Chapter 436 - Temperamental Son

Chapter 436: Temperamental Son

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Madam Grace had gone missing, and nobody knew where she was at the moment.

It was very simple, but the meaning behind it was rather complicated.

Han Chu thought of the most suspicious suspect almost immediately. Apart from Jennifer, it was impossible for there to be another person in San Lin City who held a grudge against Madam Grace and at the same time had the power to do anything to her.

However, Xiao San had just left, and the so-called local tycoon Yao Zhiyang was not a professional intel investigator. Therefore, it would be a little troublesome to hear about the latest news.

After a moment of hesitation, everyone stared at the present intel expert. “Tony?”


Anthony was dazed while being stared at by everyone present. A light of realization lit up in his eyes. He rested his head on Ye Shuang’s head upon realizing how important he was and began selling his cute, baby face. “I’m so hungry and tired. I haven’t been resting well lately. My mind is frozen since I’ve been kept inside…”

Was he naming his conditions‽

“…” Cedrick cleared his throat. “We can talk things out as long as we find Madam Grace.”

Han Chu looked down and interrupted him, pretending that he was unbothered. “‘Talk things out’ is just a process; it isn’t the result. For instance, it’s possible for a person to burn the bridges after he’s crossed it. What if you guys won’t release him after everything is over despite talking things out?”

“I can’t control what the madam thinks, and I have no right to promise you this on my own.” Cedrick looked at them in all seriousness. “But please believe me, I’m asking you for a favor sincerely. I’m also giving you my word that we won’t be using you and deceiving you.”

Anthony proceeded to rest his head on Ye Shuang’s head, feeling bored. “What’s the point of all this talking? You must bring the real guns if you want to bargain.”

Han Chu sighed. “Seems like Mr. Cedrick isn’t sincere enough. We won’t force you. Why don’t we go back to what we were doing? Anthony will stay for now, and we’ll decide what to do a while later… to avoid all the trouble.”

Cedrick gulped.

Anthony was bored to death anyway. Since he had the power to decide while he knew that Han Chu was leaving Cedrick hanging on purpose, it was only natural that he pretended that he was unbothered and shrugged to play along with Han Chu’s act. “Alright then. After all, food and accommodation is provided here.”

The opponent did not give face while it was impossible for them to release the hostage. So, what should they do now?

Madam Grace was immediate boss of most of the people in the room, so it was a definite no for them to release the hostage without permission. The few bodyguards could only trouble the only person who had the right to decide, or rather, the only person who could take up the responsibility after everything was over. The person was Cedrick; they hoped that he could break the current stalemate.

Cedrick, who was expected to solve the issue, only spoke unwillingly after thinking while frowning for a long time. “I guess we can talk things out if you guys manage to find Madam Grace.

“Forget it if it’s just a common misunderstanding, but if she really is in some danger, as long as you guys are willing to help us save her, even if Madam Grace disagrees with the condition later on, I’ll try my very best to convince her to release Anthony.”

“Meh, that’s lame.” Ye Shuang was slightly unhappy. “You’re her biological son, and she’s your biological mother. I understand if you can’t decide on other major stuff, but what’s so hard to decide on the release of a hostage she captured in return for her safety?”

“I also think the condition that you gave isn’t sincere.” Han Chu had lost interest. “You said that you would talk things out, and now you said that you would try to convince her. All of those answers are wrong; it’s just that you rephrased what you were saying.

“You and the rest care about where Madam Grace is now. I believe you know that Jennifer is undoubtedly the person who has the most reason and has the ability to do anything to the madam. If you want us to help, it’ll be a great effort. It makes sense that you guys must pay the right price.

“If you were the one who had gone missing now and we were talking with Madam Grace, I believe she would definitely say yes to our request. You should be able to think of that, but you don’t even dare approve such a request. I think you’re just lying to yourself to show your distance between yourself and the madam.”

To put it simply, this son was unwilling to leave his biological mother for some reason, but at the same time, he did not want to admit that he craved the love. In the end, he was doing what he was denying while staying with Madam Grace. I’m not trying to reconcile with you. That’s your business. I’m just helping out! I’m really just helping out!

Cedrick took a deep breath and attempted to fight back. “I’m not…”

“Just say it, yes or no.” Han Chu did not bother to listen to his explanation.

Cedrick turned his head subconsciously and saw the faces on the people who were waiting for him to say yes to that. He finally surrendered after holding it back for a few seconds. “Okay.”

Everything went as planned after they finalized the conditions.

Anthony was finally willing to work. After sending out a bunch of codes, they found the last place where Madam Grace parked her car and found the number plate from the cameras on the streets. Then, they found out that Madam Grace was in the suburbs.

The bad news was that the suburbs was one of the areas that Xiao San had listed earlier. It was definitely Jennifer who had kidnapped her. The worst thing was, Jennifer’s weapons and people would definitely be sufficient.

However, there was some good news. From the few cameras on the streets, Madam Grace did not seem to have been beaten or tied up. Furthermore, there were a few conscious bodyguards around her. At least they were not restricted in their ability to fight.

Han Chu glanced at Cedrick and the few bodyguards after getting the last detailed address. “Tony will come with us. We need technical support, and his ability to fight is pretty good. Who among you would like to follow?”

Cedrick was the center of attention again. He gave up and became Madam Grace’s temporary commander after forcing a smile. “I’ll gather some people right away. You guys can go first.”

Anthony cheered and began putting away his little toolbox and professional laptop elatedly.

He had been dreaming of going out after being captured for so long. Perhaps even having to fight terrorists could not kill his eagerness for freedom.

Han Chu nodded. “We shall make a move. Call me when you’re ready.”