang…” His lips opened. Han Chu had no other people that he could use, so he could only frown and give his orders. “Now, the targets worth investigating are the village head, Auntie Liu, and the woman missing from the village. You’ll be responsible for checking out the Liu family…”

Then, he paused before saying with some hesitation, “But if you can’t do it, it’s fine.”

Ye Shuang shook her head. “We have no time to lose.”

Anthony had his head lowered busy with the signal stuff. Probably because people working with computer were prone to have creative thoughts, he had not only made use of the girl to spread the signal balls, after the fact, he had the bright idea of using non-human creatures. There were many villagers who reared cats and dogs. Some were used to guard the farms and the house; others were left in warehouses to catch mice. He did not miss out on the ducks and chickens. As long as they walked past the girl’s home, they were captured to have the signal ball stuck to them. Then they were released into the wild, it depended on them where they wanted to go.

Other than the three areas gathered in the morning, with the aid of the animal army, there was a new suspicious area. Anthony was staring at the map as it overlapped with the map captured by the satellite. Then he asked, “What about the woman not in the village? We don’t have anyone left to follow up on her.”

Han Chu temporarily moved away from Ye Shuang. He let out a long sigh in condescension. “You are useless at this kind of natural village, aren’t you? Now that we are out of a city, you need me to teach you how to look for someone?”

Anthony was lectured until his cheeks puffed up in anger.

Han Chu sighed again. “Of course, I know it will be hard for you to do anything with nothing to go on. So, I only need you to look around the village and tell me as soon as possible if that woman returns.”

“Wait a minute.” Anthony raised his hand to interrupt. “Then, what about these areas? Aren’t I supposed to go and investigate them?”

“You are too eye-catching. If it’s really a trap, it’ll be troublesome to deal with it, and it’ll be harder to look for clues.” Han Chu shook his head. “I will find someone else to do this.”

Anthony looked around curiously. Everyone there had their individual mission, so who was this ‘someone else’?

Could it be the girl with the ponytail?

The next morning, before the sun came up, there was a rare motor sound that came from the front of the girl’s home. Following a braking sound, someone appeared at the door, knocking on it politely. “Is anyone home?”

The girl with the ponytail jogged out from the kitchen holding the ladle. She looked around the living room to see if there was anyone there. Anthony who had been fighting through the night yawned with his eyes fighting to stay open. “There is really someone here? Fine, now can you reveal the answer?”

He had seen someone coming from the satellite a long time ago, but he had no idea who was inside that unremarkable car. Han Chu gave a look, and the girl with the ponytail was tricked back into the kitchen by Ye Shuang. The girl was not as dumb as they thought. She now realized that there was certain things that they wished to leave her out of, so when they came to her with an excuse to ask her to leave, she would go with it.

After the scene was cleared, Han Chu grabbed the pistol and led Anthony slowly to open the door. Before opening the door, he said, “Place your hands behind your heads.”

When the door opened, three unknown men outside the door cooperated by placing their hands behind their heads. They did not stay too close to each other, and there was nothing around them that could be used as cover. They were being very open; there was nothing surreptitious about them.

“Sorry, things are serious. I hope you don’t mind.” Han Chu held the pistol with one hand, and his other yanked the door fully opened. Then he walked back to greet them politely before coldly saying, “Remove your jackets, hand over your IDs, and name yourselves…”

When the search was conducted and the few’s identity was confirmed, Han Chu put the weapon away and put forth a serious expression to shake the newcomers’ hands. “Sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s okay. We understand.” The leading man did not know whether to cry or laugh. Then he coughed. “We are here on the orders of Mr. Han. We belong to XXX armed police.”