Chapter 435 - Looking Down

Chapter 435: Looking Down

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

As Han Chu had left Anthony for so long, Cedrick’s expression changed from ‘we’ve been expecting you’ to ‘you’re finally here’ when he arrived with Ye Shuang.

Their initial trump card had worn out completely since their opponent had handled it calmly by not seeing themselves for half a month. Cedrick panicked a little, seeing that the duo that he had been expecting really had appeared before him. To be honest, he had been about to give up on threatening the hostage. He had just been wondering if he should change the plan by digging some other value out of Anthony.

Anthony was like a big dog that had been left out on the street. His eyes lit up when he saw the two familiar people at the door. He wagged his non-existent tail and ran to them happily. He complained while feeling wronged, “You guys are finally here!”

If he had not been communicating with Ol’ K on the internet, Anthony would really have thought that he was being abandoned.

Han Chu walked in calmly. “Yeah, we thought we would take a look around.”

He then nodded at Cedrick and observed him from head to toe. He smirked and revealed a pleased expression. “Seems like you’re doing well here. Having a great time with mommy‽”

Han Chu had poked Cedrick as soon as he came. Was he trying to start a fight?

Ye Shuang smiled to give her boss face while dragging a wronged golden retriever who refused to get up behind her. “She’s his family that he’s sought for so many years after all. Didn’t Cedrick joined the field to look for his mother back then? Wait, that’s not right. He was looking for his sister, wasn’t he? No matter what, he’s quite the family man.”

Calm down, I have to calm down! Cedrick took a breath in secret with his eyes closed, and he became a gentleman again when he opened his eyes. “Would the two of you like to speak to Madam Grace? I’ve gotten someone to report to her. I suppose you guys will see her in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes?

Not only was the report efficient, it seemed like the person who reported was quick to return.

“Since we’re here, we won’t leave until we’ve met the host.” Han Chu looked at Cedrick with a hint of disdain. “Don’t worry, we won’t run away.”

“Hehe, I’ve never thought of that.”

Cedrick just laughed it off. After confirming that Han Chu and Ye Shuang would stay to meet Madam Grace, he took the duo and Anthony who had been tied up to the guest room.

He served them tea and snacks while chatting with them, and the ten minutes soon passed.

Naturally, all of them present would not take the time too seriously. They would be petty if they really waited for only ten minutes. Therefore, they proceeded to chat, ignoring the fact that they had been waiting for ten minutes.

When half an hour had passed…

“Is Madam Grace busy today?” Finally, Han Chu could not wait any longer after drinking two cups of coffee. He thought that he would excuse himself after checking the time. “Maybe we should come another time.”

In reality, Cedrick was a little concerned. Han Chu and Ye Shuang were the big fish that they had been waiting for. It was impossible that Madam Grace would postpone her arrival as a threat. Or rather, although he had no idea why the duo had come, if Madam Grace showed up late, not only would it not bother the duo, it might be what they wanted. After all, nobody was willing to deal with the black widow.

Cedrick had been trying to compose himself while buying time when they chatted earlier. He was trying to prevent the duo from noticing anything off while dragging the two locals to help if something went wrong.

Cedrick was finally sure that something might have happened to Madam Grace when Han Chu decided to leave. He stood up immediately to stop him while signaling for the rest to stop them. He took out his phone. “Please give me a minute. I’ll check where Madam Grace is now.”

The bodyguards standing at the door and both sides of the couch moved to block their way completely. Just like that, Han Chu and Ye Shuang watched Cedrick heading over to the balcony to make a call.

“Are you confident?” Han Chu observed the few bodyguards one after another.

“Do you mean in fighting our way out, Brother Han?” Ye Shuang blinked and nodded without even thinking. “Of course, I’m confident in fighting. The thing is, they might have guns.”

“… Never mind then. Nothing should happen to us anyway.”

Ye Shuang listened to the commotion on Cedrick’s side for a while. “Nothing is going to happen to us, but something seems to have happened to Madam Grace.”

She lowered her voice at this point as she mysteriously reported, “Nobody is picking up Cedrick’s call. I think something might’ve happened.”

They were in a rut now.

Han Chu was a little speechless. It seemed like they definitely could not leave, but they might be dragged into something it was if they stayed. He had thought that they were just there to stir things up a little; never had he thought that he would step right into it.

The few bodyguards were definitely great at language since they had been hired to go to China with Madam Grace. Even if they were not fluent, they could understand the language.

Han Chu glanced through the few bodyguards whose ears were wide opened without any expressions on their faces. He then spoke in another dialect after a scoff. “I thought we would tell them about Jennifer today. It seems like Madam Grace has found out about it before we told her.”

Ye Shuang was smart to change the dialect too. “Are you sure, Brother Han? But it makes sense. Although this isn’t their territory, Jennifer is the only person who can do anything to people of Madam Grace’s position… Ah, I’m getting excited now. We’re just here to stir things up. Little did I know they’ve already done it.”

Anthony was dazed. “What are you guys talking about?”

The few bodyguards were in a daze, too. If they did not have to pretend that they were eavesdropping, they might have asked what Anthony had asked.

“It’s scary that a person has no culture,” Han Chu said in normal Chinese. While looking down on Anthony, Han Chu’s eyes lingered around the few bodyguards casually.

Ye Shuang chuckled. “Wu Chinese, combination of Central Min dialect and Hunanese… Isn’t it classy? It’s the most popular mix this year.”

Gotcha! So, you thought you would conquer China just by learning Chinese?

It was out of date to be communicating in foreign languages; it was common for one to be talented in languages. But dear, do you know any dialects‽

That’s right. We’re looking down on you!

Anthony came to a realization while the few bodyguards were secretly panicking as they pretended to be unbothered. On the other side, Cedrick had stopped his futile effort of calling and turned around while forcing a smile. “Please stop bullying them. There might be something that I need your help with over here.”