Chapter 491 - I Can Save You

Chapter 491: I Can Save You

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

They had found out what was hidden in the village. Now, the question was… where was Jennifer, who should come to intercept the thing? Temporarily, there was no answer to this question. As long as the beardy was unwilling to say anything, once this dragged on, the woman who was wily as fox might realize something and swiftly retreat from this place. If that happened, it would be hard to trace her down again.

“We wait for the man who went to check the areas with missing signals to return. When he’s back, we should have more information.” Han Chu was not that worried and spoke evenly. After saying that, he even turned to glance at Ye Shuang, who was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed to rest. After giving it some thought, he bent over and reached out to grab the girl’s wrist.

“Brother Han?” Ye Shuang was jolted by the sudden physical contact. She opened her eyes blurry in confusion. The fingers that fell on her wrist were slightly coldly. That was probably because the man lacked exercise, and his body was slightly frail. However, this was normal. After all, the man used his brain more than his brawn. Even if he used to be a good fighter, that was a long time ago. Ever since Ye Shuang met him, she had never seen him train his body.

“There is not enough equipment, so we’ll have to settle with a simple test.” Han Chu lowered his eyelids and kept his fingers on Ye Shuang’s pulse. Then he pulled his hand away with a frown. “Your pulse is getting more and more erratic. Can’t you feel it yourself?”

“I do feel it.” Ye Shuang sighed and sat up while scratching her hair. “But there’s nothing I can do about it. There is no time for me to rest, and even if there was time, I am not sure this is a problem that can be solved with time, so…”

Han Chu crossed his arms and stood up. He looked down on her and said with determination, “That’s why I told you to try and get pregnant.”

Then a voice came out from behind him. “Who is trying to get pregnant?”

Han Chu and Brother Shuang simultaneously turned around.

“What are you guys talking about?” Anthony rubbed his hands as he walked out from behind Han Chu. He looked at Ye Shuang with confusion. “I’ve asked everything I could. Jennifer said that she would contact with him after he got the information. Before that, no one knows where she is… By the way, did I hear you guys talking about someone getting pregnant earlier?”

Han Chu felt like a mess of code was in his mind. After a while, he slowly returned to normal and let out a long sigh. “No one is getting pregnant.”

“Oh…” Anthony did not continue this conversation. He walked to the other end of the table and lazily dropped his baby face onto the table. His cheek was pressed onto the surface, and his eyelids fluttered weakly. “I have not rested for thirty hours already. I’m so tired… When the man checking the signal areas returns, wake me.”

Han Chu nodded and tossed a jacket over with annoyance. After Anthony put the jacket on, Han Chu sat back down and turned Anthony’s laptop to face himself to take over his friend’s surveillance job. Ye Shuang also wished to get back to sleep, but Han Chu called after her.

“Come over here,” Han Chu said without lifting his eyes off the computer. He split out half the screen to manage a social app.

Ye Shuang sighed wordlessly and walked over with a raised brow. “What is it?”

Han Chu’s fingers moved agilely as he operated the social app and a few more windows at the same time. While doing that, he turned to Ye Shuang and ordered with a level tone, “In five hours, a car will reach the corn field about two kilometers to the west of the village. Go and wait there, and get into the car… I’ve already arranged the hospital for you. It’s the doctor who helped you inspected your blood sample. He will help keep this a secret.”

Ye Shuang was still fighting her body cells, but once she heard that, she was stumped. “You plan to have me removed from this case?”

“Your body is not suitable for the front line anymore.” Han Chu’s fingers paused, lingering above the keyboard. Eventually, the man lifted his head and said in a severe tone, “Ye Shuang, you might die.”

It was not that if she retreated, she could be safe. At this juncture, she might leave at any moment.

“I am not helping you remove the possibility of danger, but you are already in a very dangerous situation.” Han Chu turned his body around and pulled back the arms that leaned on the table. “You do not have time to stay here and play this kind of boring game.”

Ye Shuang’s lips opened, and before she could say anything, Father Han’s angered voice came out from the computer. “What do you mean by boring game? I’ve already been kind enough to accept your voice call, and this is what you wish to tell me?”

Han Chu tutted with annoyance and pressed to mute the speaker. He turned back. “There are too many criminals to capture in this world. For me, there is nothing more valuable than one’s life. After all, if you cannot retain your own life, no matter what happens in the future, it has nothing to do with you anymore.”

Ye Shuang looked at the corner of the half screen quietly. Father Han’s angry face was yelling on the muted screen. She gave it some thought. “You plan to cooperate with your father?”

“We are family; a little cooperation is only natural.” Han Chu shrugged. That was not wrong… theoretically speaking. But from Han Chu’s perspective, this choice that he made was considered a compromise toward Father Han. His own father naturally would not allow him into any dangerous situations, but what was the reason Han Chu had struck out on his own for so many years? His rebellious years could not have lasted for so long, so the only conclusion was that he had his own thoughts, or he had his own goal to achieve beyond the shadow of his father.

“You are right there is nothing in this world more important than one’s life.” Ye Shuang pouted. “But can you guarantee today’s medical level can save my life?”

Han Chu frowned.

“If you were confident, even if it was just thirty to forty percent confidence, then you would not have waited until now to force me to go to the doctor.” Ye Shuang looked at the displeasure on his face and could not help but smile. “But I have confidence… that if I’m here, even if you are caught in a sure death situation, at least I have fifty percent confidence that I’ll be able to save you.

“I do not like other people to sacrifice their ideals, principles, or life for me.”

Ye Shuang pursed her lips.

“It’s too boring… After all, you do not have any confirmed solutions. Perhaps after reaching the limit of my genetic breakdown, I can achieve a new balance. The probability of that is as high as going for treatment.”

Han Chu looked at her for a long time, so long in fact that Ye Shuang wondered if he was up to no good… like thinking about knocking her out. Then he suddenly turned his head back and continued to end the voice call. His eyes moved back to the map where all the signals had returned and coldly said, “Be my guest then.”

Ye Shuang’s lips curled upward. Just as she was about to speak, Anthony also lifted his head with a sleepy face. “Sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt even though I don’t quite understand it… but I want to tell you, there is someone knocking on the door. Can’t you hear it?”