Chapter 494 - Sis… ter’s Husband

Chapter 494: Sis… ter’s Husband

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Ye Shuang was woken up. After seeing the video, her already pale face became even paler. After the video finished playing, Ye Shuang thought to herself for several seconds. Then she lowered her head to remove the equipment that she had received from Anthony, and she even handed back the ammo and gun. Like a game character whose account had been hacked, she smiled cleanly at Han Chu. “Brother Han, I’m sorry, I plan to quit.”

“No.” Han Chu denied her heartlessly. He did not even lift his head to answer. “There are rules in our contract. Even if you wish to quit being my subject, you have to hand in the notice at least three months in advance. I will not approve this kind of on the spot request.”

Anthony hugged the laptop and sighed. Ye Shuang was stunned. She thought about it and believed that perhaps she had not made herself clear. “I will go and save Xiao Feng, but he is definitely not the main point, and if anything, he is probably a not so important bait…”

“Important to you but not so important to us?” Han Chu finally looked at her with a cold smile. “So, you think your personal actions will influence my plans, but even so, you don’t want to abandon your little brother because of my plan, so you’ve decided to quit my team? If I was the kind of person you think I am, I would not have given you the chance to see the video. You have overestimated my kindness.”

Ye Shuang had difficulty following Han Chu. Han Chu placed his elbows on the table and stared into Ye Shuang’s eyes. “Since you’ve seen it, it means that I have a method that can make all of us satisfied. If this is something that will cause conflict, I would have destroyed it… now do you understand me?”

After Ye Shuang left, the previously silent Anthony let out a long sigh as he stared at Han Chu. “Initially, he wanted to quit and go to save the boy himself. After your persuasion, he is willing to stay and still go to save the boy alone… Excuse me? I don’t think I understand what you’re doing.”

“I’m doing this because his current mood will be much better compared to him just leaving us,” Han Chu said.

“Idealism?” Anthony scratched his chin to think and shrugged with a wicked smile. “Never mind, I think this is good! I thought you would be competition in my pursue of Xiao Shuang, but you seem more interested in pretty boys… My good friend, I will always support you.”

“Get lost!”

Anthony got lost and then thought about it and returned. “I have one last question, do you want me to see which state in the US allows same-sex marriage?”

Han Chu grabbed the gun that Ye Shuang had left on the table and threatened Anthony silently.

“Fine… I get it.”

On Han Chu’s end, they continued with the plan while Ye Shuang went to the place where Ye Feng had been taken in the video. Even though her teammate did not provide any actual help, Ye Shuang was given plenty of benefits. For example, the sharing of information. Since her communication with her teammate was still there, as long as she maintained the communication with Anthony and the latter had time to arrange the information, many things would be more precise and accurate than her fumbling alone in the dark.

Plus, there was the use of weapons. With Han Chu covering for her, the usage and aftereffects of using firearms would be taken care of. Otherwise, why would Ye Shuang have handed over the gun at the beginning? Because even if she did not surrender them, she would not be able to use them. After using them, even if she was able to save the guy, she would be thrown in jail afterward.

Other than that soft support, Han Chu’s team could not provide any more help, but Ye Shuang could understand that. This situation was troublesome. If they did not count the officials, Ye Shuang was Han Chu’s team’s best fighter. However, the best fighter had been led away. Whether this was on purpose or coincidental, Ye Shuang was already very thankful that Han Chu would give a silent support, so she would not ask for more.

“Who is it‽” She soon arrived at the place where Ye Feng was held hostage. Jennifer’s people surrounded the hostage from all angles. When she was ten meters away, Ye Shuang thought about nearing them silently, but in the end, she could not come up with a realistic way of doing that. So, she yanked off a part of her white shirt, snapped a nearby twig, tied them together and waved it in the air. “I am here to surrender, or I suppose you can see me as jumping camp.”

Then, Ye Shuang held her hands behind her head and slowly walked toward them. Ye Feng recognized his sister with one glance, and instantly, the scream escaped from his throat. The guards all whipped their heads at him. Ye Feng swallowed the ‘sister’ back and yelled out, “Brother-in-law!”

“…” Ye Shuang.

No matter who it was, the guards were confused. They were standing that way to prevent others from getting close, but now, someone had come, and he was not there to attack but to surrender. What? Were they going to tell him to turn back? What if he turned back and brought over a larger unit? What if they turned back to call the police? What if they turned back?

The few looked at each other. The leader thought that they could not just kill a person on the spot. What if he was an important NPC? So, he waved his hand and ordered, “Tie him up as well!”

The leader had made his decision. Ye Shuang was tied up and carried back. For convenience, she was dropped next to Ye Shuang. Then, everyone reassumed their position and guarded from all directions.

Ye Feng silently turned his eyes to his sister, who had been dropped onto the ground. “…”

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Ye Shuang huffed angrily before switching to their local dialect. “To take you away safely is to enter and leave. Now that the entry step has been completed, it’s time to decide how to leave with you. Do you think we should knock them out or not?”

Ye Feng was speechless for several seconds. “Sis… ter’s husband. They are armed. How many can you take down before they start firing?”

“About three or four?” Ye Shuang calculated. “That means one or two will be left. Can’t you try to run faster? Give me a few more seconds, and I’ll be done.”

“This place is wide open, and it’s like it’s meant for shooting. Do you think I can run faster than bullets?” Ye Feng thought about it. “If you’re not in a hurry, let’s sleep for now. After all, at night, they still need to drag us back. It should be simpler for us to escape from the inside of a building.”

Most people would think it was difficult to escape from a heavily guarded cell, but it was the complete opposite for Ye Shuang.