Chapter 432 - Teach Him a Lesson

Chapter 432: Teach Him a Lesson

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After sorting things out with Little Brother Ye, there were no longer any concerns for Father Ye and Mother Ye.

They left behind everything else apart from bringing the valuables at home with them. They did not have to get anyone to look after their house. All they did was get Xiao San to send someone in. It was also considered doing a favor for people who had no place to live.

Father Ye and Mother Ye were puzzled the whole time. They were still in a daze when Ye Shuang rushed to pick them up.

“Shuang, are you wanted?” Mother Ye was a little scared as she knew a little bit about what her daughter had been working on lately. Although it was nothing against the law, she always thought it was possible that she might cross the line.

Naturally, it was just some nonsense a middle-aged woman thought about at home during her free time. Mother Ye usually saw those scenes on TV dramas as stimuli to add color to her boring life. Never had she thought that such a thing would really happen.

Ye Shuang did not even turn her head as she held onto the steering wheel. There was annoyance in her voice, “What? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Han Chu supported that she was telling the truth. “Indeed, we didn’t do anything wrong. It’s those who did evil coming for us.”

How was that different‽

Mother Ye sighed and looked a little melancholic as she looked outside the window. “The fish that I bought today was so fresh. I didn’t even manage to remove its scales…”

“Stop it, Mom.” Ye Shuang was exasperated at Mother Ye’s behavior. Her own mother was ridiculous. “I’ll get you ten fish when we returned. Stop worrying about that now.”

Father Ye patted his pretty practical wife and asked the important question. “Where are we going?”

Ye Shuang took the time to look at Han Chu and signaled him. Han Chu cleared his throat. “You might have to stay with my parents for the time being. My family have security guards with them, so it’s safer.”

“Not a problem at all. We have zero requirements for our accommodation. So, when can we move back? Is it dangerous?”

It depended on them on how long they would like to stay. About the risk, the question was naturally for Ye Shuang.

Han Chu fell into silence for a moment. “To tell you the truth, Uncle, we’re not sure when you will be able to return. After all, it depends on when we manage to catch the people. There’s definitely some risk, but Xiao Shuang won’t be participating in it directly. Apart from that, I’ll absolutely minimize the risk. Everything else isn’t a problem at all. Aunty will stay at home, and I’ll get someone to talk to the university. There’s no need to worry about your job.”

“How about my Xiao Feng?” Mother Ye asked in concern.

Little Brother Ye ran from the milk tea store across the street excitedly just as Ye Shuang slowed down the car and parked by the road.

He opened the door, got into the car, and closed the door so quickly. He even cheered at the end. “Does this mean I don’t have to go to school for the time being? Brother Han, you told me that you’ll get my teachers to pass all of the subjects this semester. Are you serious about that?”

“They’re only passing your courses. You’ll still have to sit for the exams to prove your professional skills,” Han Chu emphasized calmly.

Mother Ye clenched her teeth as she had worried about her son for nothing. He did not care about going to school at all. Instead, he was seizing the opportunity to be openly lazy.

Ye Shuang also clenched her teeth. Why did none of her family members focus on the key issue? Oh, that was not right. At least Father Ye was thinking straight.

Given their familiarity with the city’s terrain, it was only natural that Ye Shuang was so much better than Madam Grace’s underlings.

The streets, alleys, and corners, she knew everything as long as there were roads. Back in those days, Ye Shuang had skipped school and strolled around the streets with her best friends during her university years. Knowing all of the good food in the old alleys aside, she had absolute confidence that she would not be caught by anyone as long as the road did not lead to her house.

She successfully settled Father Ye and Mother Ye down. Her mission of keeping her family safe had been achieved. She would have to send them away when she had the opportunity, whereby she would send them anywhere safe and bring them back when the whole thing blew over.

Father Han and Mother Han were pretty shocked. They were just chatting with Ye Shuang earlier while Father Han had yet to have the chance to fight his son, and now, Ye Shuang’s entire family was there. What was happening?

“Political asylum,” Han Chu said in all seriousness as if nothing was wrong with that.

Father Han frowned lightly. “I think I’m the only one in the room who has anything to do with politics.”

Mother Ye pulled the corner of Father Ye’s shirt and whispered, “Why don’t we stay with my mom for a while? I don’t think staying here is a good idea.”

She did not feel that when they were riding in the car earlier, but she felt troubled now that she stood before Han Chu’s parents. Mother Ye was pretty slow on such things. If she did not see Father Han’s terrible expression, she would not have noticed the awkward situation.

Father Han turned around when he heard that, and he spoke before Father Ye could. “Please bear with us. It’s my son who dragged you guys into this. It’s only natural that we take some of the responsibility.”

“That’s right.” Mother Han comforted them. “My husband is only teaching our son a lesson; that has nothing to do with you guys… Oh yeah, do you guys have any bags? Although it’s safe here, it’s pretty inconvenient to go out. Are you guys bringing your stuff over since you’re going to stay for a long time?”

Han Chu frowned. “Aren’t you guys going back?”

His initial plan was to get his parents to take Ye Shuang’s parents out of the city. However, judging from what Mother Han had said, it seemed that his parents were staying.

“How can we go back before we deal with this big problem that you’ve caused?” Father Han scoffed. “You’ve even sent the parents here. Do you think we can leave just like that? Come with me.”

The duo went into the room while Ye Shuang dealt with the awkward situation out there.

There were three rooms and two living rooms. The accommodation that the Han family were in was pretty spacious.

However, with the security guards and the family, the spacious abode became crowded. After all, it was merely an ordinary house.

After some discussion, Little Brother Ye was now following Ye Shuang wherever she was going. The rest would squeeze into the two rooms while the security guards would compromise by sleeping on the floor or in the living rooms.

After Han Chu spoke to his father about the situation, there were only three people left in the car when Han Chu stepped out of the house.

“We should find our own place.” Han Chu thought about it hard while frowning as he held his laptop. “There are four of us including Ol’ K. It’s a must to find a safe house since all of us are staying in.”

The problem was that Han Chu had never set up any safe houses in San Lin City. He would only stay for a few days whenever he came in the past. He had only bought the apartment later on.

“I’ve an idea.” Ye Shuang looked at the contact list on her phone. “Xiao San’s men are staying in our city, so how about we stay with Xiao San?”