Chapter 387 - The Han Revolution

Chapter 387: The Han Revolution

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Han Su was not there for show, or to be more precise, she was not only there for show.

After calmly mocking her own brother, Han Su finally took the small laptop out from her bag. She connected to the internet lazily and pulled out the document. She asked knowing that she had the advantage, “Why did you call me over?”

“To help clean up your mess.” Han Chu tutted. He used both his eyes and expression to show how much he looked down on Han Su’s intellect. “Why do you think I called you here? To ask for your help? To beg you to tell us the origin of that batch of military arms?”

Han Su raised her head slowly to look at him before slowly lowering her head. “Later, I will help explain that you don’t have a girlfriend.”

Han Chu raised his brows at her. Han Su pulled on her hair and continued in her signature slow and lazy tone. “After all, with your personality, it’s a given that you’ll be abandoned eventually, so why allow the family to go through the disappointment again?”

Ye Shuang cleverly put the earphones back in her ears and pretended to listen to the music.

“When did you learn to joke?” Han Chu had no comment. He took out his phone to glance at the time, and with a turn, he got back to the official business. “The military arms information in the chip is considered classified information, so it is not suitable to be transferred online. I have no idea how you lost track of this, but at the moment, I can’t do anything officially or personally, so you will have to deal with this yourself.”

Hearing this important part, Ye Shuang could not act like she was not listening in anymore. She quickly opened her lips to ask, “What kind of organization do you work for, Miss Han?”

Han Chu glanced at her. “Half legal, half illegal organization. On the surface, everyone has a legal identity, but in reality, they will do things that toe the line. It is something that the officials allow in order to control and observe the underground world.”

“Your family sure has plenty of impressive characters.” Ye Shuang gave Han Chu a sincere thumbs up. They had the people and the guns. If this was in ancient times, Han Chu’s family could raise an army to overthrow the government any time they wished.

Han Chu accepted the compliment passively.

“Based on what you said,” Ye Shuang said, “and how you’re going to hand the information to Miss Han to salvage the situation… does this mean that this batch of military arms should be under Miss Han’s control or she should at least know the course that it has taken?”

Han Chu turned to smile at Han Su. “Well, what do you think about my subordinate’s question?”

“This wasn’t my responsibility to begin with,” Han Su replied calmly. “Horrible teammate, I’m sure you understand.”

When Anthony came to visit, he handed the information that he had compiled to Han Su. The latter accepted it easily and left without a second word. For the first time, it seemed like her lazy disease was not in effect. For a moment, Ye Shuang swore that she saw the young lady run.

“Brother Han, you sure know which buttons to push.” When Brother Shuang saw this, she could not help but comment. “This is the first time I’ve seen Miss Han Su move so effectively and quickly.”

Han Chu adjusted his posture in bed to assume a more comfortable position. “Ignore her, continue.”

Continue what? Of course, it was the report that had been interrupted by Han Su’s appearance. After their interaction the previous night, naturally, there was a change to the whole situation.

Firstly, Luther’s original force had split right down the middle, with half of them betraying him to follow Jennifer. This might be an exaggerated way to put it, but the meaning was clear. When Luther did not realize it, a big number of his people turned against him. The first to do so was the baldie. Therefore, when everything was brought to the surface yesterday, this group of people had chosen to stand with Jennifer.

The rest of them could only be called fence sitters. After they witnessed Madam Grace’s firepower and analyzed the power held by Jennifer and Luther, they had chosen to return to their original boss. Such people were a headache for Luther. If he did not take them back, then he would be left with nothing, but if he took them back, they could betray him a second time.

Other than the issue with Luther’s people, the rest was resolved rather quickly. Ray was unharmed, Han Chu and Ye Shuang had managed to escape successfully, Cedrick was Jennifer’s trump card and had not been rescued, and finally Edward had managed to promote himself to join Jennifer’s personal guards. In conclusion, that was basically everything that had happened that night.

After listening to the report, Han Chu thought about it for a while and asked, “Did Mr. Ray come to contact us?”

Anthony titled his head to the side to think and finally gave a vague answer. “I believe he did…”

What do you mean by that? Han Chu turned his head to his friend silently. Anthony blinded him with a toothy grin. “When I was asleep, I did receive a few calls, but since I was too sleepy, I did not answer them.”

So, naturally, he did not know who the callers were.

“…” Han Chu.

Ye Shuang coughed. “Couldn’t you track the caller from the numbers?”

“Why go through so much trouble?” Anthony asked. “I’ve brought your phone with me, so you can find the numbers on it. Won’t it be much easier if we just call the numbers back?”

Therefore, Ye Shuang also fell silent. After toying with high tech for so long, it did not cross her mind that the solution could be so simple. Then, under Han Chu’s careful gaze, Anthony took out the phone that he had brought and called back the unanswered number, which was soon picked up.

“Han?” It was, of course, Ray’s voice that appeared on the other line. “Good, you’ve finally answered my call.”

“Hmm, has anything happened over there, Mr. Ray?” Han Chu could not help but glare at Anthony. He took a deep breath to ignore the ten or so unanswered calls registered on the phone and continued the conversation as calmly as he could. “I hear that you had an interesting night yesterday. I hope no accident transpired.”

“Of course not, you sent your men to warn me, right? How could there be an accident?” Ray claimed naturally. “Plus, have you forgotten? Albert arrived by plane this morning. We need to talk.”

Wait, what is happening? Han Chu did not grasp what Ray was saying at all. He even felt like they were not on the same wavelength. However, that did not prevent Han Chu from continuing the conversation. “Okay, I suffered a light injury, and my mind is a bit fuzzy since I just woke up. Do you mind walking me through the situation?”

That was what Ray did. To summarize, someone used Han Chu’s name to make two calls. One was to Ray to warn him, and the other, the important one, was to the FBI…

“I called the FBI to ask for help?” Han Chu was silent before smiling coldly. “Okay, I get it now.”

Edward, that damn fatty!