Chapter 385 - The Real Hero of the Tale

Chapter 385: The Real Hero of the Tale

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The balcony and the baldie both made efficient cushions. Then, it was the change to posture and musculature. Before the gravitational pull had the time to cause damage to the body, she adjusted her breathing and finally reduced the impact to her body to nothing. Ye Shuang’s action was completely unscientific, or rather, she had optimized the calculation of science to its maximum, so she was able to jump down from the third floor, about ten meters, unscathed.

It was very exciting.

If Han Chu was not wounded, he really would have punched her.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Luther overheard Madam Grace’s yelp in the middle of his phone conversation and thus turned back to look. “By the way, if that kid dies, do we still have another technician? Has he downloaded the data for us to use?”

By then, Madam Grace had clearly seen the face of the ‘madman’. “No, I was saying—’so handsome’.”

“…Okay, perhaps Jennifer is willing to talk to me further.”

Just as he said that, screams of recognition came from the other side of the line. “Son of a bitch! Catch that b*stard that appeared out of nowhere!”

“Okay, perhaps she is not that free now.”

“Well-toned muscles, especially the lower body.” He titled to the side to avoid the incoming blow and then retaliated with a precise attack with fifty percent more force. However, he was at least two times as fast, so fast that one would trouble seeing his attack. Ye Shuang smiled proudly and blinked at the baldie that crumbled to the ground. “I trust your well-trained body to be able to survive that attack. By the way, I hate relying on brute force, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t use it.”

After blocking the baldie’s attack, Anthony made use of this chance to sidle over to Ye Shuang. “Why isn’t it my dear who came to meet me? Why is it you? I hate other people stealing my thunder!”

“Shush, your dear has already left safely, but your best friend is still up there.” Brother Shuang stepped on the baldie and extended his hand toward Anthony. “Where’s the thing?”

Anthony handed a pistol unwillingly to Brother Shuang. It was not made from plastic but a real, super expensive firearm that was impossible to obtain unless one had multiple contacts in the right places. From the shine on the gun, the owner obviously took good care of it and would not normally show it to others.

“Sh*t!” Madam Grace cursed in shock while holding the binoculars. She touched her back, and naturally, her pistol had disappeared.

Luther asked for another set of binoculars as if not willing to fade into the background just like that. “Wait, that pistol looks so familiar…”

“Of course it’s familiar!” Madam Grace gritted her teeth. There was no intel that suggested that Anthony was also a thief on top of being a computer expert, or was this because his fingers moved fast either way?

Ye Shuang removed the safety and aimed the gun at the window. Without aiming, she fired three shots. Instantly, groans from three people followed, and three plastic guns fell to the ground.

“Did you bring any spare magazines with you?” Brother Shuang asked Anthony.

“Of course, there were many lying around in the car, and I swiped a few.” Anthony whistled as he tossed over several long, black objects. “By the way, where is my honey?”

“At a time like this, are you still worry about that?” Ye Shuang aimed the gun at Jennifer. “Miss Jennifer, I’m sure you won’t mind if I leave with the man, right?”

Adept at fights and a good shot. More importantly, Jennifer had no idea when such an eye-catching man snuck into her home. Due to this unknown element, Jennifer was very alarmed. “Who are you?”

“This is my underling. Please trust that I am the real hero here.” Anthony huffed noisily to make his existence known.

Jennifer was too lazy to care about him. She fixed her gaze on Brother Shuang. “Your pajamas look very familiar.”

“It’s just a coincidence.” Ye Shuang tugged on her collar helplessly. “But that is not important. I think you should focus on the current situation instead, Miss Jennifer.”

She lifted the gun and signaled with her gaze that the ‘current situation’ was pointing at the gun in her hand.

Jennifer looked at the pistol that Brother Shuang was holding. “Okay, it has a strong penetrative power, and you are a good shot… I believe even if I hide myself behind the group of idiots, I won’t escape the fate of being shot, will I?”

Ye Shuang smiled.

Jennifer smiled in return. She leaned deeper into the sofa and changed into a more comfortable posture, not caring about the conundrum that she was caught in. “But Sir, I have a reason to reject you.

“The reason a person surrenders themselves to another person’s order can be due to faith, benefits, or fear.”

Jennifer opened her arms to show Ye Shuang her well-proportioned body. “But look at me, can I bring them any faith or fear?”

“You can bring them benefits.” Ye Shuang thought about it. “You mean, due to your orders, they can obtain more benefit, so they are willing to even die for you, but if you are going to give an order that will take away their benefits just to save your own life, they will have no reason to obey you anymore. I’m sorry, but I really can’t see such value in the hostage that you’ve captured.”

“They do, of course.” Jennifer toyed with her blonde hair. “I want the military arms and their information. If I don’t have that, there is nothing for us to discuss.”

“Another condition,” Ye Shuang said after a moment’s silence. “Or, we call this a draw. You can set up the whole thing again. No matter what, I am taking the man with me tonight.”

“Wow…” Jennifer smiled haughtily. She leaned forward to look at the man outside the window and showed off her body without any concern for the men around her. Her breasts were almost showing from the low-cut dress that she was wearing. “You can fire consecutively with the pistol that you have, and we only have these plastic toys. You can take down so many of my people so easily, and I only have this bunch of idiots… In that case, why do you need to set conditions with me? Out of respect for ladies?”

“Of course not.” Ye Shuang stomped her feet. “I notice that you’ve disconnected all the electrical signals. There are no stoves or other fire-related devices in the house. And these people, even though they are armed, have been ordered not to fire. Only that baldie was able to shoot without your explicit permission… I take it, he’s your trust follower.”

“Where are you going with this?” Jennifer did not seem like she understood what Ye Shuang was saying.

Ye Shuang smiled. “Fine, I noticed the scent of a dangerous chemical coming from underground as well. How many explosives have you buried down there?”

“…” Jennifer finally dropped the smile. Half a second later, she chuckled lightly. “A lot, honey, more than enough to flatten everything within a one-mile radius.”