Chapter 287 - Mist

Chapter 287: Mist

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The girl slept peacefully while the phone rang endlessly, and she barely even frowned. In the end, it was Ye Shuang who got disturbed. On top of that, she was afraid of complaints from the other patients in the same room. With the other patients watching her with dissatisfaction, she grabbed the phone, walked to the door, and answered it.

“Have you gotten cancer from your laziness‽” Once she answered the call, the first thing that came out was the shouting of an angry man. “I’ve already told you to go and have that slowpoke illness of yours fixed! Where is the account for this season? The preorder list for this month? Also aren’t you supposed to meet a client at 8:30 pm? Look at the time now! If you don’t want to work anymore, just say it clearly!”

Ye Shuang listened to the man complain patiently, then she cleared her throat to say, “Sir, the owner of this number is currently at the hospital. If you are a relative or friend, please come to the hospital.”

The breathing on the other end seemed to stop instantly. The curious silence lasted for half a minute before the man said, “Who are you?”

Ye Shuang explained the whole process and confirmed again that this was not an accident. She affirmed her role as a passerby who had a good heart. “I’m a good Samaritan.”

Ye Shuang sighed, being worried for the man’s IQ. “To put it simply, your friend fainted on the road due to a low blood glucose level. I was nearby, so I brought her to the hospital. If you’re free, do you mind coming to the hospital to get her?”

“I’m not free!” the man hissed.


“You think she can escape from the responsibility because she fainted? This only means that I have to go and fix her mess!” The man was angered. “That’s why I’m not free, just let her rot at the hospital!”

“…If I’m not mistaken, aren’t I completely unrelated to this incident?” Ye Shuang was speechless. “Isn’t it a bit much for you to transfer your anger onto me?”

The man was silent for another three seconds, and then he apologized with impatience. “I’m sorry, that was wrong of me.”

“Alright, I forgive you.” Ye Shuang turned the subject around. “Then should we talk about the problem of medical fees…”

Before she even finished, the call had already ended. Well, that was fast.

Staring at the phone, Ye Shuang had to admit that she was unlucky. She went back to the bedside and replaced the phone.

One night passed, and the girl finally woke up after a good sleep. Even though she still looked quite winded, at least it was not like the day before where she could collapse at any moment. When the girl woke up, Ye Shuang was having her breakfast. The smell of the take-away porridge filled the nostrils, and based on the logo, it came from the famous porridge shop in Shanghai. Even though the shop was quite far from the hospital, in this day and age, nothing could not be solved with money.

The girl sat up and watched Ye Shuang silently for five minutes, and Ye Shuang simply allowed herself to be watched. When she finished the breakfast, she tossed away the utensils and used a napkin to wipe her lips. Ye Shuang then turned to the girl and said, “Good morning, how are you feeling?”

The girl lowered her eyes and touched her stomach. “Hungry…”

“Hungry is normal.” Ye Shuang nodded. “I mean, do you suffer from internal wounds or something like that? If not, then I’m going to leave.”

What had happened yesterday was not really a car accident—Ye Shuang just happened to drive past the spot when the girl collapsed on the road. However, the law in China was that heartless. Whether she was really responsible or not, since she was driving, she had to be responsible.

Therefore, until the girl nodded to release her from the responsibility and before the result of the full body check was out, even if Ye Shuang wanted to leave, it was impossible. The girl slowly slid down into the bed. She pulled the blanket up to her chin, and her eyes followed Ye Shuang. “Stomach pain.”

What does that have to do with anything? Ye Shuang knew that a car accident would not lead to stomach pain, so she stayed silent.

The girl elaborated slowly. “So hungry my stomach hurts.”

Ye Shuang continued to be silent until she finally lost it. “This is how good people go extinct in this world. You fainted by the road, and I was kind enough to send you to the hospital and pay for your medial fees. Yet, now you want me to buy breakfast for you?”

The girl leaned her head back weakly and said, “Fine then, let me just die from hunger.”

“Alright, I’ll go and buy!” Having run into such a weird person, Ye Shuang did not want to waste her whole day arguing with her about a breakfast. Ye Shuang did not order a take-out but left to find a stall near the hospital. She bought a set of fried dumplings that smelled okay as well as a bottle of soy milk and went back to the hospital.

The girl moved slowly even when she had eaten her breakfast. Her every motion, including speaking, was like through a slow-motion effect. If someone with a lack of patience hung out with her, they would be constantly agitated. Looking at the time, Ye Shuang was tired, so she took out her phone and played a game on it.

It took the girl twenty minutes to finish the breakfast. Ye Shuang put the phone away and sighed. “You’re okay now, right? If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave.”

It seemed she had paid for breakfast twice that day—she was really unlucky.

“Hmm…” The girl dragged her answer out in her usual style. Ye Shuang was not sure this meant ‘okay’ or ‘let me think about it’.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open. A man stormed into the room, and his target was clearly Ye Shuang and the girl.

Standing next to the bed, the man scanned the girl before turning to Ye Shuang. “Are you the one who answered her phone last night?”

Ye Shuang also caught up to the situation. “Are you the one who made the call?”

The man nodded and then extended his hand at the girl. “Give me your phone!”

The girl moved so slowly that the man practically grabbed the phone from her. Then he looked through her messages and phone record quickly.

Ye Shuang frowned, sensing the awkwardness in the room, but she did not say anything. However, the more he looked, the deeper the frown on the man’s face became. In the end, he shoved the phone into his pocket angrily and roared at the girl, “Have you lost your mind?”

“My IQ test result is twenty marks higher than yours, so no,” the girl answered seriously.

The man choked, and the girl added, “But I don’t look down on your intellect.”

Therefore, Ye Shuang saw the man’s face turn into one with conflict immediately like he had something to say but did not know how to say it.

“I say, since your friend is here, I’ll be leaving.” Ye Shuang sighed. Today’s people are hard to understand. I don’t really want to stay by a patient’s bed all day.

This was even a stranger. If she wanted to be kind to people, she needed to at least find a male one.

“No!” The man denied her subconsciously. When Ye Shuang looked at him, he thought about it and added, “I mean, let me drive you home.”


Ye Shuang had her car, so she did not really need a ride. However, she realized how strange it was for the man to first check the phone when he arrived. The darkness on his face was observable to everyone after he saw the phone records. It was probably because there was something confidential on the phone like a business secret.

Even though she did not understand why he did not come immediately if there was something important on the phone, Ye Shuang knew that the man suspected her of going through the phone. Therefore, even though Ye Shuang did not need something like that, she had to accept the man’s ‘kindness’ or else this incident would continue to drag.

They went to the hospital’s parking lot. The man’s ride was normal, not like some company higher-up that had access to confidential information. Ye Shuang crawled into the passenger seat, but she did not put on the seatbelt. When the man got on the car and started the engine, Ye Shuang said, “I also drove. If you have anything to say, you can say it now. I’ll drive back on my own.”

The man was shocked, and he smiled awkwardly. “Is there some kind of misunderstanding? I just want to show my appreciation; I really didn’t know that you drove here.”

Ye Shuang looked at him silently, and her expression was one of incredulity. “If you really want to thank me, then you should pay me the money.”

The man’s lips twitched. He looked at Ye Shuang for a minute before nodding. “Fine, how much is it?”

Ye Shuang was quite surprised when she saw the man lower his head to look for his wallet. She did not quite understand the meaning of this, but she was not going to say no to money, so she gave the amount that she covered and asked, “Do you want the receipt? But her breakfast did not come with a receipt.”

“It’s fine…” The man pulled something out from his jacket, and suddenly, he raised his arm to point at Ye Shuang’s face. Ye Shuang’s reflex moved fast, and she grabbed the man’s wrist like lightning. The man pressed on the nozzle, and a mist shot out at him.

The alarm in Ye Shuang’s head rang. She covered her nose and lips and got out from the car. The next second, she saw the man fly out from the car as well. He held his breath and used his jacket to fan the air around him. Several seconds later, he opened his mouth to suck in the air.

There was not much dosage in the can. It did not take long for the mist to dissipate. Ye Shuang put her hand down and sniffed at the remainder in the air with a frown. “Thiopental?”

The man froze.

“I remember this is a sedative that can slow down one’s brain activity. It can be used as veritaserum…”

Not only that, this concoction was rapid-acting, so it had to be used quickly after it was mixed. In other words, to be able to make something like this on the spot, the man’s identity was more than a normal business executive.