Chapter 438 - Haywire

Chapter 438: Haywire

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Although Han Chu noticed that something was off, it was too late to do anything.

The car was going at a high speed. A tiny mistake would bring disaster, let alone Ye Shuang losing control right after being distracted.

It was great that Ye Shuang managed to perform an emergency break as her mind went blank. However, she had lost control of the steering wheel. A loud, sharp noise came from the screeching tires. The entire scene became thrilling as the car lifted from the momentum since it was already drifting.

Yao Zhixing was fishing with his buddies at the river in an outdoors center when he gotten Anthony’s text.

The bunch of rich second-generation kids went hiking and swimming in the river. They would grill the two to three fish that they had caught. Those who lacked such skill and had no fishing rod were pulling the seedlings, playing with dogs, and trying to catch loaches. They could not do any more useless than that. While everyone was having fun, Brother Yao received the text from Anthony. Seeing that it was Ye Shuang and Han Chu’s request, it was only natural that the people who were gathered there would be eager to help.

The prying and full of justice buddies did not only find ways to provide convenience for Han Chu on their own. They saw the car mentioned in the text happened to pass by on some road after checking the surveillance by pulling some strings with related department. The daring kids realized that they were not far away from the coordinates. Since all of them had their favorite cars with them, naturally, they were in high spirits while rolling their sleeves up, prepared to die.

Yao Zhixing was full of justice; Han Chu and Ye Shuang’s troubles were his troubles too. Another thing was that he was a respected person. Therefore, even though he hesitated as he faced this, he thought that there was nothing he should be afraid of since there were so many people on his side. After being urged and a little bit of hesitation, he agreed to do it. He even got his people to contact a credible security company so that it could come to their aid if something happened to his people…

Just like that, Yao Zhixing’s team had departed when Ye Shuang was rushing from the city to the suburbs. They were rushing to the coordinates in the suburbs from the village. While providing Anthony assistance, they were making their way there.

Yao Zhixing and his team were off-site assistance since the beginning. Although Anthony was peeking into the system to learn about the situation, it was too late when the news came to them.

Instead of going after Jennifer, they were going after Ye Shuang’s trail. They happened to see the terrifying scene of her car drifting and almost flipping over when they finally saw the car that they were familiar with.

“Oh, f*ck!” The guy sitting in Yao Zhixing’s back seat was dumbstruck. ” Isn’t that Sister Shuang’s car?”

People who dared race cars had great eyes. Otherwise, they would lose their lives if they did not get a clear look of the road ahead. Ye Shuang had raced cars with them for so many times. How could they not recognize her car?

Yao Zhixing also found it unbelievable. “It’s her car.”

Yao Zhixing had taken his people along to participate in the car purchasing process. They had even helped her modify it after the purchase. “When did Xiao Shuang’s skills become so lousy?”

The speed was definitely not the speed a Han Chu dared drive at. Yao Zhixing knew Ye Shuang very well. She would definitely go crazy if anyone dared act recklessly with her car.

However, the problem was, if that was her car, why was she driving so lousily?

Before Yao Zhixing managed to figure whether Ye Shuang’s skill had deteriorated or someone was so daring to be touching her current most valuable possession, the guy sitting at the back began screaming while punching the driver’s seat. “It’s going out of control!”

Yao Zhixing looked closely. As expected, the car was going to lift off from the momentum. It seemed like it was going to crash into the mountain wall next to it.

At that moment, cold sweat appeared on Yao Zhixing’s forehead. Before he managed to think, he stepped on the accelerator while controlling the steering wheel to hit her car. It was a close call when he managed to shift her car’s direction by hitting its front. He yelled, “Stop the car!”

The car fell back onto the ground hard from the bang. The sharp noise of the collision and heavy hitting noise were terrifying. Later on, Yao Zhixing span the steering wheel and drove by Ye Shuang’s car, colliding with the side to take away a portion of the momentum. At the same time, he was secretly glad that he had added full sets of airbags for her when he modified the car.

Brother Yao’s favorite car successfully prevented the disaster, bearing all the scratches and dents. He could not help further as he decelerated and turned his car around. Fortunately, his buddies behind caught up to him. They began to stop Ye Shuang’s car, seeing the situation ahead and hearing their boss’ order through the walkie talkie.

With Yao Zhixing’s great opening, it was much easier for the people who helped later on. One of them pushed the car toward the mountain wall while the other one blocked the road ahead.

Just like that, the team effort saved them.

Meanwhile, Han Chu experienced everything in a close range, sitting in the passenger’s seat. He was going crazy while being squeezed in the airbag.

“What happened?”

After everything had calmed down, the people began decelerating. Yao Zhixing tried his best to open the distorted car door and helped the three of them who had escaped death out of the car. Yao Zhixing only then asked Ye Shuang while frowning, “You don’t look too good, drunk driving?”

Ye Shuang forced a smile; she was still very pale. She had felt the weakness that came later on. The inside of her body felt like parts being fixed, whereby all of her cells were shaking chaotically.

“She didn’t drink.” Han Chu answered that for her and took over supporting her. He added while letting her lean on his shoulder, “Maybe she’s sick?”

“Maybe.” Yao Zhixing was dazed. He was shocked after holding her hand, noticing that something was off about Ye Shuang. “Why are you shaking like that? Also, your temperature isn’t right.”

Ye Shuang tilted her head strenuously and said to Han Chu, with her weak voice that only the both of them could hear, “My genes are going haywire…”

Although it was high-grade genes left from a previous civilization, it did not mean that it could be integrated into a human’s gene chain completely without any rejection.

The first problem was that nobody could guarantee that the genes were suitable with earthlings. Secondly, even if they were suitable, would they not need some technical processing to put them into some other creature’s body throughout the gene integration?

She had absorbed them crudely just by touching them, and there had been no side-effects at all… Ye Shuang had not thought about it until then. It was an absolute miracle that she had managed to live for so long.

Han Chu stared at her, and he could not help but grab her harder. “Haywire?”

That was horrible.