Chapter 388 - Where Is the Love?

Chapter 388: Where Is the Love?

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Edward’s stance was the vaguest—he could not be called an ally or a foe. When he was in a good mood, he would help them, but when he was not, he would cause some trouble for them. He would easily turn on them when there was a benefit to be had… In this case, Han Chu was backstabbed until his back hurt, but he was not in a position to say anything.

Indeed, what else could he say? Ray had just thanked him, so Han Chu could hardly turn around to tell him, “Oh, actually this has nothing to do with me.” That would be too awkward. Therefore, he could only admit to making that call and that he had called the FBI. Anthony’s pouting and moaning was unable to change Han Chu’s mind.

“This is perfect. We have the chance to meet each other again.” Albert greatly admired Anthony. When they met, he ignored practically everyone else and headed forward to pat Anthony’s shoulder.

Then again, this was not really the man’s fault. His original mission was to track down this computer expert. However, in the end, even though he had wasted a lot of time and effort, he not only failed to complete his mission, he was tricked by people and was sent back to his country to face investigation. After that, if Albert only treated Anthony as an important target originally, he now treated Anthony as his mortal nemesis. If he did not find a chance to return the previous ‘favor’, he was never going to rest easy at night.

Anthony’s puppy face crumbled. He looked as pitiable as if someone had stolen his toy from him. He turned to Han Chu and then Ye Shuang… Everyone ignored him.

“Where is the love?” Anthony’s spirit dropped. He hugged his knees and buried his head. “I knew it. Only Xiao Shuang cares about me in this world.”

Han Chu looked at him with restrained patience. Then he nodded expressionlessly at Albert and Ray, who had just come from the base. “Tony is not used to interacting with outsiders, but he will try his best to help if he can… Please take a seat. Do you mind sharing your plan with me?”

Albert was prepared and took out a thick file from his bag. The document was encased in a plastic file, and he handed it to Han Chu, telling him to open it. “This is what you handed to Ray. I believe you should be familiar with the data on it… But this cannot be handed in as evidence, and I know that everyone here knows why. The data can only point us toward an investigative direction, but we need a more concrete proof.”

“So?” Han Chu flipped through the document casually. This thing had come from him, and the document given to Ray was the result of Anthony’s investigation. Even though he did not analyze it fully, if they all compared their understanding of the information, no one had understood it as early and as thoroughly as Han Chu.

Albert smiled. “Of course, we know that you are not a member of the government, Mr. Han, so we won’t make any big requests. However, this case involves too many big characters, so there will be places where we may come to you for help. Of course, the price and headhunting commission fee will not be forgotten.”

Han Chu concluded with a question. “So, you want us to listen to your orders?”

“This is merely our hope and request. After all, this is the most convenient option.”

Anthony was very alert. “I have the right to say no, right?”

Albert blinked. “Don’t you want to deal with this problem as soon as possible?”

“Don’t you realize that I don’t have a shred of trust in any of you?” Anthony snapped back unhappily.

Han Chu ignored him and turned to Ray. “What about your Egmont Group, Mr. Ray?”

“We’ve always had a good relationship with FBI.” Ray shrugged. The group was only responsible for investigating the evidence; the actual capturing of the criminals was normally handled by the country’s crime unit. Therefore, the FBI, as the most representative of such unit, had a lot of interaction with Egmont. Especially since the US was a country that often relied on financial crimes like tax evasion as an opening to take down criminals. Often when there was a big criminal, they knew that the person was behind many crimes, but they could not get any concrete evidence on them. That was when the people from the tax department would show themselves.

Albert found a random spot to sit down. “We have specialized agents to deal with the capture, but at the end of the day, we can’t make too big a commotion out of this, and we have to consider the Chinese government. So, Mr. Han, there is no need to worry too much; we only need a little help from you.

“Of course, we also have a bit of information on that Jennifer. If you wish to capture all of them in one go, the best solution is not to show our hand, and for that we need someone to get close to them…” At this point, Albert smiled satisfactorily at Han Chu. “On this front, Mr. Han, your people have done a very good job.”

Han Chu frowned. What does he mean by that?

Albert turned his appreciative gaze to Brother Shuang. “I hear you are in possession of Madam Grace’s great appreciation and approval.”

“…” Ye Shuang.

Albert smiled and then turned back to Han Chu. “Furthermore, I hear Jennifer seems to treat that Miss Ye Shuang slightly differently from others.”

“…” Ye Shuang.

Han Chu resisted the urge to turn his gaze to Ye Shuang. “The thing with Madam Grace is one thing, but I think there is a misunderstanding with the thing with Jennifer. My people only interacted with her once.”

“Perhaps it is love? Love is always blind.” Albert shrugged and took the file back from Han Chu. He placed everything back into place and stood up. “In any case, I hope that I can maintain a steady communication with everyone, not only for the security reasons within China but out of concern for all of your personal safety.”

After Albert left, the remaining Ray looked rather awkward. “Well… don’t look at me like that—Albert didn’t actually say anything wrong. Our cooperation has always been in discussion, but admittedly, his tone was rather… well, you know.”

Ray made a helpless look. “Furthermore, it was you who contacted us, right? Why are you so mad now? I thought that you expected this to happen.”

Han Chu choked and was reminded of the true culprit. He squeezed the bridge of his nose. “Fine, you can go now.”

“How come it feels like I’m being tossed away because I’m no longer useful?” Ray grumbled and left in a bad mood.

Then Han Chu peeled off the cover, yanked out the drip from his arm, and prepared to get out of bed.

“What are you doing?” Brother Shuang was shocked.

“Going to the airport. My family is coming this afternoon, and I need to contact some people. However, that’s not that important… For now, I need to change my pants, so please leave.”