Chapter 489 - For Money?

Chapter 489: For Money?

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Considering the number of people in Ye Shuang’s team and the amount of discretion and time needed for their individual job, the two police officers who were tasked with creating a distraction treated their mission seriously. They gathered all the villagers and held them until 10 pm before allowing them to go home.

Ye Shuang had no idea about the result of the other people’s investigation, but she did go back to the base one time in the afternoon due to hunger pangs. For this, she was stared at angrily by Han Chu who was first surprised to see her return so early. This was especially so after he thought that something serious had happened on her end, but just as he was about to ask her about it, he saw Ye Shuang rush into the kitchen without giving him any notice. Then came the sound of a whirlwind sweeping through the kitchen. Ye Shuang came out carrying a backpack and left with nothing but dust…

Feeling the fiery gaze on her back, Ye Shuang did not dare to see how ugly Han Chu’s face was at the time. Of course, when she scaled the wall again, Ye Shuang once again knocked out the two poor animals. This time, she did not get too close to leave a trail of scent. She shot them from a far using two pebbles doused in Chinese medicinal oil.

To be honest, Ye Shuang was worried that these two creatures might suffer brain concussion from this day.

Night fell, and the whole farm village appeared empty due to the lack of light. Ye Shuang relied on a bag of snacks and waited until midnight, which was when the house owner came home. The well-disguised intercept item had already been dropped in the yard. Even though she could not find the same drug in the short amount of item and could only roughly replicate the letter, it did not matter. After all, it would not be Auntie Liu reading it, and the handwriting was perfectly copied.

In terms of the skill of copying, Ye Shuang had complete confidence. Even if this item was sent to the key person, they would at most think the messenger forgot to draw the secret map. Both the inside and outside of the item were flawless, and she had placed it in a safe place, afraid that it might be attacked by the evil hounds. She had even paid attention to the smallest details like the kind of indentation the item would leave when it landed on the ground. Unfortunately, as professional as the copy was, it was wasted on Auntie Liu. Auntie Liu had no professional training that an interceptor would. After she returned home, she closed the gate and dragged her body back home like she was extremely tired. She walked past the small bag that was left on the ground like she could not see it.

Is it because it’s too dark? But she has lowered her head!

After a moment of speechlessness, Ye Shuang tried to think of a way to salvage this situation. Before Auntie Liu had gotten into the house, her gaze wandered around the yard before finally falling on the two poor animals.

There was no other solution. There were only these two who were alive and knew how to move in the yard…

There were no more pebbles, but she could pick out two wooden chips from the roof beam. After two cracks, two small wooden chips were peeled out and then shot out from the second-floor window down into the yard. Then Ye Shuang swiftly covered her ears. The next second, the sound of angry dogs braying echoed through half the village.

This time, the two dogs were not knocked out, and the anger that had been pooling all day exploded. This naturally attracted Auntie Liu’s attention. Not only was the middle-aged woman jolted and turned back to the sound, probably at least one-third of the villagers had been woken up from their sleep.

Auntie Liu, who had almost suffered a heart attack, took a long time to calm down. She held her chest and tried to control her temper. She was already saddened from the death of her son, and now she rushed out trying to find something to vent against. She launched a kick at each of the hounds and scolded them at the top of her lungs for a full thirty minutes. She scolded until she was covered in snot and tears, until she crumpled to the ground and heaved uncontrollably.

Ye Shuang watched all that quietly from the second floor. Seeing Auntie Liu finally notice the handkerchief bag, she sighed in the relief. But the next second, Auntie Liu stood up and looked like she was about to throw the stuff out. She hesitated at the last moment, gave it some thought, and finally carried it back home.

Honestly, Ye Shuang did not expect that she would end up finding a messenger. Even though she knew that this was due to the ruffian and she could get some valuable information from Auntie Liu, Ye Shuang had thought that it would be something like people coming back to silence the poor mother or people coming back to retrieve stuff that was left with the ruffian. Who would have thought that things would be more confusing than she predicted? Why would the other party be confident that Auntie Liu would help transfer the stuff, and why would the latter even help?

After all, she had lost her son to this.

Ye Shuang leaned on the roof beam and tried to figure it out. At the same time, she did not allow her attention on Auntie Liu to wander. The bag was carried into the kitchen, and when she came out, she was not holding anything anymore. The night passed peacefully. The next day, Auntie Liu stayed at home and did not leave. It was not until noon that there was knocking on the door. Auntie Liu had been half-conscious, wandering around the house. It was only when she heard the knocking that she snapped out of it, and several traces of awareness returned to her eyes.

She went to open the door. A man whose face was covered by a large beard and moustache stood outside. Without saying anything, he passed Auntie Liu something. The latter nodded and then said the first thing she had uttered all day. “Where’s the money?”

Ye Shuang frowned. It’s all for money?

The big beard did not want to waste time with a village woman. He tossed out a bag of money wordlessly. As the auntie lowered her head to count the money, he finally mumbled in impatience, “Don’t worry, it’s enough to keep you afloat until your last day on earth.”

“Wait here.” Holding the bag to her chest, Auntie Liu turned to head into the kitchen. The beard was probably afraid that he might be seen, so he followed to stand and wait in the yard. With nothing to do, he kicked at the two hounds with his toes to vent his frustration. They had probably already worn themselves out the previous night. They did not respond at all to the beard’s taunt and grumbled weakly at the kicks.

Ye Shuang leaned from the second floor to scan the events happening downstairs. She felt pity for the hounds. They had been tortured enough the previous day; they were probably tired of living already.

Soon, Auntie Liu came out from the kitchen, holding the bag wrapped in a handkerchief that was already dirty. The beard’s eyes lit up. He hurried over to grab and then open the bag. Looking and confirming that the handwriting was correct, he nodded with satisfaction as he took out a vial filled with liquid from his chest. He probably wanted to check the item on the spot.

Ye Shuang’s heart skipped a beat. Before she could come up a solution, something even more unexpected happened. The beard had all his focus on the stuff, and during that opening, Auntie Liu sidestepped around him and moved to stand behind the man. Of course, their position was not the main point. The main point was the auntie’s intention was different from what Ye Shuang had previously thought. She had been waiting for the whole afternoon not for money, and she went into the kitchen not only for the bag.

The woman took out a cleaver from the back of her dress, and her eyes took on a vicious glint as she stood behind the man.