Chapter 318 - Divide and Conquer

Chapter 318: Divide and Conquer

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Brother Zuo adjusted his schedule for a week to personally escort them. With complicated feelings, Xu He was thus sent overseas under the accompaniment of his nephew. But because of that, Ye Shuang also started to get curious about how Han Chu managed to convince Zuo Yuanhang.

One week, seven days of editing his schedule… Brother Han sure is something else.

Xu He’s departure was not for nothing. Even though he was not that willing, in the end, he handed over a USB with all the information he had. It contained everything Xu He knew about the organization… even though with his status, that was probably not much.

“It’s only part of the account for the Asian region, and even then, the information is not complete.” Anthony was very annoyed after he cracked the USB and puffed up his cheeks. “The man was really not valued, and they say he is the one of the peopl responsible for the organization at China.”

Han Chu raised his brow lightly. “One’s intelligence decides one’s status.”

“Even though there is not much that can be used, it is better than nothing, right?” Ye Shuang tried to comfort herself.

( NovelFull )    After a casual grunt of agreement, Han Chu walked to the computer. As Anthony leaned back, he pulled out the information that he wanted to see. “Even though the details aren’t there, we can see the bigger picture from the money trail. The budget for Chaohai, San Lin City, and Xiang Jiang has mostly been exhausted or rescinded, so the rest of the assets are not enough to cause any worry. The larger assets instead went to Jing Hu City and Feng Yuan City… Tsk, they sure know how to pick places. These are both traditional cities that are expanding well.”

“Hmm, the real estate price in Jing Hu City is scary; it has never dropped out of the top five for these recent years.” Ye Shuang nodded as she went over the topics that she shared with Lu Shaoyue before.

Han Chu glanced over and tutting before glancing back. “After all, you won’t be paying for it.”

Even in a small place like San Lin City, someone had gifted her a car and a house. The day probably wouldn’t come for this woman to use her own money to purchase estate.

“Baby, if you marry me, then I will change the ownership of all my assets in China to your name.” Anthony placed his hands behind his head and flirted with Sister Shuang out of boredom. “By the way, why did you change the topic? Weren’t we talking about the money trail?”

“Yes, that was wrong of us.” Ye Shuang repented for a while and then said seriously, “We’ll talk about that after you manage to skip going to the nightclub to find ladies for a month.”

Can’t these two focus on the serious stuff‽ Han Chu had almost had it.

Massaging his head that was aching, Han Chu moved away from the computer and sat down on the sofa expressionlessly. “Jing Hu City has always been cautious of outside investor, so I thought they would not do anything there, but now it looks like we’ve been mistaken. But since we realize it now, coming up with a plan to chase them out shouldn’t be too difficult, but Feng Yuan City… would you like to go to take a look or shall I?”

Just like how Ye Shuang had the responsibility to finish the jobs her talents could not finish, Han Chu also had the responsibility to help his agents. Most importantly, the extra income from this kind of large assignment could go into one’s own pocket without the commission. In other words, if the situation at Feng Yuan City was solved perfectly and managed to collect enough money before the opponent was destroyed, then the income would be quite large.

“…You’ll go and take a look?” After a moment’s silence, Ye Shuang thought the less trouble for herself, the better. Han Chu frowned, and the gaze that he tossed over was openly criticizing the girl’s laziness and her intention of pushing her work to him. Ye Shuang shivered and quickly corrected herself. “I think I should go. After all, this is the mission that my team has accepted!”

This time, the gaze said, So, you’re trying to take my money?

For half a minute, Ye Shuang was speechless. For the first time, she wished that she was not that good at analyzing micro-expressions. “How about… we go together and share the collected fee equally‽”

Ok, this time Han Chu was finally satisfied.

With modern technology, switching maps was not something troublesome. Even though San Lin City was far from Feng Yuan City, it was only a few hours of waiting on the plane.

With Han Chu tagging along, there was no need for anyone else to follow. They were instead sent to Jing Hu City to deal with the situation there. Even if there was a sudden emergency, they could charter a plane immediately. At most, it would be another half a day of travelling.

“I can understand why Su Zheng is unable to come.” Ye Shuang interrupted Han Chu who was explaining the team arrangement, and she massaged her temples rather helplessly. “But now I really want to know… why is Edward tagging along?”  ( NovelFull )

No, that issue is actually not the most urgent. Ye Shuang sighed and then asked patiently, “And when did you two connect with each other?”

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Han Chu looked at the message that came into his phone and answered without raising his head. “Even though this old man is cunning, twisted, and one hundred percent not trustworthy, as someone who shares the same goal, a temporary truce and cooperation can be accepted.”

“That, I can agree with.” Edward was slumped lazily in the coffee shop’s chair. He used his fat fingers to pick out the cigarette from his lips and puffed out a smoke ring. “By the way, when is the car that you mentioned going to arrive? I don’t want to stay any longer at this horrible shop that limits its supply of milk and sugar according to the cups of coffee that you order.”

Han Chu raised his eyes to look at the guy with some condescension. Even though he had a sweet tooth, he would never turn his coffee into cocoa milk tea like this man.

“Based on the message, the car I rented is already waiting outside the airport, but because the rental apartment has not replied yet, there is no need for us to go to the car yet.”

What were they going to do if they had no place to go? Would they have him drive around the city with no destination?

Edward could not understand it. “Why aren’t we staying at a hotel? There will be people to clean the room and prepare the meals daily… Why must we stay at a rental apartment?”

“Because,” Han Chu said plainly, “it is cheaper.”

“…You really are the man who is most confident with his stinginess from all the people that I’ve met.”

Han Chu scoffed coldly, brushing off the insult. “If you call a reasonable partitioning of budget stinginess, then I admit it freely.”

Ye Shuang sipped on her coffee quietly, watching the two men fight. She could guess the reason for Han Chu renting an apartment. Saving money was one reason, but the more important reason was making it more convenient for her to switch her gender. Even though the hotel would not ask too many questions, it was a slight inconvenience for her to appear in different genders.

After about ten minutes, the second message arrived on Han Chu’s phone. The rental car and apartment had been found through a local contact. There was no fixed agent in this city, but at least it fell under the territory of another middle-tier agent. Therefore, many simple things could be done easily.

Jumping into the car, the GPS found the address, and the group of three went on the road to their temporary home.

The main issue of the rental apartment was not the traffic or something else—the main issue was Han Chu’s request that the three rental rooms must be on the same floor or at least the same block.

To fulfill this demand and add in the consideration of the mission, the rental message came later than the car rental. Even though the person had tried their best, the final result was two of the rooms were on the same floor, but Edward’s room was four floors lower than where Han Chu and Ye Shuang stayed.

Han Chu was satisfied with this situation that ‘could not be helped’.

“Be careful of that fatty.”

After walking into his own room and put down his luggage, Han Chu walked out and knocked on the opposite door. Then, the first thing he said was a reminder for Ye Shuang. “What is the logic to your transformation? If you need my help to cover, I hope you can give me a call at least half a day in advance.”

That way, he had time to distract Edward so that the secret of his employee would not be exposed.

“I’ll try my best not to switch my gender.” Later, she would go and find out where boys usually roamed the city. “But it’ll be better if you give me some time to do some mental preparation. How long are we expected to stay in Feng Yuan City?”

“Depends on the situation,” Even though he did not have much trust in Ye Shuang’s control of her transformation, Han Chu did not say anything else. Like he was the owner, he sat down on the sofa and opened his laptop that he had brought over. “I’ve had quite a few cases in Feng Yuan City before, but I did not focus on this city, I can only find a part of the information for the business owners here… If we want detailed information, the other agent should have more. After all, this is an up and coming location, so I believe he has some connections here.

“We now have two choices. One is to directly search for the organization’s base here and then assault it. The other is to find a partner, or rather a business, that we can work with to go against the organization together… Of course, no matter the choice, it is most important that we identify the organization’s base here first.”

Han Chu went over the information that Anthony had cracked again and then selected several accounts. “Based on the records of the previous accounts and the time of formation for these companies, my initial suspicion can be limited to the Yong An Organization and Chang He Corps… We’ll tackle one each. Which one would you prefer?”

Which one? She did not know about either one!

Ye Shuang did not mind though. She closed her eyes and raised her finger. Then she opened them. “Alright, Yong An Organization it is!”