Chapter 386 - You're Safe Now

Chapter 386: You’re Safe Now

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Suddenly, a voice came down from the stairs to join the discussion. “No, it’s only two hundred square meters.”

Ye Shuang lifted her head and then saw the weakened Han Chu, who should have been in hiding, slowly walk down the stairs.

Jennifer’s people all turned their guns to Han Chu. Ye Shuang sighed. “You should have waited for me to finish the negotiation with her first.”

The situation was too dangerous.

“It doesn’t matter.” A barely discernible determination weaved through Han Chu’s calm reply. He ignored the guns pointing at him and continued down the stairs in the same speed. “Since you have entered such a dangerous negotiation with the enemy, as your superior, I feel like I should act more courageously so that you won’t steal all the thunder.”

“A man’s pride?” Jennifer scoffed.

Anthony jumped on the windowsill to wave at his good friend. “Hi Han, good evening.”

“I don’t think this evening is that good.” While he spoke, he pushed away a gun that was about to push against his temple. Han Chu’s tone was firm and calm. “I don’t like to be pointed at. Furthermore, you need information, and for that, I have to be kept alive… so you won’t really shoot me. On top of that, your boss is under my partner’s gun. After considering everything, I know that you are merely putting on a show. That’s not necessary, so why waste both of our time?”

The gunner obviously hesitated, and as Han Chu walked past him, he turned to Jennifer helplessly.

“Idiot,” Jennifer mocked and turned to Han Chu. “Why did you say it was only two hundred square meters?”

“From the location your cars and other not so important details.” Han Chu narrowed his eyes at Ye Shuang and pushed away the latter’s help to hold his arm. “You can do that when my arm is really broken. We’ll talk about this later.”

Brother Shuang sighed. “Can’t we call it even?”

The time at the fruit farm evened out the jump out the window. Instead of keeping count of all those things, why not just pretend that nothing ever happened?

This was the first thing that Ye Shuang had realized that Han Chu was more narrow-minded than she thought. They probably had not encountered something like this before, so she had not noticed that in the past.

It was unclear whether Han Chu agreed or was too lazy to deal with her, but he turned around. “Miss Jennifer, it’s only a waste of time if we continue this. It is true that you have the determination, but no idiot would blow themself up unless there was no other choice. Our helpers have arrived, and I admit that you do have some leverage, so how about we come to a transaction that both parties can accept?”

Jennifer examined Han Chu with interest. “Who is negotiating with whom?”

She pulled on her collar absent-mindedly to expose the lace of her bra. “Are you going to negotiate with me?”

“So, you are homosexual.” Han Chu dropped this bomb without changing the expression on his face. But Ye Shuang was stunned by the load of information secured in this sentence. Then Han Chu made an expression that looked like he just got it. “Oh right, I forgot that you always separate your business and pleasure, Miss Jennifer.”

Silence, a deathlike silence. Someone seemed to press a pause button in the room. Even the air stilled for several seconds. The explosive gossip made people forget the dangerous situation.

Ye Shuang leaned to Han Chu and whispered in alarm, “Did you tell me to be careful around Jennifer earlier because of that?”

“Don’t worry.” A mocking smile appeared on Han Chu’s lips. He replied in the same low whisper as he looked down Brother Shuang’s neck. “You are safe now.”

“…” Ye Shuang.

Even though the transformation was a surprise, the accident that always troubled Ye Shuang gave Ye Shuang a rare sense of relief this time. Her sexuality was definitely straight!

Anthony leaned on the window and almost poked half of his body in. “What should we do now? I’m rather bored.”

Han Chu did not turn his head around. “Then go and find a pair of shoes for Shuang.”

He lowered his head to study Ye Shuang’s feet. “About size thirty-nine?”

Then he turned to Jennifer and urged, “Miss Jennifer, what do you have to say about my suggestion?”

Anthony lowered his head to play on his phone before saying, “Whose number is XXXXXXXX? If you don’t want me to tell your boss that you were discussing who she would be in bed with last week, then please help me find a pair of size thirty-nine shoes.”

The room was silent for a while, and then an unlucky idiot slithered upstairs to find the shoes. Jennifer looked at the man’s back, and a man who was probably her second in command added, “Miss, I’ll talk to him later.”

Jennifer nodded imperceptibly before turning to Han Chu. “Fine, let’s skip the pointless talk. Other than the sudden invitation today, I don’t think there are any other unnegotiable conflicts between us, right?”

Han Chu could not deny that.

Jennifer raised her brow at him. “If we are negotiating now… okay, you can leave safety, that is your benefit, but what about me? You can’t expect me to leave with nothing, right?”

Anthony smiled cutely and reported a series of numbers. “I will keep the information downloaded from this number completely confidential. What do you think?”

Jennifer sighed and conceded after a while. “What about Grace?”

“That has nothing to do with us,” Han Chu said calmly. “She’s not here to save us; we merely have the same goal, so my friend got a lift from her. I personally think that our promise to stay out of that is already our best offer. What do you think, Miss Jennifer?”

After putting on the shoes from the man whom Anthony’s threatened, they thanked their host politely and tossed back the unconscious baldie before leaving. Even as Ye Shuang was carrying Han Chu about one hundred meters away from the house, she still thought that things were rather surprising.

Theoretically speaking, since Jennifer had gone through so much to capture her and Han Chu, before she obtained the things she needed, why would she let them go so easily? To summarize, Jennifer did not gain any advantages that night. She lost even the petrol used to abduct Han Chu and Ye Shuang.

“That’s only on paper.” Han Chu’s face was dark. “Now, the enemy is imminent, and your sudden appearance frightened her, because this means that there is a problem with her defense that she doesn’t know about. The last point is Tony… His ability to unearth people’s secrets is something that people with skeletons in their closet refuse to face. The scariest thing is that even if you capture him, he can easily set some kind of mechanism online like to release the information if he does not return by a certain time.”

“I’m actually more interested in how you manage to show up. When did you arrive?” Anthony asked with interest.

“So, like I said, due to these three points, Jennifer believed she didn’t have a good hand.” After a short pause, as if he did not hear Anthony, Han Chu continued. “A mysterious disappearance of a hostage, the lack of fear in the other hostage, and the sudden appearance of a third person. When facing all these unknowns, she decided to temporarily let us go so that she could focus fully on dealing with Madam Grace.”

“Where’s Xiao Shuang?” Anthony looked around.

Ye Shuang ignored him. “Then won’t it appear like we’re the bad guys if we allow Madam Grace to deal with her alone?”

“This is their family business,” Han Chu said. “We’re outsiders; we’ll be the bad guys if we intervene.”

Wait… that does sound believable.

Soon, they reached Madam Grace’s camp. Han Chu and Ye Shuang greeted her. Madam Grace was still holding the binoculars. She studied Brother Shuang with a smile. “I didn’t know that you’re here too. Not bad.”

“Thank you, madam.” Brother Shuang was very polite. “I need to take my friend to the hospital, so if there’s nothing else, we shall leave first.”

Madam Grace’s eyes turned to Anthony. “About the information that you’ve downloaded from the phones earlier…”

“No, no!” Anthony shrugged. “That is our leverage, you can’t just ask for my reward just like that. Perhaps I can be persuaded with a price.”

Madam Grace frowned. Ye Shuang saw this and decided to throw out an olive branch. “Madam, if you plan to go into the house, then I have a reminder. She has buried explosives underground… The method of triggering it is unclear, so try to be careful if there’s a gunfight. The explosion will big enough to level everything within two hundred square meters.”

“Okay.” Madam Grace was not forced back by that warning. She merely looked at the house with some annoyance. Then she nodded without hesitation. “Thank you for the information, I’ll remember it.”

Luther, “Wait, Grace, if there’s a bomb, shouldn’t we…”

“Go!” Madam Grace did not even look at him. After giving the order, she turned to thank Ye Shuang. “You can take any of the cars. The keys are still in the ignition.”

“Thank you.”

What happened later that night was no longer Ye Shuang and Han Chu’s concern. When Madam Grace led her people to storm Jennifer’s lair, they had already left. From the fact that Ye Shuang did not hear any explosions, even if there was gunfire, the ending did not reach the worst scenario.

After all, Jennifer did not really want to do it. Just like how she kidnapped Han chu and Ye Shuang, Jennifer saw the thing that she possessed as important leverage, but naturally, she had to be alive to use that leverage. No leverage was important enough for her to sacrifice her life for it.

Brother Shuang sat next to the sick bed paring the apple while he reported the information that he had compiled that morning. “We’ve checked in with Mr. Ray. There was a call to the security company yesterday, saying that a government official was going to visit. However, Ray disguised as one of the workers, so the people that mixed in with the leader failed to capture him. Cedrick is still missing, and Madam Grace is not in a good mood. Luther initially planned to take down Jennifer when they had the upper hand, but because she had the leverage on Cedrick, Madam Grace let her go.”

“What about Luther’s forces?” Han Chu, who was lying in bed, looked at the IV drip with disgust. “Do I have to use this? The operation is already over, and everything is fine…”

“But your mother is worried, so you have to cooperate.” The typical lazy Han Su voice drifted in from outside the sickroom and cut off Han Chu’s complaint. Then the door opened, and Han Su dragged herself in.

The girl closed the door, greeted Ye Shuang politely, and then sat down on the bed. “I hear you were kidnapped alongside sister in law.”

“Who told you that?” Han Chu asked.

At the same time, Ye Shuang said, “Sister in law?”

Han Su looked at Brother Shuang. “My big brother likes sweet stuff like strawberries.”

Then she turned back to Han Chu. “These questions are not important now; the important thing is that your mother has booked the plane ticket and will be here this afternoon.”

After giving all that information, she paused. Han Su revealed a standard smile that did not express her real thoughts. “So, you’d better come up with the explanation now.”

“Don’t make it sound like you have nothing to do with mum.” Han Chu looked at her coldly. “Was the whistleblower Tony?”

Han Su nodded slowly. “He always mixes better with the elderlies.”

Ye Shuang looked at Han Chu and then at Han Su. She realized that she was out of her depth; she was not supposed to intervene, so she touched her nose, continuing paring the apple… Wait, if Han Chu doesn’t like this, should I stop?

With that in mind, Ye Shuang put the knife aside and bit on the apple.

Han Su was still talking to her brother. “Other than that, Mum heard that you’ve been spending a lot of time with sister in law, so she wished to come and meet her…”

“Who is this sister in law… Cough, Cough!” Ye Shuang was halfway through the question when it dawned on her.