Chapter 321 - Heart for Gossip

Chapter 321: Heart for Gossip

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There was not that many ways to bowl, and the best result was a strike, and that was something most could do with a little practice. Therefore, Sister Shuang did not have the chance to shine—the most she could do was show off her textbook posture. Without a dominating result, the other people’s gaze would not stop on a girl for long.

“Mr. Luo, I heard you was full shooting a movie in Feng Yuan City lately, so I assumed your schedule will be tight. That’s why I didn’t extended an invitation.” Mrs. Huang’s attention was on Luo Mingxin. As for Ye Shuang, who followed along, she barely gave her a glance. “I’m surprised that we met here today. How do you have the time to come bowling?”

“There are some problems with the film crew, so we’re taking a break for a few days.” Luo Mingxin smiled. “Since I have nothing else to do, my schedule has been relatively open.”

“Ah, I understand it now.” Mrs. Huang nodded but did not show any curiosity about the problem faced by the crew. “Then if you are free, Mr. Luo, when don’t you come to the ball on the evening after tomorrow.”

Luo Mingxin was planning to reject with a polite smile. “Mrs. Huang, you have put me in a tough spot. I have no idea when the crew will resume work, and if the time overlaps, then I will placed in a tough spot. Temporarily, it’s hard for me to find a suitable date, so… Tsk! Cough, cough, I mean, of course, there’s no problem, how could I reject your invitation?”

Mrs. Huang looked at Luo Mingxin with confusion, but she did not question his sudden change of mind. “Okay then, later, I’ll have someone send the invitation to your assistant. He still uses the same phone number, doesn’t he?”

After ironing out the details of the ball, Mrs. Huang stood up and walked to her lane to play while Luo Mingxin stayed behind to look at Ye Shuang, who sat next to him with a bitter smile. “Xiao Shuang, you want to go to Mrs. Huang’s ball, huh?”

Ye Shuang took a sip of the fruit juice before admitting, “Yes, it’s to do with work, but you looked you were about to reject it. In the urgency of the moment, I pinched you, sorry about that.”

“…How come you don’t look sorry at all?” Luo Mingxin sighed. “Next time, just give me a look. Girls shouldn’t act so brashly.”

Ye Shuang flashed a fake smile. “Who told you to refuse to meet my eyes? Even though Mrs. Huang’s age is quite advanced, she kept up a good appearance. Other than the lines at the corner of her eyes, her skin is glowing, and her figure… tsk tsk.”

“…” Luo Mingxin was silent for a long time before saying in a serious tone, “Xiao Shuang, do you know how many small celebrities have come onto me to ask me for some favors?”

“So, did you do it?” Ye Shuang looked at Luo Mingxin like he was human trash.

“Of course not, but that’s not the point!” Luo Mingxin held his forehead and sighed. “I mean, if your Brother Luo wants to find a lady companion, there’s no need for me to go after another man’s wife and someone who is as old as…”

Ye Shuang suddenly looked behind Luo Mingxin and exclaimed, “Oh, Mrs. Huang!”

“Eh!” Luo Mingxin turned around with a shocked expression, and he saw Mrs. Huang still standing several meters away at her lane. She scored a strike.

“Wonderful hit, Mrs. Huang. She must have been doing this for a long time already…” Ye Shuang finished her sentence before turning back to ask Luo Mingxin, “Brother Luo, what did you want to say earlier?”

This person sure is horrible. There is no way to play with her happily!

After that, they went back to their own place separately. As Luo Mingxin’s date, Ye Shuang easily got the invitation to the ball. However, entering the ball did not mean gaining access to the Yong An Organization’s internal information. The issue of whether CEO Huang had any voice inside the organization aside, even if he did, there was no reason for him to share it with Ye Shuang, an outsider.

“I think you should get to know the employees in the Yong An Organization first.” Han Chu gave Ye Shuang a large stack of documents. “Currently, we cannot say for sure that there is anything wrong with the Yong An Organization, but if there is, then the spy there must be caught in a tricky situation.”

After the agent for the Asian countries disappeared, Xu He could not be the only one panicking. What Xu He represented might be the situation of all the sub-agents within China. Even if Feng Yuan City’s spy had another contact method or perhaps their status was higher and could connect to the organization without going through the agent, most of the bases other than Feng Yuan City and Jing Hu City had been destroyed, so there was no way for these remaining spies to not feel pressured!

If they were pressured, then the rest would be easy. The more they panicked, the easier they would expose their weakness.

“If you’re afraid of making an erroneous speculation, you can try to focus on how the other people react to the Yong An Organization,” Han Chu said. “Just like how Yao Zhixing’s group looks down on the Xi Hwa Organization in the background, sometimes, if there’s a problem with a company, it is really hard to tell when you’re working at the company, but outsiders will have a clear view of all the fake accounts and be able to follow the company’s actual recent development.”

How was their relationship with their partners? Did they expand their scale? Did their share rise or drop? Had the relationship with the other strengthened or weakened? How powerful was their partner? Had they done anything worth noticing lately?

All those were what those in the same circle used to judge each other. Other than these guidelines, they really did not care much about how many perfect fake accounts one’s internal account could produce.

Ye Shuang nodded. “I’ll pay attention to these things at the ball.”

Then, after a pause, she showed concern for her partner. “What about you? Have you found the opening?”

Han Chu raised his brow and said, “No problem, I’ve already asked my friend to reach out for me.”

Oh, a friend… With regard to Han Chu’s incredible connections, Ye Shuang already stopped trying to find out its limit. In any case, the man seemed to have new friends popping up whenever he needed it.

What she should focus on though was whether she could maintain her gender for another two days… Thinking about her problem, Ye Shuang could not help the headache from coming. She had already reached the three-day limit, and she had been relying on kissing beautiful boys to maintain her gender. Since children were getting cleverer nowadays, Ye Shuang did not dare to directly extend her paws toward children above four years old… The young mothers at the nearby park had been alerted of her presence, and when Ye Shuang tried to kiss a boy last time, she noted the complicated gazes that the mothers were tossing her way. It was branded in her mind for a long time. If she did not want to create any misunderstandings, she would need to find another target tomorrow…

With that in mind, Ye Shuang took out her phone and looked at the local map. Han Chu glanced over and was confused. “Why are you looking for kindergartens?”

Ye Shuang pretended to be calm as she continued her search. “It’s nothing. I like kids, that’s all.”

Han Chu held his tongue and did not criticize his employee’s strange hobby. “…As long as it doesn’t affect your work.”

“…Oh.” Ye Shuang frowned. I have a feeling he has misunderstood me.

The next day, Ye Shuang went out and tried to find a boy that could help her maintain her gender. Luo Mingxin escaped faster than she did. This man was different from other celebrities who preferred to hide at home when they had time off. When there was free time, Luo Mingxin would escape from his room and walked toward the paddy fields… I mean, the streets. Then, it was various training and entertainment. In any case, this was someone who could not be left with free time.

“I train my acting skill through the study of the human heart, so naturally, I have to come out to constantly observe others.” After another chance encounter, Luo Mingxin explained himself before asking, “By the way, how come I keep running into you? Are you sure you’re not my crazy fan?”

Ye Shuang was speechless while holding a thick book. “I really have no admiration for you, and to be honest, don’t you think my partner is more handsome than you?”

In other words, if she was not attracted by the better man around her, why would she be attracted to Luo Mingxin, who was even less attractive than Brother Shuang?

She lifted the book up, and Ye Shuang ignored Luo Mingxin’s dark face as she continued. “Plus, I really don’t think it’s a coincidence for us to meet at a place like this. Didn’t we meet for the first time at a book store as well?”

Indeed, her memory was right.

After being reminded of that, Luo Mingxin sighed with nostalgia. “Yes, actually, thinking back, at the time, I seemed to have pointed you down a wrong direction.”

Once an innocent… alright, perhaps not that innocent girl met a celebrity at the bookstore, and the next time they met, she had successfully turned her career into a con artist…

Thinking about that, Luo Mingxin had a weird feeling of mixed pride and conflict.

Ye Shuang pointed her chin at the window, so they moved there. Walking next to Luo Mingxin, who also had a book with him, she asked in a low voice, “Why did you choose to come to the bookstore today, Brother Luo?”

“Hmm, mainly it’s to find some information…” Luo Mingxin scratched his chin and lowered his voice even more. “Actually, I suppose it’s fine to share this with you, but you’d better not tell anyone else… You still remember our crew being on a break, right?”

“Yes.” Ye Shuang looked at Luo Mingxin with confusion.

Luo Mingxin licked his lips like it was hard for him to hold this secret in. “Actually, there is more to it than that. The Prop Manager has been detained by the police, and I believe there is a bigger problem at foot…”