Chapter 384 - Loonies

Chapter 384: Loonies

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

“Computer but no internet. Television service, no. Satelite… Fine, I can’t just drop an atomic bomb here just because of that.” Anthony typed on the keyboard happily. “This little cat is very cautious. I’m afriad that there is nothing I can do remotely to threaten this place, but cutting off the internet and power should be easy enough.”

“If I wanted to do something like that, I would have brought a giant pair of scissors, or are you just as good as one?” Madam Grace crossed her arms and scoffed.

Anthony shrugged. “I’m joking of course. Couldn’t anyone else have played along to lighten the mood?”

Then, he lifted his eyes from the screen. He looked at the rest with disappointment and shook his head. “We definitely do not belong on the same wavelength… Okay, the mobile server has been connected.”

When he pressed the backspace button, many progress windows appeared on screen. Each window had a different percentage written on it, and they represented the download speed of different files.

“What is this?” Madam Grace asked casually.

However, before she got an answer, the person who was responsible to call Jennifer came back to make a report. “Madam, we are unable to intercept their communication signal.”

“Oh, wait a minute.” Anthony pulled out the window with the fastest progress, and when he spoke, the progress bar was full. “I’m downloading all the content from all the nearby mobile phones inside that house. This number is done. Call XX-XXXXXX… Oh, right, when the call is connected, hand me the phone, I have a few choice words to share with the other party.”

The underling looked at Madam Grace, and after the latter nodded, he turned to say, “…Yes, Sir.”

“What do you mean ‘the hostages have disappeared’?” Jennifer asked with a smile as her pretty eyes scanned the man who had returned to report. “Don’t tell me, you idiots failed to look after my two important guests.”

“But miss, it was Captain Borey who told us to gather downstairs because there was an emergency…” The underling wiped away the cold sweat.

A tall, bald man behind Jennifer stepped forward and narrowed his eyes at the underling dangerously. “When did I give any of you a stupid order like that?”

Jennifer stared at the underling without even turning around. “Borey hasn’t left my side the whole night, and he hasn’t made any call. So… did he give you the order via telepathy?”

This time, the underling did not only wish to wipe at his sweat, he wished to use the bathroom as well. He stuttered when he tried to give his excuse, and his voice was filled with disbelief. “We… we saw Mr. Borey in person…”

Jennifer’s eyes scanned the room where all her people were gathered. Since they took turns to look after the hostage’s room, and one would not normally count how many people were inside a room every few minutes, she had not discovered this problem until she gave the order to bring the hostages to see her.

“Looks like we have a little mouse among us.” Jennifer chuckled. After giving it some thought, she decided to temporarily let this go. “But this is not that important. As long as they are still here, we’ll have plenty of time to fish them out… Borey?”

The bald leader nodded and roared at the rest. “Everyone, split into groups and go over the rules. Check the identification of the person next to you.”

Before Edward could hesitate, he was caught by a young man next to him. The young man sounded quite fearful, and his alert eyes wandered among the rest. “Big brother, there is a traitor among us. You have to be careful.”

“…” Edward smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m here… Come, we still need to go over the procedure lest we anger Miss Jennifer. You go first.”

After tricking the young man into giving up the rules, Edward added his own flair and very easily fooled the rest. Soon, the atmosphere in the room turned tense… because Jennifer realized that no one was exposed.

Edward looked on with wicked glee when suddenly the phone in his pocket vibrated. Should I answer or not?

Considering the intelligence of the person that he was disguising as from the company that he kept, Edward gained a big confidence boost and decided to pick up the phone.

“Edward?” Anthony’s happy voice came from the phone.

Fine, looks like today is really not my lucky day.  Edward took in a deep breath. Under the worried gaze of his ‘younger brother’ and the annoyed gaze that was turned his way by Jennifer, he tried to stick to his current role. “You are?”

“Hey, stop pretending, there are call records on this phone that connect it back to your own phone,” Anthony’s joyful voice said. “But that is not important, or rather, only beneficial to me… Hand this phone over to Jennifer, and then you can stand behind her so that you can cooperate with us when the situation calls for it.”


“By the way, how are Han and Xiao Shuang?” Anthony asked quickly.

“No problem, sir,” Edward answered with a face frozen with fear.

“I understand.”

While he made the code on the phone, bald Borey had already stood up with a glance from Jennifer. He angrily yelled at Edward, “Who are you talking to?”

Edward put down the phone and assumed his role of an unassuming mob. He walked over and proffered the phone respectfully. “Miss Jennifer, there is a gentleman on the phone that wishes to speak with you.”

Jennifer glanced at Edward once before moving her eyes to the phone. Then, she looked out the window. As something dawned on her, her lips curled into a smile, and she accepted the phone. “Hello?”

Edward lowered his gaze silently and successfully shuffled to stand behind Jennifer.

“Tony is outside.” Ye Shuang stood next to the window, and her gaze cut through the darkness to find the source of commotion. Around ten cars were parked around that area, and a number of people in black clothes had just gotten out from those cars. That was the standard working outfit for Madam Grace, who had a slight OCD. Each of them was armed with a pistol, and there might be heavier artillery inside the cars.

Han Chu’s eyesight naturally did not reach that far, but the earlier commotion had been rather big. So, combined with the hints from Edward, even if he did not witness it in person, he understood that a third force had arrived, but he still had not confirmed if Anthony was among them. “How do you know that?”

“I can see him from here.” Ye Shuang gave a light smile. “I haven’t seen the person, but someone was using Tony’s phone to send some Morse Codes. He’s saying something like ‘this is so boring’.”

Unlike Han Chu, who had personally witnessed Ye Shuang’s secret, as a good friend who spent some time together, he was familiar with Ye Shuang’s superhuman ability—like her very good eyesight. There were many times in the past when Ye Shuang arrived at the nightclubs to fetch the man, and even in the dim clubs where the strobes and flashlights spun, she was able to spot Anthony from miles away. Naturally, after this happened a few times, Anthony discovered this special power that Ye Shuang possessed.

Of course, he did not think that this was some kind of alien DNA but believed it was some kind of evolved sight power…

Ye Shuang shrugged and said, “Do we have any flashlights that can be seen faraway? I’ll give him a reply to tell him our current location.”

Han Chu was speechless. “Do you think we can still find such professional equipment in our current situation?”

But after he was done, he did give it some serious thought. “But Tony should have binoculars with him. Even if the lighting device isn’t very bright, I believe he’ll still be able to see it.”

Therefore, Ye Shuang searched the bedroom and finally decided to use Jennifer’s pink laptop.

Madam Grace looked at the hacker kid next to her coldly. The young man was playing on his phone and toying with his binoculars. Even though she had met many eccentric geniuses in her life, this young man definitely topped her list.

After some time, the young man stopped and turned around happily to prove that he had not been messing around earlier. “Madam Grace, I’ve already found my friends. How is your negotiation coming along?”

“Oh?” Madam Grace raised her brow. “Such interesting telepathy?”

In any case, she did not expect Anthony to explain his methods. She lifted her chin to point at the Luther, who was practically screaming into the phone. “Go and ask that idiot. He has the audacity to demand that Jennifer spit out the meat that is already in her jaw… Humph, I really don’t understand where men get their sense of confidence.”

“Have you told the woman I’ve acquired her and her people’s personal information?” Anthony asked with a smile.

“I believe that the idiot hasn’t mentioned that.” Madam Grace scoffed. “Before he reaches Jennifer’s bottom line, he’s not going to show all of his chips.”

“Alright then.” Anthony jumped out the car and worked his fingers. “I will go and scout ahead, have fun chatting.”

“Wait, what…” Madam Grace widened her eyes in shock. Before she could finish, the golden retriever bounded out the car like he had been taken off his leash and jogged happily toward the house not far away.

Is he really going to go like that? Madam Grace could not believe it. “Wait, come back! You’re going to die!”

Borey discovered the halo of blonde hair easily in the dark. With a huff, he pushed open the window and aimed his gun at the young man who was running at him.

Madam Grace saw this through the binoculars that Anthony used earlier. Before she could suck in her cold breath, the next second, she saw a black shadow drop from the sky. It dropped on the open window soundlessly like a kitty. At the same time, it reached a hand into the window to grab Borey, and the hand that grabbed Borey swung once in the air. Finally, it carried the heavy baldie with it down to the ground.

“Jesus, what a bunch of loonies!” Even when seeing that, Madam Grace was not impressed; she merely thought that they were acting too insanely.