Chapter 289 - Oops, Didn’t Mean To

Chapter 289: Oops, Didn’t Mean To

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No matter how hard Han Su tried to get to the bottom of the truth, it did not affect Ye Shuang’s job. If someone was to worry, that was Han Chu’s worry. These two cousins were the type to plot and analyze, so Ye Shuang left the two to their own devices.

Currently, Ye Shuang was more concerned with the news of theft at the Yan family. Su Zheng had followed the money trail and come up with a result. In the end, she had found that the person who had the suspicious money transference was Yan Zhu’s biological mother. In other words, Yan Si had really been framed by the old vixen.

When they met up again, Su Zheng placed the account before Yan Si. She sipped on the water and boasted proudly. “It was not that easy to trace because it exchanged a few hands, but the source of the money that paid Brother Zao indeed came from your stepmother’s account. Even the time matches. Now, as long as your friend can confirm that she has already found out about your father’s physical condition, then she will have motive.”

Yan Si and his friend immediately picked up the papers to scan them. They looked at the transactions that Su Zheng had purposely marked down with a pen. To say that they were excited would be an understatement. “Ha ha! This time, we’ll see what she has to say for herself!”

Ye Shuang coughed. “Let’s not talk about that yet. If you have confirmed the validity of the result, isn’t it time to pay the rest of the bill already?”

They finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Yan Si very happily asked his friend to transfer the rest of the ten thousand RMB into Ye Shuang’s account. When the latter received the bank notification, the two planned to leave.

“Wait!” Ye Shuang called after them. “Even though the result has been found according to the contract, I have something to add.”

“Speak!” Yan Si was rarely happy, and his mood was great.

“We have found the real culprit who stole the document—that was the demand of our contract,” Ye Shuang said seriously. “After reporting the result, you are satisfied with it as well. Therefore, from this point, we have followed the terms of the contract and completed it. You admit that, right?”

Yan Si and the youth looked at each other. They were confused. “That’s right, haven’t we discussed this earlier?”

What is the meaning of repeating it then? Was she asking for a bonus?

“As long as you admit that we have completed the job.” Ye Shuang nodded. “Due to our business relationship, I want to give you some free advice—it is true that you now know the culprit, but you still cannot use this as evidence to show Elder Yan.”

“Why not‽” Yan Si exclaimed angrily. “You want me to let that old bitch go?”

“Because you don’t have enough evidence,” Ye Shuang explained calmly. “I’ll put it this way, the third Mrs. Yan transferred the money to a middle person, and the middle person moved the money to two other people. This can only prove that there was a single money transaction between the third Mrs. Yan and Brother Zao.

“Of course, you know this money is because she hired him to steal the documents from the safe, but unfortunately, this is not an open secret to other people. Brother Zao is someone who walks the path. Xiao Su has said it from the beginning—she begged him to tell her the truth using the fact that she was from the same circle. However, this doesn’t mean that Xiao Su has the ability to make Brother Zao admit before others that he once helped someone crack the safe.”

Ye Shuang looked at Yan Si’s expression that turned from confusion to shock, and she sighed. “You should understand the reason, right? Gossiping with friends and admitting before the police are two different things. The issue of morality aside, if Brother Zao really admits his actions, then he will be punished by the law as well…”

Therefore, it was impossible to get him to confess. Moustache would never use a life of jail time to help another person clear his name. And if Moustache did not admit that he had stolen from the safe, naturally, no one could prove the relation to the third Mrs. Yan. In other words, the document at most let Yan Si know who had framed him. However, it was unable to help him prove anything.

The impact on Yan Si was huge, and his body was shaking like a leaf in the wind. Half a second later, his disappointment turned into anger. He slammed on the table. “Then why did I even hire you to investigate this‽”

“…So you’ll know who stuck the knife into your heart?” Ye Shuang thought about it and provided the usage of the document. Yan Si almost spat out blood on Ye Shuang’s face.

Before Yan Si went on a rampage, the youth knew that there was still chance to negotiate. He quickly comforted his friend and interrupted him. “Is there no other way?”

“There is!” Su Zheng nodded and then pointed at the other money transaction that had nothing to do with Moustache. “This person who removed the alarm has nothing to do with us; you can go after him.”

In other words, “you cannot touch our people, but feel free to go after the others.” Yan Si could finally breathe easier.

Ye Shuang frowned and turned to discuss with Su Zheng. “But if this person sells out the third Mrs. Yan, she will sell out Brother Zao, so what’s the difference?”

“They will settle that privately. After all, they won’t air their dirty laundry. Elder Yan only needs the main culprit; he won’t call the police to capture everyone involved.” Su Zheng shrugged. “Furthermore, we can ask Ace for help to remove the transaction with Brother Zao from the record. Without that evidence, who could harm Brother Zao?”

She now also knew that Tony could work for free, but the key was that Han Chu or Ye Shuang had to make the request. Ye Shuang chuckled as she looked Su Zheng. “You want people to work for free?”

Su Zheng giggled at her as Ye Shuang thought about it. “I’ll let it slide this time, but you owe me a meal.”

After Yan Si and the youth got the guidance, they stopped annoying them. Su Zheng was kind enough to provide them with the full transaction details including the date, location, and bank account number, so they only needed to follow the details, and soon, they would find out who removed the alarm.

After Yan Si and his friend returned next door, Ye Shuang started to pack.

“Huh, Sister Shuang, where are you leaving for?” Su Zheng looked on with interest and occasionally provided her opinion, like saying that one shirt was not easy to match with pants, or a pair of pants was not easy to wash… She effectively dragged down Ye Shuang’s fast speed.

Ye Shuang was speechless and eventually surrendered her luggage to Su Zheng, who happily helped her pack. “…Didn’t I tell you that I’m going with Rong Su to France? She’s leaving in a few days, and I plan to depart earlier to find a place to stay and wander the streets.”

“France?” Su Zheng’s eyes glowed. “Please bring me with you! I happen to know a good vineyard. We can buy a few bottles of wine.”

“You are not coming!” Ye Shuang would not bring a person to closely observe her gender-swap, and she said seriously, “You need to stay here to focus on the after-sale service. If Yan Si has any other requests, it’ll be better if you’re here to handle it.”

Su Zheng almost cried. “I’ve been in this business for so many years, and this is the first time that I’ve heard about after-sale service.”

“It’s real starting from now.” Ye Shuang was shameless as she bullied the girl. “We can’t just drop everything once we finish the case. Now, those in the service business have to do everything we can to retain our client. If you are not able to make people satisfied, they will not come back to us.”

The only thing that Su Zheng did not do was to roll on the ground. “But why… I want to go too!”

Going to France with Rong Su was a team mission, and the payment was 4,000,000 HK dollars to be shared among the members. Shanghai was a personal mission, and the fee was 100,000 RMB. Even if she added the other minor jobs, it would at most add up to 120,000 RMB.

Going to France was leaving the country. She would be following the camera crew to beautiful places, and she would have a chance to interact with famous international brands. The key point was that the food and accommodation could be compensated from the company account. She had been to Shanghai so many times already. As advanced as it was, it was no different from any other international city. The accommodation was her own rental, she had to pay for her own food, and she did not even have a car.

Be it from the business standpoint or personal standpoint, Su Zheng thought that Ye Shuang’s journey to France was much better than the so-called after sale service. She did not want to stay back to look after these people! She wanted to leave the country to see lavender fields, eat foie gras, and get to know French men!

“I also want to go!” Su Zheng grabbed Ye Shuang’s hand and refused to let go. She wiped at the tears that did not flow out of her eyes. “I even switched teams because of you, and you didn’t want to go on the first big business… If you don’t let me go, I don’t want to be friends with you anymore!”

Ye Shuang sighed and tried to explain the situation from another point. “It’s mainly because I won’t be staying in France for that long. My partner will come to take over soon enough, and you, as a single girl…”

Who would have thought that Su Zheng was even happier. “Big brother is coming‽”

The worry that Ye Shuang had did not occur to her at all.

Fine, I guess we’ll all go.

Since she could not convince Su Zheng, Ye Shuang could only surrender. She called Ol’ K to prepare another visa and called to buy another plane ticket for Su Zheng. Su Zheng was satisfied and went back to pack her luggage, leaving Ye Shuang alone. Ye Shuang had time to sneak some male clothes into her luggage.

The next day, she met up with Yan Si, to tell him that she was going to leave the country for a few days. If the need arose, they could communicate via email. Then Ye Shuang led Su Zheng to the airport.

After a ten-hour flight, they spent the whole night on the plane, and the afternoon the next day, they arrived at one of Paris’ airports.

The excited Su Zheng was the first to rush out. Half a minute later, she rushed back in. “Sister Shuang, I forgot, I don’t know how to speak French.”