Chapter 493 - Hostage

Chapter 493: Hostage

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Spending more time on arguments was pointless. Even though the three were normal citizens, when they faced someone like Han Chu who knew about their protocol, their hands were tied, and they had to compromise. Therefore, the areas with disturbed signals were observed by Han Chu’s group. As the one with the highest mobility, Ye Shuang was tasked with preparing for Jennifer’s arrival. Before that, Ye Shuang’s only task was to rest, to keep her shape in top form. The other people in the living room were busy being given tasks. Since the adversary was incredibly challenging, the atmosphere was subconsciously lifted into a state of nervousness. Before she leaned back on the sofa, Ye Shuang thought she needed some time before she could fall asleep again, but in reality, the next second she hit the sofa, she went out like a light.

Han Chu turned back to glance at her before turning back silently to arrange his notes. The time he paused to study Ye Shuang was so short that no one noticed it. Five minutes later, the officers left on their missions. Ten minutes later, the comparison between the map from the cloth and the areas with disturbed signals was completed. Half an hour later, the background check on the tied up beardy was completed.

Working his shoulders and rolling his neck, Anthony, who could finally rest, pushed the laptop away. He was done with it for the time being. During this downtime, he took notice of Ye Shuang, who was fast asleep.

“Hey…” He used his elbow to nudge Han Chu. Anthony pointed at the sofa with his chin and asked mysteriously, “What’s up with him?”

Even though he did not know the details, he remembered their previous conversation. Furthermore, Ye Shuang did not look well. Her face was so white that she could have played a vampire without make up. If Anthony could not see anything wrong with her, he would be truly dumb.

Han Chu followed his gaze, and then his brows creased and relaxed. He mocked. “Well now, all ‘men’ are like that. Many have an early death because they are not willing to face the truth objectively. Can’t hold on anymore, but he refuses to back down.”

Anthony scratched his chin. “How come I feel something is wrong with your tone?”

Han Chu turned back to the screen and readily admitted, “There’s nothing wrong. I was mocking him.”

Anthony sighed. “I know, but your comments made me feel…”

He scratched his head. He could not be sure what kind of Chinese term was suitable in this situation. Finally, he settled on one that he felt was most suitable. “Unnatural?”

Han Chu looked at him. Anthony continued to churn his mind to try to explain, “It’s like there is a non-malicious meaning that you’re trying to express, but you somehow expressed it in this mocking manner.”

“…” Han Chu chuckled coldly. “Looks like you have too much free time on your hands, such that you’ve started to analyze the art of language.”

Anthony shrugged. “Fine, actually, I just wanted to say, you have been paying so much attention to this guy… don’t you realize that there are many things between you two that are not known to other people? Normally, for two people that share too many secrets, either they have been friends for many years or they’re a couple. In any case, the relationship is not simple. As your best friend of many years, even I am excluded from this, so there is only one other possibility left.”

After saying out loud the speculation in his mind, Anthony used a gaze that felt like he had seen the truth and told Han Chu in an earnestly compassionate voice, “Han, I do not discriminate against homosexuals.”

Discriminate your head!

Yes, there were secrets between him and Ye Shuang, but technically speaking, those secrets were Ye Shuang’s own problem. And the reason for not telling Anthony was very simple—it was too ridiculous, and it might infringe on her privacy, so he did not know how to say it. How could something so innocent cause such a misunderstanding?

No matter what, this kind of personal problem had nothing to do with the current situation. After the chat, the two turned slowly back to take their time to catch up on their rest. Anthony’s sleep lasted three hours. In that time, Han Chu watched the laptop. He could not stare at the screen constantly, but he had to be awake enough to hear the warning alert from the laptop. Three hours later, Anthony was shaken awake, and it was Han Chu’s turn to sleep. The latter had just wrapped the thin blanket around himself and lain down, but half an hour later, he was shaken awake by Anthony.

“Even though, this thing has nothing to do with us, it is related to Xiao Shuang, so I think we should pay it some attention…”

Anthony passed the laptop over to Han Chu. Han Chu had just woken up, so his brain was just starting up. After a moment of blurriness, he finally snapped up to the key terms. For Anthony, he referred to Ye Shuang differently. He called the male Ye and the female a friendlier Xiao Shuang. What happened that was related to ‘Xiao Shuang’?

Han Chu woke up immediately. He reached out from under the blanket to accept the laptop. He looked at Anthony with confusion, and then he followed the man’s instruction and rolled back the tape five minutes. There was a part that was purposely snipped out by Anthony after he realized that something was wrong. In the video, Jennifer’s people were driving the car up to Nature Village, but Jennifer was nowhere to be seen. Until now, there was nothing wrong. After all, she was the big boss, so it was natural for her to be cautious. Only those who were cautious would not die early, and she was someone especially cautious.

The unusual part came after the other people had gotten out. They yanked out someone with them. The man was very young, and his hands were tied behind him. There was tape over his lips. He staggered amid the dangerous looking men. Han Chu and Anthony both knew this young man—it was Ye Feng.

Closing his eyes to calm down for a moment, Han Chu gritted his teeth. “Go and get Ye Shuang over here.”

Anthony turned to look at the sofa. “Are you sure? Xiao Shuang is not with us now. If we do it well and make this video disappear, no one will know what has happened. With regards to Ye, we can just not tell him.”

Since there was a hostage, it meant that the ball was once again taken away from them. It was clear why Jennifer had brought Little Brother Ye over as hostage. She was taunting them, and she did that without even showing herself.

What kind of sacrifice was Han Chu making with his decision?

The other people’s arrangement aside, at least in Nature Village, all the preparations that he had made and the initiative that he had held so far would be given away voluntarily to the enemy.