Chapter 322 - Lie to Me

Chapter 322: Lie to Me

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A normal case naturally would not be serious enough for the film to halt. With Luo Mingxin’s status in the industry, the director that he worked with had to be someone who had a say in the business. For normal people, rules were something that needed to be followed, but for people who had power, they became something that was advised to follow.

Since the thing that happened caused an effect that even these people were unable to resist, it went to show how serious the incident was.

“I don’t know the actual details—they have hidden it very well this time.” Luo Mingxin opened the book to hide half of his face and continued in an excited and mysterious tone. “But I noticed that the people who carried out the investigation carried guns with them, and they had badges from Interpol, the one with the sword poking through the globe… So, it has to be something big!”

“Are you sure you’re not in the wrong field?” Ye Shuang tossed a curious gaze at Luo Mingxin.

“Huh?” Luo Mingxin put the book down and looked at Ye Shuang with confusion. He was confused by the sudden change in topic.

Ye Shuang pouted and said hesitantly, “With your curiosity and your unusual hobby of analyzing and conning… why didn’t you choose to become a law enforcer?”

“Don’t think I’ve not tried for it, but they said that I am too handsome and can only be assigned post like traffic control, or else I’ll be too recognizable.” Luo Mingxin sighed.

Sure, lie to me!

Luo Mingxin felt embarrassed being stared at by Ye Shuang, so he coughed. “Fine, I just want to place my target higher… I hear even Interpol needs to know some specialties, and I’m so interested in psychology due to my hobby of behavioral analysis, but who knew the local psychology professional class wouldn’t dare teach content that is considered illegal?”

Of course, being too handsome was not a total lie. Luo Mingxin’s dream was ruined by that face of his. When he was young, he did have the passion, but unfortunately, no one was willing to give him the chance. To put it plainly, the people around him did not treat his dream seriously—everyone thought it was only natural for him to go into the arts or entertainment, or else it would be a waste of his looks.

Thinking back, Luo Mingxin felt bad for himself. If Brother Shuang was discovered by the star agent a few years ago and raised the public’s standard for beauty, then perhaps his dream would become a reality.

After a sigh, and hearing the explanation from Luo Mingxin, Ye Shuang thought this man was too unlucky. “Never mind, let’s not dwell on the past. You said you saw the badge for Interpol, right?”

Luo Mingxin became all excited with the change of topic. The regret from before disappeared instantly and continued to share the secret that only he knew. “Yes, you also know that I… er, admire this kind of thing, so I pay attention to things related to FBI and Interpol. Even though those badges aren’t easily recognizable, you can tell what they are if you just pay a little more attention. Just from my observation, at least two or three of the people that came to our film set were powerful individuals.”

Then, he tossed over a look that said, Well, you know.

Luo Mingxin was a clever person, but how exactly was he clever? At least, he had a way with tricking people when he was in front of the camera, and he was quite a professional when it came to analyzing the psychology behind people’s behavior. Even though due to the spotlight on him, it was destined that he was unable to do anything shocking or immoral, it did not mean that the desire in his heart had completely disappeared.

At least, when the whole film was given an order of silence, only a very small number of people from the related department knew some inside information. So far, only Luo Mingxin was able to connect the dots, and this alone was enough to fan Luo Mingxin’s pride as it drew him apart from others in terms of intellect.

Naturally, such news needed to be shared. Even though the director was trustworthy enough, and Luo Mingxin believed that they would not blab on him, they might use their influence to pull some strings after finding out about the truth. Luo Mingxin did not need to consider the rest, because if they let slip some things, the investigation would eventually lead back to him…

Luo Mingxin only had the candidate of Ye Shuang in mind. Only Ye Shuang, who was as courageous as he was, could be the confidante whom he shared this information with. The girl would not be spooked or compelled to do something about it, and based on Luo Mingxin’s current observation, what the girl was currently doing was probably something that was not suitable to be exposed to the public either. This was just perfect, was it not‽

“The current movie I’m shooting is a fantasy mixed with historical elements. Since Feng Yuan City has many historical sites, the director chose to come here to take some shots… As you know, this kind of movie needs some special effects.” Luo Mingxin explained the situation softly to Ye Shuang. “Some of the special effects are purely made on the computer, but some needed a real-life background… The Prop Manager that the team hired was from overseas, and he was responsible for the explosions and fires. Who would have thought that people would suddenly come to detain him? I believe there is something big behind this. Perhaps it is related to military arms, isn’t it exciting‽”

“…So, how is that related to you visiting a bookstore?” Ye Shuang looked at Luo Mingxin helplessly. She saw the passionate glow in his eyes, and she felt like sighing. She did not understand the man’s excitement about things like this.

“To find some magazines and information from the past, of course!” Luo Mingxin answered proudly. “Since it is related to the crew, naturally, I have to get to the bottom of the truth. What if it is something dangerous? A famous person like myself is the prime candidate for a hostage.”

Ye Shuang felt a headache coming. “I feel like the chance of your survival will drastically increase if you just mind your own business.” Ye Shuang then turned her irritated gaze to the mountain of books that Luo Mingxin had gathered. “Furthermore, the bookstore wouldn’t carry any illegal texts. You won’t be able to find any clues here. Look at these… Hmm?”

Ye Shuang suddenly paused and reached out to grab one of the books. Without looking through it, her finger rubbed the name of the author on the spine with a contemplative frown on her face. “Cynthia?”

“Oh, that book?” Luo Mingxin poked his head out to take a look. He did not care much about the author but was interested in the content. “It seems to be published a long time ago. I’m surprised to find it here, probably because they have a hard time selling it… Theory of Sin, it’s quite a cold subject, but I hear the author was quite famous during the previous century.”

Ye Shuang had a complicated expression. “This is related to the thing at your crew as well.”

“Pure luck, I guess.” Luo Mingxin turned back to his own book. As he flipped through it, he said casually, “I think this kind of book is too philosophical. That day, the Interpol agent mentioned this name, so when I saw the author’s name earlier, I subconsciously grabbed the book off the shelf… Hey, why are you grabbing me?”

“Follow me, I’ll tell you more at the apartment!” Ye Shuang held the book in her left hand and the man in her right. She rushed to the counter urgently and slammed the book on the counter. “I’ll buy this!”