Chapter 381 - For Revenge

Chapter 381: For Revenge

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“Where are we now?”

“On the way back. They covered up our eyes, but from the turns the car took and the slant of the vehicle as well as the speed of the car and driving time… After considering all these factors, I believe that we are about thirty kilometers twenty-five degrees north west of the security company’s secret base. Brother Han, how did you know that I can tell our rough location?”

“If you’ve managed to narrow down the location to such a degree, you can drop the ‘rough’.” Han Chu was silent for a while. He skipped the question that he did not want to answer and continued the conversation with another question. “What about our environment?”

“The outside is rather spacious, and the house itself is not specifically designed to be a safe house. It is not defensibility, and all the electrical wiring has already been removed…” Ye Shuang sighed. “Even though, theoretically speaking, this place is easier to be stormed than to be defended, we are not trying to bring the whole place down, and in reality, it would be preposterous to do that. Therefore, actually, this is still an advantage for Jennifer—at least there is little to no chance of people sneaking in. If anyone tried to do that, they would be easily discovered.”

“Give me more details.” After saying that, Han Chu quickly regretted it because once he finished, Ye Shuang carried him off the bed and walked to the window. She pushed the window up with one finger while pushing Han Chu upward with her other hand. “Here, see for yourself.”

Facing the window that was sealed with iron bars, Han Chu fell silent for a moment. “Actually, we only need to wait for a little while longer for the anesthetic to wear off completely.”

“We’re in a rush, right?” Ye Shuang giggled as if not knowing what she had done wrong.

No, she did know that—she was merely doing this for revenge!

Han Chu frowned slightly, and he lowered his gaze to cover up the confusion in his eyes—why would she take revenge on him? He did not remember offending Ye Shuang. In fact, he had even tried to save her. Wait a minute, it seemed to dawn on Han Chu then.

After being returned to the fluffy bed, Han Chu glanced at Ye Shuang lightly and asked in a calm voice, “Are you unhappy that I exposed myself to participate in the combat earlier?”

“You finally realized that?” Ye Shuang sat down next to him. Without trying to hide anything, she sighed. “Mainly, it’s the issue of perspective. Just as you have decided to jump down to help me when you saw that I was in danger, it does not feel good to see you unconscious on the ground like that.”

To witness an accident happening to someone that she knew and someone that she did not know would elicit different emotional reactions. For strangers, most people would only sigh with pity after witnessing something unlucky, but if it was someone familiar, rarely would one stay calm after seeing tragedy befall an acquaintance.

Ye Shuang did not want to dissect the difference in physical ability between herself and Han Chu. From Han Chu’s perspective, he had felt like showing up then had been the less risky option, but from Ye Shuang’s perspective, her opinion was the complete opposite. Frankly, without any other extenuating circumstances, people would often pick the choice that would lead to the least emotional pressure.

However, with Ye Shuang standing and Han Chu lying there, the result caused a difference in the two’s feelings and emotions. While staring at Han Chu, Ye Shuang held her cheeks in her palm and asked mockingly, “How does it feel to be saved by a girl?”

Han Chu looked at the ‘girl’ before him silently before moving his eyes away. “Jennifer looks very confident. She didn’t even attempt to detain our movement or sight, and she seems so confident that she will be able to bring Mr. Ray here tonight. Other than the confidence in herself, I suspect that she has some connections with the local officials.”

Oh‽ Changing the subject? Ye Shuang pouted and let it be. “Why do you say so?”

“Even a person from another state would take a long time to fully understand the culture of a new city, much less one moving in from another country.” Han Chu turned around to study the room. “This place was furnished in such a short amount of time. Without a local connection, how could Jennifer have managed to find such a geographically sound location so quickly?

“Even after finding this place, they needed to persuade the original owner to move or to rent. Based on the size and decoration of this place, this should belong to a farming family or a project where the government planned to expand and built but abandoned halfway due to certain reasons.

“Without some connections, a foreigner couldn’t know so much. And to steal someone from a security company’s secret base, other than storming the place, the only solution is to find the opening when paying the place an official visit. Storming the place would create too much of a fuss, and their spy would be exposed, so an official visit is the more acceptable solution. Think about it, how many people can the security company not deny an official visit?”

Ye Shuang nodded along and added, “She does need to have connections with several officials considering that she plans to move illegal military arms into China.”

“You’re right.” Holding the edge of the bed, Han Chu tried to get up from bed. Ye Shuang quickly reached over to hold his arms. He stood there for a while, stabilizing himself. He closed his eyes and tried to assess how much energy he could summon. “They probably gave me some other drugs when they conducted the operation. I don’t think I’ll be able to recover much energy tonight.”

“Even if you do, we won’t be able to escape.” Ye Shuang was surprisingly insouciant about this. “With the layout of this place, they would deal with us using one bullet once we tried to leave.”

“There are two of us, so it should be two bullets.” Han Chu looked down on Ye Shuang’s intelligence.

“Is now really the time for us to discuss such an irrelevant question?” Ye Shuang was speechless.

“Then, let’s discuss some basic questions.” Han Chu looked at Ye Shuang. “Have you brought any candy with you?”

The two understood the inherent meaning of this question.

Ye Shuang patted her pocket with a thankful sigh. “I did. That is the only thing that I’m thankful for.”

The candies did not fall out during the fight and had not been confiscated during the body check. This meant that her secret would be kept safe for several more days. The girl was so lucky!

However, reality often liked to throw curveballs. After Han Chu went to use the bathroom at midnight, he was stunned when he saw the handsome man sleeping on the couch.

Ye Shuang had eaten the candy, her gender should have been maintained for another day, so she should still have been in her female form.

So, would anyone be kind enough to explain to him why Brother Shuang was sleeping on the couch?

Under Han Chu’s silent gaze, the man who covered his body with a thin blanket had his eyes closed in a restful mode. He was resting and not sleeping because even at a time like that, in his posture, the man’s brows had an involuntarily crease to them like he was unable to relax completely.

Enveloped by the light, the facial features of the handsome man seemed to take on a blurry halo, giving him the impression of an Adonis walking out from one’s dream. If this was another time or another place, Han Chu might have been in the mood to admire this scene and mock Ye Shuang’s strange, unreliable body.

But now…

“What’s wrong?” Ye Shuang retained a shred of her consciousness, drifting between dream and reality. Therefore, she was privy to the commotion that Han Chu made when he went to use the bathroom. However, she did not hear the spring of the mattress or Han Chu returning to the bed to rest. She felt someone moving in the room, which was too unusual, so Ye Shuang had to open her eyes to take a look.

She rubbed her eyes, yawned, and sat up on the couch. She looked around confusedly before turning to look at Han Chu. After ensuring that there was no one else in the room, Ye Shuang turned to Han Chu, who looked perfectly fine other than the paleness of his cheeks. Ye Shuang was confounded, so she asked Han Chu for explanation, “Why are you standing there not moving? Has the wound opened? How do you feel?”

Han Chu had originally felt quite well, but he could not say the same at that moment. He had just gone to use the bathroom, but when he came out, the world had already changed.

How were they going to explain the disappearance of Sister Shuang and the sudden appearance of Brother Shuang?