Chapter 185 - Gurgle Gurgle

Chapter 185: Gurgle Gurgle

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The name of the man in the bathrobe was Zhou Yue. If Yao Zhixing had a clear discrimination between love and hate, then Zhou Yue would take offense at the smallest grievances. From a certain perspective, Zhou Yue was no different from Yao Zhixing; they were the kind of people others would not like to have as enemy. However, for Yao Zhixing, it was due to his ability; for Zhou Yue, it was because he was a mad person.

Yao Zhixing would deliver the fatal blow in one shot while it would be endless with Zhou Yue. No one would ever know what they did or said that had offended this guy. In fact, they might not have done anything—if he just did not like their face or they just talked for several seconds too long with someone that he did not like, then they would be added onto his blacklist.

For example, that racer whose car got tampered with. Technically speaking, Zhou Yue should have dealt with Yao Zhixing, but since he knew that he had no power to do that, he moved his target to the people in Yao Zhixing’s close circle. Since the racers’ cars were used to transport the fireworks and thus their keys had been handed to the workers, there was enough opportunity to pull some dirty tricks.

As another example, Little Brother Ye, logically speaking, had nothing to do with Yao Zhixing, but Zhou Yue heard rumors that Little Brother Ye was Yao Zhixing’s brother-in-law. Therefore, without waiting for clarification, he saw Little Brother Ye squatting on the ground to light the fireworks, and he just felt like taking the opportunity to kick at the man’s butt.

When Ye Shuang saw this, she exploded. She ran over and completed both actions of saving Little Brother Ye and kicking Zhou Yue with one smooth motion.

“Get up here!” Ye Shuang was still quite angry after the kick. She smirked wickedly as she pointed at the man that was floating in the water. “Dare to come after my Xiao Feng? Come up here, I promise not to kill you.”

For that instant, the racers suddenly saw Yao Zhixing’s shadow overlapping on Ye Shuang.

Yao Zhixing also had no idea what had come over her. Suddenly, he sighed. The fire in his stomach was quenched almost instantly. With a pained expression, he looked at the female figure that stood at the side of the spring, and he sighed one more time. He turned to order the minion beside him, “…Go and stop your Sister Shuang. It’ll lead to too much trouble if this is allowed to continue.”

The minion was reminded of how Ye Shuang managed to take down ten men on Fei He Street and shivered involuntarily. He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and chuckled awkwardly. “I don’t have the power to stop Sister Shuang. Why don’t you go and stop her, Brother Yao‽”

Yao Zhixing glared at the man. Anthony, however, was quite calm. The smile on his face had not changed. Seeing Ye Shuang preparing to jump into the water to pull the man out, he even had the luxury to laugh. “Just leave her be. After all, Xiao Shuang is just a girl with no business to take care of. Hitting that man won’t cause any negative effect to her business.”

That’s not untrue… Yao Zhixing thought about it, and he calmed down. The reason he could not do anything was because of the man’s father. However, Ye Shuang did not suffer from this limitation. After all, her family did not have to rely on the man’s father’s company to purchase the ingredients for their home cooking. Furthermore, the man lost to a woman—Zhou Yue’s father would not be so shameless to take issue with a girl.

Therefore, with everyone turning to him, hoping he would stop this altercation, Yao Zhixing also leaned back and stood to the side. He had his hands in his pockets, looking calmly as his rumored girlfriend jump into the water to grab the man and continue the beating. Water pressure did not mean anything to Ye Shuang; the sound of punches connecting with the man’s face made everyone present frown. The gathering crowd turned from shocked to frightened. The gazes they tossed at Ye Shuang were filled with admiration. The rumors were true. She really did have connections with both the lawful and the underground worlds.

Only Little Brother Ye knew his big sister had held back. If Ye Shuang gave it her all, the pool would have been dyed red. No wonder she guaranteed she would not kill him.

Therefore, Little Brother Ye was calm. As Yao Zhixing was also calm, the only people who would intervene and stop the fight were distancing themselves from stopping the battle. Anthony even moved to squat down by the side of the pool with the smile to have a courtside seat of the match. Seeing this, all the party-goers felt like their world had been changed.

Zhou Yue had run wild in San Lin City for so many years, and no one had dared stand in his way. For those times when he had stepped on someone’s toe, money would always solve the problem. He really had no idea that kicking someone would lead to such an unlucky encounter. The opponent’s superhuman strength kept him underwater and unable to counter. The key issue was that he had been given no time to prepare, and the punches came flying after the fight was announced.

All around him was water and no air. No matter how hard Zhou Yue struggled, the grip over his neck refused to budge, keeping him stably underwater. Zhou Yue was punched in the body and face, and he understandably choked on the water. The feeling of drowning and asphyxiation weakened his energy, and the fear of death appeared in his mind for the first time. The feeling of fear and regret surfaced. He thought everything could be resolved by money and everyone would eventually bow down to him; he never thought there would come a day when the issue could not be resolved.

Feeling the change in blood flow in the man’s neck, Ye Shuang quickly lifted the man out of the water. She gave the man two more punches in the stomach, and Zhou Yue vomited out the water that was stuck in his windpipe. Then, he felt air entering his lungs again—it felt like he had been given a second lease on life.

Yao Zhixing and the crowd who had run over sighed in relief. If Ye Shuang did not stop, they would have jumped into the water to stop her. Beating the man was one thing, but drowning him was another.

“Was that fun?” Ye Shuang picked up Zhou Yue by his bathrobe and asked, “Was it fun trying to ambush my Xiao Feng? Or is this more fun‽”

Zhou Yue gasped hungrily for air, and as per his habit, he roared, “You f*cking wait… gurgle …”

Yao Zhixing watched emotionlessly as Zhou Yue was dragged into the water before he could finish his threat. He hovered between allowing Ye Shuang and saving the man before grumbling under his breath, “The SOB deserves it for that mouth of his.”

Ye Shuang was even more experienced the second time around. She did not beat the man anymore. After taking stock of the man, she picked the man up from under the water. Zhou Yue gasped for air again and widened his eyes to look at Ye Shuang with disbelief “How dare you… gurgle …”

Yao Zhixing thought about it and decided to say something. “…Are you sure he won’t die from this‽”

“It’s fine. He’s still so energetic. I’ll pick him up before anything serious happens,” Ye Shuang said as she kept Zhou Yue’s head underwater. The crowd turned to look. Instead, Zhou Yue was still dancing underwater. The slender arm that clamped on his neck looked tiny, but it seemed to be a thousand tons heavy. No matter how hard the man struggled, it did not move.

When the struggle weakened, Ye Shuang picked the man up again and very expertly punched the water out of the man’s body. Zhou Yue first gulped in the air before turning to look at Ye Shuang with fear in his eyes. He did not dare say anything else this time.

Everyone said that he was mad, but look, this was a truly mad person!

“Don’t worry.” Ye Shuang seemed to understand what Zhou Yue was thinking. She patted him lightly on his face and smiled. “As long as there’s no irrevocable damage, even if you stop breathing for ten minutes, I have confidence I can resuscitate you. Since this is such a rare opportunity, would you like to give that a try‽”

Zhou Yue kept his mouth shut and shook his head quickly. He looked at Ye Shuang like he was looking at a monster.

Ye Shuang did not plan to make a big deal out of this, but she would not let anyone bully her little brother. According to the information from the racers, Zhou Yue was the crazed mad dog type of person. As long as he had his sight on someone, he would never let them go. Therefore, the solution was to shatter his courage once and for all, or else Ye Shuang would need to deal with the man for the rest of her life. Just look at Yao Zhixing, the man dared to mess with Yao Zhixing, so Ye Shuang did not think he would let her go because she was a woman.

The man was not afraid of beating and scolding and was incredibly shameless. As long as he was happy, he did not care about anyone else. So how could one stop such a person‽

By making him fear death.

Plus, it had to be the kind that was close to death but not yet dead. After repeating this several times, the man’s courage to counter would be completely sanded down.

Why did people lack the courage to commit suicide the second time‽ Because the touch of death deterred them from doing so. The feeling of death was something hard to describe and had to be experienced personally. Whether that worked or not, just look at Zhou Yue’s expression, at the very least Ye Shuang thought it was useful…

“I’m not here to reason with you.” Ye Shuang fished the man out of the water and tossed him to the ground. She warned him with a light tone, “Just remember this. If you want to play, then I will definitely go big. Next time, if I see you near my Xiao Feng again, I’ll toss you into the ocean to feed the sharks.”

Zhou Yue was silent with his face lowered. It was unknown whether he had understood the meaning or was plotting his revenge. Ye Shuang could not see the man’s face, so she could not read his emotions.

Yao Zhixing’s guests were truly shocked. When Ye Shuang climbed out from the water, the area cleared instantly. Even Yao Zhixing did not know what to say at a time like this. Only Anthony was the calmest. He removed his bathrobe and lent it to Ye Shuang with a smile. It was like he had not just witnessed an attempted murder in the water but a water ballet.

“I think I’ll just go back first.” Ye Shuang looked at Anthony and pulled on the bathrobe as she nodded at Yao Zhixing.

Yao Zhixing sighed as he scratched his head. “Okay, I’ll drive you.”

Ignoring the rest, the few moved to the dressing room.