Chapter 184 - The Tortoise and the Hare

Chapter 184: The Tortoise and the Hare

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After a while, the short phone conversation finished playing. Anthony accepted the headphones from Yao Zhixing and happily tweaked them to put back on his head. The other two did not have the energy to deal with him. Ye Shuang tilted her head and asked a pointless question looking at Yao Zhixing’s dark face, “You heard everything‽”

“Yes.” Yao Zhixing’s face had gotten so dark that there was no facial expression. He nodded and turned to walk away. Ye Shuang saw this and quickly reached out to stop him. “Wait a minute, Brother Yao. I didn’t do this to make you go punch someone.”

There was only this other time when Ye Shuang saw this expression on Yao Zhixing since they met each other, and it was when he was punching the thief that stole his car. However, he looked even scarier now compared to then.

It was not without reason that people in San Lin City were afraid of Yao Zhixing. When the man’s face dropped, it made him look like a gangster. At a moment like this, even the dogs that Yao Zhixing reared would turn the other way. Other than his sister and parents, there was not a fourth person who would get within three meters of Yao Zhixing. The more expressionless he was, the more dangerous he was. He was like this when he beat up the car thief, loosening two of the man’s front teeth without even moving his brows. Ye Shuang believed that if she did not intervene, Yao Zhixing might really kill the man in the bathrobe.

“It’s New Year. If you really beat someone up, no one is going to have a good year.” Ye Shuang pulled on Yao Zhixing and refused to let go. She explained patiently trying to get the man to calm down.

Even though Yao Zhixing was strong and was in a berserk stage, facing an alien like Ye Shuang, he was still powerless. He tried to pull his arm back but failed after multiple attempts. A pair of slender hands grabbed a man’s arm, but the man was unable to budge. He struggled for a few more times before Yao Zhixing turned back to hiss through his teeth, “Let go!”

“I’m not going to let go.” Ye Shuang acted shamelessly. “Brother Yao, think about it. Your family business is still cooperating with his family, right? If you beat the son up on New Year’s Eve, even if the fault lies with his son, do you think his father will just accept it‽ I know you want to just break up the cooperation, but you have to consider the timing. If his family really wants revenge, this year, no, at least this new year, your father is going to have a hell of a time… After all, the man is not running anyway, so why not take this slow?”

By fabricating a car accident‽ He really thought this was a television drama? Car parts were so delicate; a small mistake could cause a life. If blood was shed, Yao Zhixing would really destroy the man’s whole family.

However, Ye Shuang had a point as well. Yao Zhixing was not a youth who acted solely on his emotion. He was a vengeful person, yes, but he was not dumb. So, after the initial rage tided over, he calmed down slightly and recovered some rationality.

He took in a deep breath and pressed on Ye Shuang’s hand that gripped his arm. He looked in the direction of the man and gritted his teeth. “Okay, you can let go now. I promise I will not beat him to death.”

“You’re not beating him ever!” Ye Shuang said so, but she still released her grasp and then waved at the racers, who did not know that something had happened. “You, come over here.”

The person who was called over was the owner of the car that was tweaked. The young man was pushed over by his giggling pals. He originally wanted to add in a few snide comments, but when he saw how dark Yao Zhixing’s face was, he stopped and wanted to turn in an instant. Damn! Don’t use me as cannon fodder for your lover’s quarrel!

“Why are you running away‽” Yao Zhixing was even more angered. With a roar, he yanked the man back.

Realizing how tiring this new year was going to be, Ye Shuang sighed. “It’s okay, Brother Yao is not angry at you…”

The man did not dare to make a noise when Yao Zhixing had a hold on the back of his shirt collar. He turned to look at Ye Shuang with watery eyes. You liar! How can he not be angry when he’s acting like this‽

“…He’s really not angry at you.” Ye Shuang surprisingly understood the meaning that was hidden in the man’s eyes and could not help but sigh. “He’s just a bit frustrated because he couldn’t beat up the man that he wanted to beat.”

The man was shocked. “Brother Yao would get frustrated‽”

His Brother Yao always settled the score on the spot; revenge was never left until the second day.

After hearing the replay, Anthony stood to the side to watch the show. Occasionally, he would put the headphones back on, probably to see what other secrets he could uncover. As he removed the headphones, he heard what the man had to say. Anthony turned to look at the man and asked Ye Shuang with a cute smile, “It was his car that was tampered with‽”

With that sentence, Yao Zhixing’s face darkened again. The man was first confused before it dawned on him. Like being splashed with a bucket of cold water, he shivered from head to toe. “…What kind of tampering‽”

Yao Zhixing dragged the man away, probably to explain the situation. Before finding a new transportation company to work with, Yao Zhixing could not incapacitate the man. He could teach him a few lessons and warn the man and his pals to be careful during this period.

Yao Zhixing was feeling frustrated. This was what happened when one faced a brainless opponent. The man thought he would not face repercussions for what he did because he could not think ahead. If this was a smarter opponent, who would dare make a move as dumb as this? Who did not know that coming after Yao Zhixing would lead to serious repercussions‽

Ye Shuang looked at the two mumbling among themselves and poked Anthony to ask, “How did you know the man was about to do something bad?”

If Anthony did not share a look with her earlier, she would not have thought to eavesdrop on surrounding phone signal.

“You can call it a man’s instinct!” Anthony gloated and sighed when he saw Ye Shuang roll her eyes. “Fine, I accidentally overheard some interesting things when I went to use the bathroom, and I got curious…”

Ye Shuang looked at Anthony with suspicion. She had a feeling things would not be so coincidental. The man probably wanted to do something bad and suddenly discovered he did not have his tools when he discovered something ‘interesting’, so he came to share it with her.

Anthony asked for his headphones back with a smile. “Alas, I didn’t bring the rest of my stuff with me or else we can hear more things.”

Ye Shuang thought about it, “You mean those bugs‽”

“Not only those.” Anthony sighed. “I was thinking about planting some little toys on his car.”

Thinking about how he managed to keep track of Xu Jian’s car, Ye Shuang nodded, having no suspicion of Anthony’s capability. “There’s always next time.”

Compared to following the movement of the man in bathrobe, Ye Shuang was more worried about Yao Zhixing. According to the other racers, the man in the bathrobe was a brainless young master; his plan was always easily seen through. For example, this incident, he could have stayed home to avoid the suspicion. After all, it was common knowledge that he did not have a good relationship with the host. It was normal for him not to be here, but he had to attend the party to draw attention. He was not needed to tamper with the car, but he wanted to see the result for himself. Thus, he came to the scene; he could not even wait patiently for one night.

In comparison, Yao Zhixing was the one that was harder to read. Based on his normal personality, the man would take revenge with his own two hands and would not hold it in for a second, but this had involved too many things. It involved his family business, so he had to consider even more things. Therefore, Yao Zhixing had to be patient, but his patience had a limit. Perhaps the man thought snapping one of the legs was considered giving face?

Therefore, to make sure the thing did not blow up, Ye Shuang had to pay more attention to Yao Zhixing. Ye Shuang felt tired just thinking about the need to keep an eye on this unruly beast.

Finally, the faces of the two men not far away turned dark at the same time, but at least they looked like they were not going to do anything yet. After making sure they would not create a scene, Ye Shuang sighed temporarily in relief.

No matter what, at least let them have a peaceful New Year first.

“Hopefully, Brother Yao can stomach it for a few days.” The two men seemed to have been discussing something before they walked to Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang sighed and glanced toward the man in bathrobe. “After all, being reckless is not going to solve any problem. Slow and steady wins the race, Tony, you… What the f*ck!”

Anthony was still waiting for Ye Shuang to finish her life lesson when he saw Ye Shuang explode and roll up her sleeves as she charged forward.

Yao Zhixing and the racer were also shocked. The two of them and Yao Zhixing watched as Ye Shuang ran up the rather long waterslide. She dragged Little Brother Ye to stand behind her and turned around to kick the man in the bathrobe into the air without wasting much time.

The man’s average body floated into the air being kicked by that fair leg. It arced in the air for about three meters before it dropped into the water, creating a large splash. This scene surprised many people present.

As the water died down, Ye Shuang’s powerful voice cursed, “You f*cker, how dare you come after my little brother‽ Tell me if you want to die, I’ll gladly grant your wish!”

Yao Zhixing nodded. Well done!

Whereas Anthony frowned. Slow and steady wins the race… right‽