Chapter 433 - Target Practice

Chapter 433: Target Practice

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Xiao San and the rest were staying in a hotel.

That was right, a hotel. However, it was only a disguise for the outsiders. In reality, nobody could stay in this hotel at all, whereby it was only provided for some internal clients. If an outsider was to come, the little boy at the front desk would always say the same thing. “I’m sorry, our hotel is fully booked.”

“I thought Brother Yao’s family was only in the food business. Never did I think that the water is so deep.”

Naturally, Ye Shuang and the rest would not get the ‘the hotel is fully booked’ response when they arrived there. She had always thought that Yao Zhixing was only in a motorcycle gang. She had been surprised to find out from Han Chu that this dude who had been riding for so long had such a secret up his sleeve.

“Why are you surprised?” Han Chu asked back, finding it strange. “The Yao family is in the food business, so it’s not surprising that they picked up a few chain hotels. Meanwhile, I’m his friend, and he was my agent in San Lin City for a while…”

He was not done with what he was going to say, but the conclusion was, there were already so many clues presented. How was it strange to have such an outcome?

“I thought he was just doing it for fun.” Ye Shuang was annoyed. “I thought he’s just killing time doing that since he has nothing else on at home. Never did I think that Brother Yao would have so many businesses to handle.”

Little Brother Ye snapped back to his senses from his excitement. He could not help but asked, “Isn’t this Brother Yao’s old lair? The kind where he hides prohibited military arms and all of the staff including the janitors are agents?”

Han Chu was speechless upon hearing the Ye family siblings’ ridiculous comments. “He was just having fun, but a local tycoon will always go all out compared to others. Moreover, he’s not the only person who owns this. The men in his team invested too… and this hotel isn’t as crazy as you guys imagined. Strictly speaking, it’s still profitable, and it’s not breaking any laws. It’s just that it’s being run like a private club. It doesn’t have a high rating; it’s just a place of confidentiality for a specific group of people.”

Naturally, this place was safe and highly confidential. Not only that, the bunch of nouveau riche from Yao Zhixing’s team paid special attention to this hotel, whereby there would not be any unnecessary people going in and out. It was only natural that the price was extraordinarily high.

It was basically a business that had struggled at first but stabilized as time went on. They had nothing to complain about as long as they managed to cover the water and electricity bill. It would be used as the Yao family’s staff dorm when there were no guests, or they would gather with their friends to talk about their private properties.

The three of them arrived at the floor where Xiao San was staying as Han Chu told them about the secrets of Yao Zhixing’s business.

Since Nature Village was called a village, naturally, the population was small. In reality, half of the crowd that Ye Shuang had seen back then were outsiders and floating population. Xiao San had brought seventy to eighty people in total who were really under Master Five. It was sufficient for a technical organization that used to scam for a living.

Moreover, there were juveniles among the seventy to eighty people.

“Everything has been sorted out, don’t worry.” Xiao San cut right into the subject after chatting for a while as he welcomed the four of them. “As the old saying goes, ‘even a powerful dragon can’t crush a snake in its territory’. Although we’re not too familiar with San Lin City, we’re still in the province no matter what. We have some connections.”

Ye Shuang thanked him as Han Chu said, “If we’re talking about a local snake, the owner of the hotel that you guys are staying in is one. We’re not worried that we will be slow on the news. It’s just that the laymen will be a burden one way or another. We can’t underestimate something even though it’s minor. You’re more suitable to be doing this than us.”

Xiao San smiled casually. He did not care about what Han Chu said, which might have sounded cold to others. “We’re more flexible in handling this compared to you guys due to your strict policy. Although we’ve brainwashed the younger ones among us, some of the seniors still retain what they have. We’ll be happy if they can help. It can also be considered our gratitude for the discount your friend gave us.”

Ye Shuang opened her mouth but thought that it was inappropriate to ask it out loud. She then began typing on her phone. ‘How much was the discount?’

Han Chu was turning on his laptop while the messages on his phone was updated. He typed a bunch of numbers after peeping at the screen. Ye Shuang was speechless from the shock.

If they were to stay for a week, it would be a month’s worth of a white-collar worker’s salary.

Han Chu saw Ye Shuang’s pitiful expression and typed again after thinking to himself. ‘It’s complimentary for us.’

Ye Shuang was relieved as she held her phone. Although she was close with Yao Zhixing, she would only be able to take advantage of him if he offered. If he did not offer, she would have to give all of her money and prepare for bankruptcy.

Xiao San knew full well what the two were doing. However, since it was something insignificant, he thought that he would pretend to know nothing while sipping tea with his head lowered. He only lifted his head and continued the conversation after figuring that the duo should be done talking. “Our men are experts in communicating with people of all sorts, but I’m sure you guys already knew that. In reality, I noticed that something’s wrong when I first arrived in San Lin City. Those people who took Sister Xiao Qi seem to be afraid of getting close to San Lin City. However, since they have people watching from the outside, I speculated that there must be someone prominent in here.”

At this point, he paused for a moment. “I only figured out the reason roughly today when you guys contacted me. Is there an internal conflict among them?”

Han Chu glanced at Ye Shuang and asked Xiao San, “What do you mean?”

“Judging by the situation, both parties must have their guard up, but they aren’t fighting openly.” Xiao San smiled. “They’re fighting each other underground while pretending to be at peace on the surface… I’m very familiar with this pattern; internal conflict is almost always like that.”

“So, what do you have in mind?” Han Chu looked at Xiao San rather admirably. He was eager to hear about his thoughts.

Little Brother Ye felt uneasy sitting on the couch. He loved having fun, but his sister could not take him anywhere given the current situation. Everything that he wanted to do had to be put on hold now. “Sister, is there Wi-Fi in this hotel? I brought my computer.”

If there was nothing that he could do and there was Wi-Fi, maybe he could play some games.

Ye Shuang had almost forgotten about Little Brother Ye. She waved when she heard that. “Go play, get Ol’ K to set up the firewall for you before that.”

Little Brother Ye then headed straight to his room happily with Ol’ K while Han Chu and Ye Shuang stayed to make the arrangements.

“I can’t believe that Ms. Ye is his sister,” Xiao San exclaimed as he watched the two energetic young men leaving. A naive young man like Little Brother Ye was the kind of person whom the sect used for the disciples to practice on.