Chapter 383 - Catch a Cat

Chapter 383: Catch a Cat

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To deal with such a cretin, going the way of the just and upright was not going to work. Therefore, Ye Shuang came to a decision immediately and took down Edward in three to five moves. She tore up some material to fashion a makeshift rope and tied the man to the bed. The whole process took less than half a minute, and that included the time of Edward’s struggle.

“Alright, either you tell us honestly and then help us escape or we will all stay in this room to welcome the beautiful morning.” Ye Shuang clapped her hands shamelessly. She looked down on the captive in bed and smiled. “Fatty, make your choice.”

“Hmm…” Edward was tied up like a starfish on the bed. He blinked and tried to move his wrists. “Not bad.”

“Thank you, you are not that bad yourself,” Ye Shuang replied with a sincere compliment.

Han Chu walked over with a dark face. “It was my pants that you tore up!”

Why didn’t she tear up the jacket? The bedsheet? Why must it be my pants? She must be doing this on purpose because her sudden transformation means that she has no casual clothes to wear and she is forcing me to wear pajamas with her!

Ye Shuang pretended like she did not hear him. “Brother Han, you are more professional at this. Why don’t you come and communicate with the fatty? Ask him for the update and decide on a way for us to get out of this place.”

“…” Han Chu.

“Why are you in such a hurry to leave this place?” After Edward tried and failed to escape from the bond, he gave up and slumped in bed. “Jennifer won’t do anything to you in a short period of time, especially after tonight. Your value might even increase… Not everyone is willing to face Anthony head on, and that is not including Madam Grace and Luther… Of course, before that, you’ll have to call your female partner to come back. As long as no one knows that someone has sneaked in here tonight, I guarantee that nothing will happen to you.”

Ye Shuang and Han Chu were bargaining chips, not hurdles standing in the way. Since they were neither officials nor police officers, the nature of relationship had room to be changed. This kind of conflict was like a trade war; as long as it did not involve too big a loss, coming to a compromise was something common in life. After all, people came and went. There was no so-called permanent enemy, only benefits to be gained or negotiated…

From Edward’s words, the two basically came to the reason that the guards outside had been asked to leave. Perhaps because Anthony realized that they had not returned, he did something out of worry, or perhaps Madam Grace finally decided to fight for her son and brought along Luther to help liven up the party.

In any case, Jennifer’s forces were assaulted by a third party, and because of that, the original plan to kidnap Ray was ruined. Not only that, Jennifer’s lair might have been exposed, so everyone was busy trying to salvage the situation by increasing the defense and so on.

At the same time, as people who had deep connection with Anthony and were both somewhat related to Madam Grace and Luther, Han Chu and Ye Shuang’s value would naturally increase in Jennifer’s mind.

If Ye Shuang had not suddenly transformed, perhaps they really would have had nothing to worry about.

Turning to look at Han Chu and realizing that there was the same trace of helplessness in his eyes, Brother Shuang felt much balanced internally. Turning back to Edward, she rejected his suggestion with a rightful tone. “As Chinese citizen upholding a great sense of justice, how could we even entertain the idea of colluding with the bad guys?”

Edward was silent for a while. “No offense, but have you taken your meds today?”

“Foolish,” Han Chu mocked with a condescending smile. “It’s obvious that he has taken the wrong meds.”

Brother Shuang raised an eyebrow. “I admire your sense of humor, both of you, but might I add that I can hear some commotion approaching from the outside?”

This could only mean that there were uninvited guests. No matter what Jennifer decided to do next, she would first have to ensure that her hostages were still there. If there was a need, she might even send her people to ‘invite’ Han Chu and Ye Shuang to join the negotiation. In other words, if Edward stayed there, the safety of the two aside, he would definitely be in deep trouble.

“Sh*t!” Edward cursed under his breath and pulled on the cloth around his wrists. “Quick, let me go. We can discuss things later.”

“Does this mean we are going to discuss how you’re going to help us escape later?” Ye Shuang was still careful.

Edward was about to explode. “Yes, yes, no problem, I’ll bring you out now… Er, even though escape might not be possible, I can find you a different place to hide.”

After showing his willingness to cooperate, he soon found freedom. He rubbed his wrist and complained as he led the pajama duo outside. “Follow me, I’ll lead you to a safe place.”

Edward had obviously studied this place. When the noise level started to rise outside the house, he led the two away from the route that would lead others up to the second floor. He took a detour around a balcony and climbed up to the third floor. He dropped the two at a room that looked like the main bedroom, said a few words, and prepared to leave.

“So, is this the safe place?” Without opening the lights, Han Chu studied the room using the moonlight filtering through the window. He chuckled. “The man is clever. He dropped us directly inside Jennifer’s place.”

“Jennifer’s bedroom?” Brother Shuang was first shocked before she also studied the room that they were in. The brassiere that was left casually on the bed, the small laptop on the table, and the dresser that looked a bit too big for the size of the room… Ye Shuang nodded. “Looks like the situation outside is severe enough that Jennifer is needed to watch over the whole operation, so she won’t be coming back any time soon. The most dangerous place is the safest place. Even if the people discover our disappearance, they will start searching the other escape routes and won’t think to check their boss’ bedroom.”

“We’re making use of the chaotic situation.” Han Chu nodded. “But what should we do after the chaos is over? Is Edward confident that the people outside will be able to break through Jennifer’s defense?”

Compared to a compromise, the best ending was Jennifer’s loss. If Jennifer won, there would be nothing to be said; Han Chu and Ye Shuang would wait for Jennifer to deal with the outside forces, and then she would return to deal with them. Even if they were the best hiders, they would not escape her detection should Jennifer’s people turn the house upside down.

So, where did Edward’s confidence come from? Why would he think that after the duo hid in there for a while, they would eventually be saved?

Ye Shuang could not help but think the worst. “Is it possible that we’ve been tricked by the fatty?”

“I think he is prepared to become yet another inside mole,” Han Chu said. “Think about it, if the event tonight won’t lead to a big change in the situation, why would he purposely come to visit us? To show off his disguise skill and to prove that he is able to get close to another key character without a problem?”

“So, does this mean that Jennifer will lose?” Ye Shuang asked with joy.

“Theoretically speaking, yes, but…” Han Chu glanced at Ye Shuang lightly. “Even if we manage to escape this once, you’d better come up with a valid explanation to explain why the female you disappeared.”

Why is it this annoying problem again?

“Han and Xiao Shuang’s car’s last known location is a fruit farm. There, we found traces of a fight and bullets.” Anthony pressed quickly on the keyboard, and a road map extended on the screen. “And then the two cars that were following Xiao Shuang’s car appeared half an hour later. After passing several traffic cams, they were last seen around here. Based on the direction of the route that they took and the pictures taken by the satellites, Xiao Shuang and Han must be around here somewhere!”

“So?” Madam Grace looked at Anthony with impatience. “I do not want to hear your analysis about the hostages in Jennifer’s hands. I just want to find Cedrick.”

Anthony closed the computer, and with a smile on his baby face, his eyes were glinting with a danger that did not match the cute expression on his face at all. “Of course, I understand your feelings, but I hope you understand mine too, or else, if anything happens to Han or Xiao Shuang, your Cedrick will have to spend the rest of his life in fear and anxiety.”

Anthony lowered his voice and blinked cutely. “My dear Madam Grace, you know where I’ve placed your… meaning you and Cedrick’s files, right? If I see a hair missing from my friend’s head, believe you me, you’ll both become world-famous overnight as every organization’s top wanted person.”

Madam Grace looked at Anthony coldly for half a minute before suddenly turning around to angrily yell, “Didn’t you hear Mr. Anthony? Put your guns away, idiots! Get me a line to Jennifer. Tell her that Luther and I wish to have a conversation!”

Anthony smiled with satisfaction. “Nice, even if Cedrick is not here, I have my ways to help you find him, provided my friends are safe.”

“You’d better remember what you said.” Madam Grace levelled him a dark gaze.

Madam Grace could threaten Jennifer; Jennifer could threaten Han Chu and Ye Shuang. Of course, Madam Grace could not have cared less about their safety, so once Jennifer realized that they were of no use, Han Chu and Ye Shuang probably would not have a pretty ending.

Thankfully, Anthony cared about them.

Reopening the laptop, Anthony happily typed on the keyboard. “Wonderful! Now, let’s see how we’re going to catch this blonde cat…”