Chapter 487 - Unreliable Tech

Chapter 487: Unreliable Tech

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Professional tasks should be left to the professional. Within Han Chu’s group, Anthony specialized in electronics. Ye Shuang had no specialty; she relied on her natural talent to close the gap between herself and a professional. In terms of experience, she was lacking. Han Chu had no problem, but his role was to assign tasks, to negotiate between everyone. None of the others had this talent. Han Chu could not spread himself thin to do so many things, so he focused his energy on the most important task. Therefore, it was only natural that they would need help from the outside.

“These are the people responsible for investigating the signal disturbance areas.” After entering the room, Han Chu assigned the tasks swiftly. “Tony, send them a copy of the map that you’ve done.”

Anthony started to send the maps while pouting. Han Chu was still greeting the newcomers, filling them in with polite words. “We can’t print them out with the conditions provided, so you’ll have to use the soft copy… How many of you came?”

The leading man started to laugh. “Just the three of us. After all, this is not an official mission. If we send more people, there has to be a reason. And the three of us came on holiday leave, but if you do need a full team, we can arrange that with ease, provided that Uncle Han will fill in the paperwork later.”

“Three people… should be enough.” Han Chu was silent for a long time. He did not seem satisfied, but he would have to settle with it. “Can you finish the investigation before tonight?”

The three shared the map. They looked at the phone, enlarging the map to study the locales. It was still the leading man who answered. “Of the four areas, the underground cellars will be slightly difficult. We will have to draw the people inside away before we can start any investigation. As for the other three…”

“Will be much simpler?” Anthony chimed in.

“No.” The leading man smiled sadly. “Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. They will be much harder.”

Then he turned the map to Han Chu, proving that he was not just saying that. “Two of them are public buildings. Guards or crowds might show up, and the other one is a well… Honestly, why is there a well? We’ll probably need the night to fall before we can scope out these places.”

Han Chu looked at the map silently for a while. After he saw the marked out areas around Nature Village, he realized that these were indeed locations that were hard to infiltrate. “Xiao Shuang.”

“Hmm?” Ye Shuang answered lazily. She felt like her body was winding down, and her mind was flagging.

“Do you have any ideas?”

“I still need to deal with Auntie Liu.” Ye Shuang held her chin with one hand on the table and tried to pull herself up. “But if we create a commotion to gather all the villagers, the public buildings should be empty. Brother Han, do you have an idea?”

Han Chu gave it some thought. “There has just been a murder here. If there’s police who came to investigate, I believe that is quite believable. Now, we cannot be sure there are any dangerous people nearby, so we can use that excuse to gather all the villagers under the pretext of protecting them…”

“Then it’ll make the investigation at the village head and Auntie Liu’s place difficult,” Ye Shuang said. “Xiao Su and I will head there for the people. If someone really wanted to intercept them, they would have changed their plans if the target was moving away from their home…”

“Then go and guard the house.” There was no perfect plan in the world. Han Chu calculated and then made the decision. “The police investigation will be conducted in the day, so everyone will return at night. If there is someone who wishes to intercept them, they will sneak over to their place to leave some message when the person isn’t around.”

If no one came over, at most, they would lose a clue. Nothing could be guaranteed to be perfect, so they might as well take their chances.

The three outsiders gathered to assign their tasks before two drove away to find the village head. Law enforcement always sent out more than one person for their mission. Since they were going to reveal their identities, they had to do the whole show. Even though this place was isolated, perhaps they knew something about law. Even if the village head did not have that knowledge, what if someone was watching? Therefore, the last person would have to carry out the heavy task of investigating the four areas on his own.

Anthony pulled himself together to study every corner of Nature Village. Small screens appeared on the monitor, and the signal reception was tweaked to the highest. He had to ensure that the bad guys who sneaked out to do their task would not be discovered.

“I will tell Xiao Su what happened,” Han Chu said seriously. “You two have to be careful.”

Ye Shuang made an okay sign and then rubbed her tummy. “I’m low on energy. I’ll go after I have something to eat.”

Han Chu hated that dragginess, but half an hour later, he changed his mind. After seeing Ye Shuang finish a meal for five alone and pack up a bag of biscuit to carry with her, he fully believed what the girl had said earlier.

The officer who had not left gasped in surprise. “Just how many days has it been since he last ate?”

“He…” Han Chu felt embarrassed and helpless. He rubbed his temples and tried to come up with a lie. “Ye Shuang has had some complicated tasks for the past few days, and he exhausted his energy quickly, so…”

Nature Village had a small population. Even though they stayed far away from each other, they had their own methods when the villagers needed to gather. When Ye Shuang heard the sound of a bell coming from the pavilion, she hurried down the path. With the memorized map in her mind, she arrived at Auntie Liu’s home in half an hour. The woman lived near the house where Han Chu had been held. The place had originally been planned to be Auntie Liu’s wedding home, but now it would be left empty forever.

To be precise, there was a ten-minute-walk between the two houses.

The house had a single door and yard, and around it was a barrier hedge about two meters tall. Before the door was a vegetable patch. Ye Shuang walked around and realized that the idea of climbing over things was impossible. She retreated several minutes and rushed with all her might. With a leap, she shot through the air, flying about three meters above ground. She turned in midair to soften the gravity and speed, landing perfectly on her single knee. Then she lifted her head…

Two feral, alert, and growling dogs that were definitely not there to welcome her looked in her eyes.

Damn you Tony! Damn you and your satellite map!

Why didn’t you tell me there will be hounds‽