Chapter 437 - Seeing Black

Chapter 437: Seeing Black

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They were stuck in traffic and changing their route when Anthony received an update on where the target was from hacking into the system.

Jennifer’s kidnapping vehicle would move every now and then. Since they had no detailed images to help them put things into perspective, they had no idea what exactly was happening at the moment. No matter what, judging purely by the transfer frequency and the distance compared to the first location, Jennifer sure was having fun out there. She seemed to be speeding a little too…

“That’s why I said I hate driving during the day.” Ye Shuang was irritated as she was stuck at the red light. “Why don’t we call Brother Yao and get his team to clear the way for us?”

Han Chu ignored her as he was busy mocking Anthony. “Didn’t you treat the traffic lights like light switches at home? Why are you behaving like a coward at such a critical time?”

“Who asked you to put Albert in San Lin City?” Anthony felt wronged. “He’s waiting to dig up dirt on me, so I’m afraid that he might capture me if I even spit on the street…”

Why had the crime rate in America stayed so high? Apart from their society’s system, in reality, it was related to their perspective and cultural environment.

Fighting on the streets was common in China. There would be a few cases every day no matter which city it was. Unless somebody died, otherwise, it would be treated as nothing. What everyone wanted was to avoid trouble and to be at peace with each other.

It was a different case for foreign countries. One would be arrested when one had a sip of beer in public places. They would be taken to the court, and they would get a criminal record unless the person hired a lawyer to strike it off for them. Otherwise, even applying for loan would be a trouble due to the dirt on their record.

Therefore, although America had a high crime rate, the main reason was because of the crime threshold being set too low. If they looked at the serious cases, most of the criminals were rather naive. Nine out of ten of them were dumb robbers, whereby some of them even went to the wrong bank during their heist.

It was different for China, where the rate was slowly rising. Although the number of criminal records looked low, there were cases of all kinds hiding among the people. The pushy salesmen and gangsters could kill foreigners anytime, let alone the ancient frauds such as a staged crash and sex scams…

Anthony was an electronics expert, ad not many people could find dirt on him. However, for his nationality, it was too easy for one to find any excuse to capture him. Drinking and smoking in public, speeding, and other little things might be a risk to him.

Ever since Albert moved to San Lin City and got a local cooperation permit, he had gained the advantage of watching Anthony closer. Before making sure that Albert left the country after he was done with his job, Anthony had decided to behave. Apart from using the surveillance techniques that he could totally explain himself, he would avoid changing the lights as much as he could to avoid leaving a trail and offending the hound.

“Get Brother Yao. Otherwise, we might really lose them.” Ye Shuang was still complaining.

Han Chu was in a pickle. “Yao Zhixing isn’t someone from the same industry. Forget it, let’s not drag him into such murky water…”

Anthony snapped his fingers and waved the phone in his hand high up before Han Chu managed to finish what he was saying. “Okay, I’ve already sent the text. He said he has arranged someone to block the roads. I’ll send the updated map over at the same time.”

Han Chu was befuddled. When did he send the text?

Since it had happened, Han Chu did not want to say anything unnecessary. With the help from Yao Zhixing’s buddies, even if Anthony did not hack into the system, he could change the lights in places that seemed innocent.

Ye Shuang finally accelerated from turtle speed to a bicycle’s speed. Although there was still traffic, they would be able to fly as soon as they arrived in the suburbs.

“The target finally stopped.” Anthony sat in the back seat with his laptop. He frowned when he saw the time in the bottom right of the screen and chuckled as he lifted his head. “It has been stopped for ten minutes. Seems like they won’t be moving any longer.”

“It’s stopped?” Han Chu seemed to have figured what Anthony had thought of. He looked a little grim now.

He had been thinking of the reason for the target’s car constantly moving earlier along the way. If it was just to transfer the hostage, such moving speed and frequency was a little off. It was most probably a chase.

At the moment, the car that Anthony had located was the one that they saw in the cameras. They had yet to locate the other car that was in the case. However, no matter what the situation was, at least they were basically certain of the people involved.

There were only two possible reasons for the target’s car to stop moving. One was that the target had abandoned the car and transferred into another transportation vehicle. If that was the case, the clue that they had obtained earlier was useless. They would need some time to locate the target all over again.

The second possibility was that the chase might have come to an end. They might be too late when they got over there.

Han Chu looked over the back seat as he thought of that and asked for Anthony’s laptop. After confirming that the target shown on the map was still around ten kilometers away, he turned his head to ask Ye Shuang, “Can you go faster?”

It had been ten minutes, so it might be too late if they took more time.

“Hmm…” Ye Shuang was in a pickle. She forced a smile without even blinking. “Brother Han, you’re thinking too highly of me. I’m already going as fast as I can since we entered the suburbs. If we go any faster, something would happen to the car even if I manage to accelerate.”

What concerned Ye Shuang even more was the great inertia when she accelerated. She would have to be deadly accurate on each turn. Otherwise, it was possible that they might crash and die.

Given that the roads in the suburbs were winding and not as wide as the roads in the city, she would have to consider the potholes and angles of the road. It was rare for Ye Shuang to feel a little stressed. She was not even as nervous when she raced cars with Yao Zhixing back then.

Han Chu lifted his head and frowned when he heard that. He shut up all of a sudden just when he was going to say something. After staring at Ye Shuang for three seconds, he hesitated before saying, “You don’t look too good, are you feeling ill?”

Ye Shuang looked terrible. Her face was pale while sweat was dripping like flowing water on her forehead. However, she had yet to realize that at all and even found what Han Chu said ridiculous. “What?”

Ye Shuang felt a hum in her head as soon as she said that. It felt like there was a string being torn, and she saw black.