Chapter 434 - Nothing to Do with You

Chapter 434: Nothing to Do with You

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Little Brother Ye did not know that he was secretly being compared to a kid. In reality, indeed, others could not understand the great difference between the biological siblings.

If Ye Shuang was cool, then Little Brother Ye was a complete dummy. Differences in the hardware such as intelligence, ability to fight, and so on were not considered here. They were different mainly in their character.

Ol’ K, who found out everything about the Ye family within ten minutes, guaranteed that Little Brother Ye would drag everyone down as soon as he was on the loose.

Ye Shuang’s talent came from the genetic evolution. However, it was just a theory no matter how fast her logical thinking was. Without rich real-life experience, although Ye Shuang could achieve results that were admirable for most ordinary people, it was far from what an expert could achieve.

With Xiao San’s men participating in the off-site assistance, though they did not control the situation right away, they scanned through everything happening in San Lin City. They understood many situations by then, and perhaps even Yao Zhixing, the local tycoon, might not have been able to achieve this.

“You guys said that Jennifer is gathering her people, and if we’re not mistaken, there should be a bunch of people coming into San Li City this weekend.” It was inconvenient for him to reveal how he had obtained the news in detail as there were too many things involved internally while the process was complicated. Therefore, he revealed the conclusion directly. “My men don’t understand the situation on the international level, so we don’t know who the pawns are and who the leader is among these people. Here, this is the list. Do as you wish.”

Han Chu scanned through the list quickly as soon as he got it. He took a picture of it with his phone and sent it over to Albert. He was an FBI agent, so he should have more intel compared to Han Chu. He would have to get Albert to send his men to take over anyway.

“Why is Jennifer carrying out such a major operation all of a sudden? She looks like she’s in a hurry.” Ye Shuang took the list and peeped at it. She could not understand it at all, so she thought she would just ask.

Han Chu responded without putting too much thought into it. “Her dark archive is pretty useful. It happens to contain details on some prominent people. So, I took a portion of them to bargain with Albert… I supposed one of them decided to sell Jennifer out.”

Jennifer was well-known in the industry, firstly for her beautiful looks and secondly for the chip that she possessed.

Some of them were willing to help Jennifer because they admired her, but most of them were threatened by the dirt that she had on them, so they had to oblige out of fear.

Naturally, Jennifer knew how to play it out for her plot to last longer. Even if she was threatening them, it was based on win-win situations for both parties to be working together. She would not cross the line by taking all of the benefits. Therefore, even though people were unhappy with her methods, they got over it with a little bit of tolerance.

If Jennifer kept her chip safe, she might live a peaceful life for a long time given that she played her cards well with all of the secrets that she held. However, it was a different case now.

“Nobody would feel safe with having their dirt in somebody else’s hands,” Han Chu said like everything made sense. “Those bosses thought Jennifer was sensible, and fearing that she might expose them from the pressure, they chose to work with her by turning a blind eye. No matter what, they would benefit from it anyway. It was just that they were a little unhappy about the conditions. However, now that Jennifer has leaked all of the dirt, it’s only natural that they won’t tolerate her any longer.”

The bosses assumed it was Jennifer who leaked the dark files aside. Even if they knew that Jennifer had been robbed, it made sense that they looked for a place to vent since their safety was compromised.

Who asked her to show off? Who asked her to show off and not put the chip away properly? Who asked her to try to lie her way out of losing the chip instead of getting help?

No matter what, Jennifer had to take responsibility!

Xiao San had been focused on drinking tea with her head held low when Han Chu was talking to Ye Shuang. He was great at pretending anyway; he would definitely not interrupt when it was none of his business. He only lifted his head and smiled happily, looking innocent, after Han Chu was done explaining the situation.

“We’ve handled it for Brother Han and Sister Ye. It’s better that my men don’t stick our noses in whatever’s happening from now on… The water is too murky after all; I’m sure you guys understand.”

What he meant was that the cult would not make any arrangements on their own. The most they would do was pass on any news if they happened to hear anything.

Han Chu did not plan to drag them into this, so he nodded. “Indeed, it’s inconvenient for you guys to intervene.

“But it might be a little chaotic in San Lin City, so I’m not confident I can bring it under control. If you guys are worried about your family, would it be better if all of you hid outside the city?”

“Don’t worry about us, Brother Han. We came up with a plan before speaking to you.” Xiao San chuckled as he stood up from the couch. There was a packed suitcase by him. “The master is planning to travel with the kids. It’s going to be a one-month trip. I’ll be following them to sort things out. So, I’ll be off now.”

Han Chu stood up to shake his hand. “Thanks for the list.”

“Don’t mention it. You can call me if there’s anything that I can help with.

Ye Shuang, who had been holding herself back, could finally speak after Xiao San excused himself. “I have a feeling that he’s running away.”

“He’s not running away. He just wants nothing to do with us at the moment.” Han Chu had also seen through it, but he was unbothered. “Didn’t you notice that he didn’t even tell us where he’s going? They’ve washed their hands of us. I’m guessing they were helping us, figuring that they’ll be staying in San Lin City for a long time. They’re just doing this for good karma, but they definitely won’t help if things get out of hand.”

About Xiao San offering help whenever they needed, it was just an empty promise after all.

As long as the situation was not life and death, it was impossible for Han Chu and Ye Shuang to drag an outsider down with them. If they really did that, it would be too late if Xiao San was to rush there from God knew how far away from San Lin City.

“Your partner is the only person that you can rely on at such critical time.” Ye Shuang sighed. “We can only use external assistance occasionally.”

“We’re fortunate that we have partners.” Han Chu looked at his phone. Instead of sitting down, he walked straight to the door. “Let’s go. It’s been so many days. We should visit Tony.”

Ye Shuang could hardly believe her ears. “So, you do remember there’s this person named Tony!”

“…” Of course he remembered. However, since Anthony would not die while he was only being captured for half a month, what difference would it make?

Meanwhile on the other side, Cedrick was sitting right before Anthony and exclaimed while holding a cup of coffee, “I thought you guys were only putting on a show. Now it seems like you’ve really been abandoned.”