Chapter 492 - Persuasion

Chapter 492: Persuasion

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The one at the door was the person who had gone to check the areas with the disturbed signal. Even though checking all those places required quite some time, the reward was proportional to the effort, so they were quite happy to receive the result.

The man who returned had it worse than Ye Shuang. The latter was good physically and was swift. Furthermore, she only needed to stay in one spot to watch the place she was assigned. In fact, she was so free that she had time to come back for a food run. The former had worse. Even with his colleagues’ help drawing the attention, he had to be cautious about being seen during his movement. Much less running about, when he was at his mission points, he had to hide like a thief. The result was he came back with dust on his face and a body like a farmer who had been moving bricks and had not showered for days.

“The other places are not confirmed, but there is one area where there is obvious sign of digging. I’m eighty percent sure there was something buried there before, but we can talk about that later…” The investigator felt life returning after tossing back three glasses of water. As he wiped the sweat on his head, he slammed the table. “No matter what, give me something to eat first!”

Eating was the most important. If you wished for a horse to run, you had to feed them first, much less the investigator who had been working for long, leaving early in the morning and returning so late at night. This was the sadness of individual non-formal job. If this was a formal activity, he would not have had to shoulder such a large task on his own.

“Military arms, treasure, dead bodies?” Han Chu started to list out the possibilities.

Ye Shuang sighed. “The last one is too out there. The middle one is unlikely, so my guess is the military arms.”

Han Chu was unmoved. “Everything is possible, even if the probability is infinitely small… but I agree with you. It is most likely military arms.”

After eliminating the other two choices, Han Chu continued to list, “Guns, explosives, nuclear weapons?”

“…” Ye Shuang.

Anthony was typing on his laptop and marked out the area. “Was that the only place that had things there before, or did other places have things hidden but they cleared the signs away better than at this place?”

“That I can’t be sure.” The investigator finished the bowl of rice in three movements. He did not even need to pair it with dishes. He tossed back another glass of water to help push the food down into his stomach. Then he slowed down, and as he asked for a refill of rice, he answered, “If something illegal was buried there, there is no way to tell whether they were buried together or separately. That depends on the person’s thoughts. If they wished for easier transportation, the items would be buried together, but if they wished to spread the risk, then they would bury them separately.”

“Don’t you think that is a given?” Anthony ultimately cared about people’s face, or perhaps he did not understand Chinese that well, but he did not directly shoot the man down, claiming that he had provided nothing useful.

The investigator rolled his head. After he shoveled more food into his mouth, he called a number on his phone. “No matter what, as long as you watch the places and the people, you’ll eventually have the result, right? Or do you think a police investigation is like Sherlock Holmes rushing into the scene? Doing a real investigation requires endless patience. Patiently guarding the spot, patiently doing the investigation… to be frank, it is extreme physical work. We do not have the manpower… Hello? Leader, we have a clue.”

The government did not promote heroism, and in reality, there were not many who wished to be a hero. Their enemy was a criminal organization. If anyone wished to take this one alone, that kind of dummy would die so soon, and he would pull down the rest of the team. To put it simply, the force of one and a team was completely different; it was more than just a difference in numbers.

The two officers who were tasked with distracting the villagers soon returned. They gathered at the girl’s home and met up to share their known information. They soon decided to first observe the suspicious area that they found. But regarding whether they should call in more people or not, the three got in a little argument with Han Chu. The former thought that the latter wanted to be a hero, whereas the latter thought that it would tip their hand. After this fruitless argument, Han Chu finally lost the patience.

“Fine! Let’s say I agree for you to call for reinforcements, how do you plan to report it?” Han Chu looked at the three icily, and his tone was filled with sarcasm. “Do you plan to say that there has been digging at Nature Village, so you need people to come watch over it? Or, are you going to say that you suspect criminal activity, so you need support?

“Where’s the evidence? The report? The source of information?”

Before the three planned to say anything, Han Chu first cut them off heartlessly. “If anyone came to ask me, I would only say that I’m here at a rural homestay to enjoy the relaxing environment of the countryside.”

The three were speechless. “Where are you going to find a homestay in a place like this?”

Ye Shuang lifted her finger lazily to point at the girl with a ponytail who only dared to poke her head out of her bedroom after being woken up by the loud argument. “There, that’s the homestay boss.”

“Me‽” The girl was frightened.

Han Chu chuckled.

“That is not a good thing to do…” The leader of the three rubbed his temple as he glanced at the girl, and then his eyes lit up. “Right, there has been a murder here!”

The thing that they were investigating was too serious. In comparison, a human life appeared so small. If not for the sight of the tied up b*stard behind the girl with the ponytail, he would have forgotten about that excuse. Han Chu nodded. “That’s right. But we are good citizens. We have captured the suspect, so you can take him away with you.”

In other words, if you wish to use this excuse, take the man away with you, and stop creating problems for us.

Anthony smiled as he watched the fight between the two. He hugged the laptop and typed on it occasionally.

Seeing the dark faces of the three, as uncomfortable as she felt, Ye Shuang sat up on the sofa and tried to be the middleman. “Friends, actually, I don’t think we need to make things so difficult… We definitely need your help, but we can’t get people in here now.

“We are facing a very cunning female boss. In our country, she has a legal identity. Furthermore, this is not only our problem. If there is any problem, they might see it and escape, or they might throw everything at us, and that will create even more problems…”

Ye Shuang paused at the opportune moment to create a deep impression before continuing. “This is more than just a criminal case, so we can’t deal with it the normal way. If you really want to call in reinforcements now, you’d better think about it. Will your superior be willing to take the responsibility if something goes wrong?”

The persuasion had little effect because, after she finished, Ye Shuang realized that the three’s expressions had only become darker…