Chapter 490 - I’ll Be Gentle

Chapter 490: I’ll Be Gentle

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Every career had its expertise. Even bad guys had their expertise. It was unclear whether Auntie Liu was too angry or wanted to gather courage because this was her first time doing this, but even when she already had all the advantages on her side, for some reason, she gave out a loud yell before cutting with the cleaver. This obviously raised the wrong flag for herself.

As expected, the beardy rolled forward without even turning back to evade the chop. At the same time, he launched a kick that sent Auntie Liu flying two meters back. After kicking Auntie Liu, the beardy jumped into the air and rushed at the former. From his posture and the way his leg was raised, the man was preparing to launch another kick, and he did not hold back. Obviously, he saw Auntie Liu as his enemy.

Ye Shuang could not stand to watch anymore. With a grip of her hand, the wooden beam cracked, and the cut side was sharp and dangerous. Even if it was not metal, it had undeniable damage. She raised her hand and aimed a toss. The wooden chip flew at the beardy through the window. Following it, Ye Shuang shot out through the window, and she jumped down from the second floor without any buffer. As she landed, the wooden chip shot into the beardy’s shoulder. The latter yelped from the pain, and at the same time, an elbow strike followed, aiming at the soft spot behind the beardy’s neck.

The man raised his arm instinctually to block this blow, and the large impact felt on his small arm caused the beardy to yelp once more from pain. After landing the hit, Ye Shuang did not stop. Without saying anything, she turned her elbow around to lower her center of gravity. Her whole arm snaked through the beardy’s shoulders and then grabbed and yanked the man downward, heading toward the raised knee…

Following the sound of a spine snapping, the beardy’s mind was overwhelmed by pain. It caused his entire body to shiver, and his chest was almost punctured by his spine.

“If I move a bit heavier, your lungs will be punctured.” The attack stopped, and a low voice appeared in the man’s ears. The impact that was thunder-like disappeared like a wave. There was no buffer between extreme force and calmness. The beardy felt that if the man did not stop at that moment, the next second, his internal organ would have been punctured by his bones. Ye Shuang put down the raised leg and adjusted herself. Her hand was still holding the beardy’s neck. The other hand pulled the man’s hair back so that the man had to lift his head to look into the cold, handsome face.

“The beard is real. Looks like you’ve been keeping it for a long time… But in my eyes, if I’ve memorized your skull make-up and facial distribution, no matter how many disguises you add, it’ll be futile.” Ye Shuang’s eyes moved about the man’s face. Her eyes lowered, and when she lifted them, it was with a smile. “Jennifer’s bodyguard?”

The beardy’s pupils shrank, obviously in disbelief that she had managed to recognize him. When Auntie Liu was kicked away, she had fainted. The two dogs were too tired, and that allowed Ye Shuang plenty of time. She thought about it and let go of the hand that was pulling on the man’s hair. She applied slight pressure on his chest. “In other words, the person creating trouble in the village is Jennifer, or is there something she wants here? Or… perhaps a member of the organization has given her some information?”

The beardy subconsciously tightened the grip on the bag, but he soon understood it and asked with an ugly grimace, “Since you know all that, then you must have tampered with the item I got, right?”

“What can Jennifer give you?” Ye Shuang did not answer his question but continued on her own. “Money? Excitement? Meaning of life? Physical pleasure? And what can I give you? Actually, if I just do a bit more, I can ruin you now and ruin your chance of chasing after the thing you want in life.”

Increasing the force on her hand, the already numb chest was shot with pain again. The beardy grunted, and instantly, cold sweat covered his forehead. Ye Shuang threatened with a smile, “You might not be afraid of death, but there is no future after death. Even if you have a firm conviction, that doesn’t mean that your mind… can’t be affected. You are familiar with the truth serum, right? In this kind of irregular interaction, we will not consider the consequences. You might be turned into a retard to obtain the information we need, but who would blame us?”

The beardy glared at her in cold sweat. Ye Shuang waited patiently for a while. Seeing that the man did not change his mind, she sighed. “Looks like I’ll need to bring you back. I hope you do not regret this. After all, my partners…”

Ye Shuang paused to come up with a suitable description. “Er, they might be as gentle as I am.”

Gentle‽ Once you showed up, you broke my spine, and that was gentle‽ The beardy scoffed, but half an hour later, the beardy knew that he was wrong. Compared to Han Chu, who used drugs and electrocution in his interrogation, Ye Shuang’s verbal and physical threats were nothing.

“You sure you weren’t discovered when you brought the man back?” Han Chu took a break and had Anthony take over the interrogation. He sat down before Ye Shuang to ask for the details.

Ye Shuang thought about it. “Tony was there to look for nearby signals, and I believe no one can escape his detection. There isn’t the possibility of people watching using binoculars—Uncle Han scanned the whole mountains earlier… If they were nearby, I don’t believe anyone can elude my sense. So, concluding all that, I believe no one saw me.”

Han Chu nodded. “What about Auntie Liu?”

“She suffered a lot mentally.” Ye Shuang sighed. “She’s still unconscious. I don’t feel right moving her. I have no idea what she’ll do after she wakes up.”

“I’ll have the other two and the villagers pay attention to her. There’s no better solution.” Han Chu sighed. Big and small tragedies happened every day. After all, he was not a charity; it was fine to do something when it was within his power, but if he were to place his focus on other people, not only would his own job be bogged down, no matter how hard he cared for them, certain things could not be reversed. The people who faced this kind of trouble needed to depend on themselves.

At this point, Han Chu moved away from Auntie Liu’s issue. “Even though he is still holding something back, we have a basic picture of the situation.”

He concluded all the information that he had gathered. “The situation outside has reached a critical moment. Most of the people in the organization have been under scrutiny. Those who can be taken down have been taken down. For now, there is no evidence, but that shan’t be too long now. For now, there’s only Jennifer and another member who are outside of the scrutiny list.

“The other member is the person who made this village his base, but his main force is not here. So, he took Madam Grace as a hostage and cover to escape to, we believe, Somalia. He has an armed unit there. Cedrick and the other people probably are tracking him down.

“The other is Jennifer. She used a certain condition to have the escaping member transfer the power here to her so that she can use it against us. The information you obtained should be the location where that power is located. I suspect it is military arms.”

“A certain condition?” Ye Shuang was confused about this term. Was there such a condition that Jennifer could give?

Han Chu looked at her and calmly said, “Yes. The thing that some guys like.”

“…” Okay, she got it now.