Chapter 488 - 11,000 Heartbeats

Chapter 488: 11,000 Heartbeats

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Even though there was a small problem, Brother Shuang did see two evil hounds as a problem. She used a karate chop and sent the two hounds to sleep. She expended some energy to climb up to the second floor directly from outside, to mask her scent trail. That way, even when the two dumb dogs woke up, there would be no problem. However, she was getting hungry again…

When she reached the beam, Ye Shuang rubbed her belly and took out the biscuit to eat. Perhaps it was the genetic breakdown—even though there had not been any sign of serious trouble, the rate at which she digested food had become faster and faster. It was like every cell in her body was fighting a hellish battle with no return.

“They’re not yummy at all…” After finishing four hard biscuits without any water, the filling dry food solved part of her problem. The feeling of her stomach burning up like her body was on fire disappeared soon after. However, the taste left much to be desired. After all, these were dry provision that people brought with them to the field. It was meant to be filling, not tasty, and Ye Shuang had grabbed them for the same reason. She should not have expected a delicious taste.

Adjusting the corner of her shirt, the flexible yet large body curled into the top of the beam. That way, she was not visible from below. Ye Shuang had switched off her phone, and she closed her eyes to rest. At the same time, she tuned up her listening skill to maximum, not letting even the smallest whisper of wind escape from her detection.

After about 1,500 heart beats, there was a small commotion from the yard. The two dogs had woken up. They spun around anxiously for a while and then rushed in the direction that Ye Shuang had left in earlier. They stopped at the spot where she climbed up the wall and scratched at the ground for a while. In the meantime, they were barking, and the sound echoed for a long distance.

Another five hundred heart beats later, perhaps because they could not find another spot where her smell had been left behind, the dogs barked for a long time and got no response. Since they could not get into the house because the door was locked, they finally gave up. But as they walked around the yard, they would occasionally rush at the wall like they were doing spot checks.

5,000 heart beats later, the dogs gave up their investigation. They probably believed that the bad guy who had knocked them out had already left the area, so they returned to their previous spot to sleep and turned their sides up to the sun.

11,000 heart beats—about three hours—later, Ye Shuang heard the sound that she had been waiting for. The sound of high heels clicking slowly approached the door, and it sounded like it was from a slim woman. The two dogs who had been attacked that day were on high alert. When the sound of heels came near, they started barking. The person outside did not panic, and they did not appear like they were coming close. They only stood outside for a while.

What is this person planning to do? Ye Shuang was thinking, and soon, another sound came. Fine, there was no need to guess anymore—the person had tossed something inside.

The person probably had some knowledge and confidence when it came to the dogs inside the yard. The dogs in the city learned to pick up newspapers and act cute. As long as they did not poop in random places, they were good dogs. But dogs in the countryside had to learn different skills. They were tasked with guarding the house or field and catching thieves. Thus, they could not grab anything from home, or else it would make countryside chores like putting out the grains to the sun or keeping a chicken coop very difficult.

Unfortunately, today’s dogs were not yesterday’s dogs. After they were assaulted by Brother Shuang, the two canine’s alert level was through the roof. They had great hostility toward everything that dared venture into their territory that day.

Just as the thing dropped to the ground, before Ye Shuang could figure out the method to grab it without being noticed… before she decided whether or not to wait for the homeowner to return… before she could even finish her thought, the two feral dogs jumped forward and tore the item to shreds.

Ye Shuang’s heart was in pieces, but the person outside probably did not feel too good either.

Her ears captured the sound of feet stomping and cursing. The person probably did not expect something like this to happen. They wanted to leave already, but now they started to pace around the house. That calmed Ye Shuang somewhat, and she repositioned herself on the roof beam. After all, the person outside was still thinking. It was clear that the person needed to repeat the action, but Ye Shuang wondered how they were going to go over the defensive line set up by the hounds. After all, she had nothing better to do; she would treat this as a show and see how the person would best the two evil dogs. Would they use intelligence or… brute force?

Reality proved that the person outside preferred the former. After pacing for a while, the person came to a decision. Then came the sound of the hedge being pulled and the sound of a gun slipping through it. Two tranquilizer shots were fired, and the hounds became a non-problem.

Well, at least the person had come prepared.

Ye Shuang found a secluded corner on the second floor and witnessed the whole process. She shook her head out of mercy for the two poor animals. They had such bad luck, ambushed twice in a day, and neither of those time could they do anything about it. But as merciful as she felt, she had things to do. Ye Shuang looked for a while, and after the person left as they dropped the item in the yard, Ye Shuang jumped down from the second floor, grabbed the item, and left without turning back while the two hounds were still incapacitated.

“This is a map.”

Ye Shuang opened the cloth with one hand and held the phone in another to report it to Han Chu. “It has been treated with some kind of drug so that it looks like a normal letter from the surface. If this Auntie Liu is not some kind of hidden talent like a retired special agent, this is probably meant for someone else.”

Han Chu was silent for a while. “How did you know it’s a map, you brought the neutralizer with you?”

“No,” Ye Shuang said as she sniffed on the cloth. “I can smell a trace of the scent.”


With a cough, Han Chu calmly praised his underling’s awesome performance. “Well done.”

Then he thought about it before giving the next directive. “Go and find something to replace the item that you’ve stolen. Then continue to watch and see who comes to intercept the package.”

Ye Shuang did not mind. “Okay. I’ll contact you if Auntie Liu collects the stuff. You guys pay attention as well.”

“No problem.” Now that the main issue was done, Han Chu was kind enough to ask about her situation. “By the way, how come I’ve been hearing loud barks for a while? Are there dogs there?”

“It’s fine.” Ye Shuang leaned in the secluded corner and looked down. She answered casually, “Earlier, when I snuck in, I was discovered. They chased me for a while, but I’m fine now. The person who dropped the letter has drawn their attention away, and the two dogs are now scratching at the gate madly.”

“…In any case, be careful.”